The Big Breakfast Adventure | Roxy’s Diner

(In case you missed how the Big Breakfast Adventure got started, you can read it  here:  How it all began )

It’s a red letter day!  Despite new roads, closed roads & crazy signs, I managed to get from the I-90 to the 99 without  1) turning around once  2) finding myself heading south instead of north or  3) driving under the viaduct when I wanted to be ON the viaduct.  There was a scary moment when I thought I was going to get dumped back on the I-90 going east, but after driving in a huge circle (or was it 2?) I ended up between the Safeco & Qwest fields heading west.  Phew.  Then I navigated the wibbly-wobbly bit just after the Aurora Bridge to Fremont without a hitch.  Hurrah!

Roxy’s is most definitely a diner.  Red tables edged in silver, waitresses covered in tattoos & wearing ripped black t-shirts, bright linoleum squares on the floor & wild murals all over the walls.  And then there are the seriously mulleted, tattooed, heavily pierced cooks serving up plate after plate of food in really short order through a small serving hatch;  not a chef’s coat, blue plaster (band-aid) or hair net in sight.  Just like the movies.

Rumor has it that Roxy’s has the Best Blintzes in Seattle & I was there to try them out.  For the first time since I started the Big Breakfast Adventure I was actually glad that I knew what I wanted before I got there – the menu is so huge & complicated it would have taken me 40 minutes just to read through it.  Choice is good, too much choice can be just darned frustrating (especially at 7:30 am on a Saturday).  I did panic for a moment when I couldn’t find the blintzes on the menu, thinking that I was going to have to make a decision & choose something else.

So, settled into my booth with a large, broken-handled, wobbly-bottomed pot of peppermint tea I waited for my fellow Blintz-Breakfaster to arrive.  Unfortunately for me, 30 minutes later when I had determined that my scheduled breakfast ‘date’ was either still sleeping or just didn’t fancy venturing out into the grey, misty morning today, my surly waitress very ungraciously declared that I had to move to the bar since the booths were reserved for 2 or more people & then quickly proceeded to confiscate my pot of tea off to the end of said bar.  A truly ‘gooseberry’ moment!  All rather odd considering the place was half empty (& only got emptier while I was there).  Anyway, demoted I was nonetheless.  Once banished to the ‘singles’ area & perched rather precariously on my broken bar-stool, I waited patiently for my Blintzes to arrive.  I had an increasingly unsettling sense that maybe Roxy’s got the award for Best Blintzes in Seattle because they are, in fact, the ONLY Blintzes in Seattle.  I SO hoped I was wrong.  After last weeks pancakes I was more than ready for crepe nirvana to hit my mouth.

Cheese Blintzes at Roxy's Diner

I must say that everyone else’s plates looked to be carrying more food than any one person should consume in an entire day.  My Blintzes, on the other hand, left me wondering where the closest McDonalds was.  Small portions are fine if the food leaves your mouth so happy it wants to keep the taste in there all day…my mouth was as eager to replace the taste of the Blintzes as my stomach was to actually get filled.  VERY eager.

Roxy’s is popular – according to the online reviews they are the King of all things ‘Bagel’, their pastrami sandwiches are to die for & their Happy Hours are legendary.  Roxy’s is not especially cheap, although the decor is decidedly cheerful.  My take on today’s experience is that if you want a Denny’s breakfast in a {much} funkier setting & waitresses with ‘tude, head on over.  If you enjoy a great Blintz, you won’t get one at Roxy’s.  But hey, that’s merely my opinion.  Go, you might love it.

As for me, maybe I’ll head up to Café Presse for a quick dish of baked eggs.


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