Dreaming About A Sausage Butty

There is one thing virtually guaranteed to make an Englishman’s heart beat faster, especially an Englishman abroad…and that’s a plate of Bangers & Mash.

Today while I was running errands around town I happened across a Farmer’s Market which I have passed hundreds of times & never ventured into.  Today, for some reason I was inexplicably drawn to it.  I soon discovered the reason why.  Nestled amongst the rows of stalls selling brightly colored Pike-Place-Market-style flowers, artisan breads & handmade housewares of every description was a very plain stall with a large red, white & blue sign that made my heart skip a beat as it proudly declared:  PROPER BRITISH BACON.  That’s all it took.  10 minutes later I was hurrying towards the car clutching 2 lbs of bacon & 1 lb of sausages.  I am pretty sure that I broke the speed limit several times getting home because  I knew exactly what I was having for dinner, and I wanted dinner right then & there.

Bangers & mash.  Even hearing the words get me all discombobulated.

Is there a yummier comfort food anywhere in the world?


Just the smell of those bangers sizzling makes my toes curl


20 minutes to a deliriously happy mouth


The way to an Englishman's heart


 I am already dreaming about the Sausage Butty I’ll be eating for lunch tomorrow made with the bangers that I didn’t eat with mash today. 



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  • mark - mouthwatering…. and with a splash of red (ketchup)..perfectReplyCancel

  • cb - Yes! They did get a splash of the red stuff after I started eating :-)ReplyCancel

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