A Bunch of Breakfasts

In my continuing effort to un-bury myself from WAY. TOO. MANY. draft posts in my dashboard & the subsequent anxiety, I bring you…a bunch of breakfasts.

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Polly Pitt & the Corned Beef Hash

Polly Pitt and I, we toddled off down to Trellis to have breakfast with the lovely Elicia.  Twice a year we like to do that.  It’s what we call our Team Week Planning Meeting.  These things *always* go better if food is involved; and, as you’ll know if you’ve ever eaten at Trellis, the food is scrumptious.  Not to mention pretty.  I’ve always said that if there were an award for Best Looking Breakfast, Trellis would win it.

On this particular visit I decided to have the Corned Beef Hash.  I wanted to compare it to the chew-defying Corned Beef Hash at Skillet Diner.  As it turned out, you really cannot compare the two – being so entirely different as to wonder how they could possibly be called the same thing.  Both delicious, both unique, but as different as chalk and cheese – as we say in England.

Polly had a classic breakfast of bacon & eggs, along with a croissant, while Elicia downed an enormous pile of some dishy-looking scramble.  Surprising though it may seem, we also got all our work done.  Yay for breakfast meetings at Trellis!

June in December & the Incredible Duck

It’s true.  The Milligans are some of my {very} favorite people to hang with.  Since Mr. Milligan hopped across the pond to join Mrs. Milligan in Seattle last May, our respective travel schedules have meant not many weekends where we’ve been in Seattle at the same time.  Given that we love to hang out over brunch, we planned this one months & months ago, during our last brunchy adventure over at Cafe Presse.  2011 whizzed by.  How could it possibly be December already?  That meant Mr. Milligan had been stateside for 8 months.  It felt like it had only been a month since he first rolled up, all bright-eyed & bushy-tailed, eager to discover the joys of America.  Are you sure it wasn’t June?  I mean, if you looked at the weather, it certainly could have been – brilliant blue sky, cheery sun shining down – except I admit, it was a bit nippy.  Anyway…it wasn’t June, it was December.  Except, not only was the weather like June, we also went to eat at June.  So really, you can forgive me for being confused, I am sure.

June is was a delightful eatery in the equally delightful suburb of Madrona.  I just went to their website to get a link for you and discovered that they are closed.  Huge bummer.  We loved our brunch there.  They even had great Hot Chocolate, and there’s not many of those around.  Sad.  Here’s the shots anyway.


A Load of Old Blarney & an Irish Sausage

I have no idea why I have procrastinated so {very} long over my last Big Breakfast Adventure in West Seattle.  If I am procrastinating it usually means that something at least slightly icky was involved & I am trying to wriggle out of writing about it.  In this instance, the whole darn thing was deadly, or savage, as they say in Ireland.  In America that would translate to wicked, or just plain awesome.

This Big Breakfast Adventure was entirely Nesi’s fault.  Nesi is the super-charged, super-organized, front-of-house superwoman at Derek’s Detail in Issaquah.  If I had a job open, I’d hire her in a heartbeat.  I really only went back to Derek’s Detail because Nesi made it such a lovely experience.  Yes, really.  You can have a lovely experience getting your car detailed.  Just as long as Nesi is at the helm.

Nesi & I were chatting up a storm when the conversation all swung around to food.  That seems to happen rather regularly with me.  Nesi told me how the best Eggs Benedicts “IN. THE. WORLD.” were to be had at A Terrible Beauty in West Seattle.  Or Renton.  There’s 2 of them.  Irish pubs right here in Seattle.  I flipped open the laptop, right there in Derek’s, pulled up the website, opened up the menu & the first words I saw were “Mick’s Banger Benny”.  I was SO there.  Irish sausages made into an Eggs Benedict – are you kidding me?

Long story short, this place rocks.  The people are fantastic, so much so that I took their pictures, which, as you know, I rarely do.  How could I not take a shot of those socks?  The food was fantastic, even if it did come with a pile of fruit on the same plate as my Banger Benny.  They’ve done a great job of integrating Irish-ness with American-ness, to keep everyone happy.  I wanted to eat most everything on the menu.  I need to go back for such things as a Drunken Blarney Bird, a Banger Burger, a Tuna Malarky Melt, Tipperary Shepherd’s Pie, Limerick Caramelized Peach Pork Chops, Drunken Sailor Salmon ‘n Chips, Death by Mac ‘n Cheese, oh, and about 10 other versions of Eggs Benedict.


Just Me & a Cup of Joe

Peppermint Tea and a Twice-baked Challah.  There’s something about Grand Central Bakery’s Twice-baked Challah that just floats my boat.  Maybe it’s the heady aroma of almond syrup that’s soaked into the bottom before baking the second time around, or the crispy edges, or the beautifully browned almonds scattered across the top.  Maybe it’s the soft-as-cotton-candy middle.  Whatever it is, when I need a little something sweet to tide me over, these puppies are P E R F E C T.

Trellis on Urbanspoon June on Urbanspoon A Terrible Beauty Irish Pub and Restaurant on Urbanspoon A Terrible Beauty Irish Pub and Restaurant on Urbanspoon Grand Central Baking Company on Urbanspoon

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  • Natasha - Wait, I’m confused–which Terrible Beauty did you visit? I went for happy hour once to the one in Renton and apparently ordered the wrong thing, because I wasn’t impressed. However, it was so surprisingly gorgeous on the inside, and so unexpected because the exterior was hideous, that I’ve definitely been meaning to go back. That twice-baked challah looks deelish!ReplyCancel

    • cb - I went to the one in West Seattle, but the word on the street is that people prefer the Renton one for the atmosphere…which I find amazing, since the folks in WS were are blast! Some of the friendliest staff I’ve met in 2 years. Let’s go and eat Death by Mac ‘n’ Cheese sometime :-)

      And those twice-baked Challah are the bomb.ReplyCancel

  • Wendy Aspinall - Have your ice cream book – is there an alternative to the coconut milk used in the majority of themReplyCancel

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