The Big Breakfast Adventure | Glo’s

This morning I was supposed to be staining my fence.  Sometimes ‘weather’ can be a {really} good thing, since at 6:56 am, instead of preparing for a mob of fence-staining mates to arrive, I was sat outside Glo’s on Olive Way waiting for the magic moment when the neon “OPEN” sign would flicker into life, assuring me that the Best Cheap-&-Cheerful Eggs Benedict in Seattle was soon to be mine.

  Spot on 7 am the neon sign sprung to life & then a row of chairs appeared on the sidewalk outside, presumably for the infamous line that would surely form once people started poking their heads out from under their duvets on this admittedly grey, drizzly Saturday.  I did manage to park just outside the door, which I could already tell was a bit of a coup.  I can’t imagine where people park once 8 am or heaven-forbid 9 am roll around.

I walked in to the sound of Frank Sinatra crooning some old-time tune & was immediately greeted by the most excitable server I have ever encountered at 7 am in the morning.  Like the neon sign hanging in the window, he was “ON”.   I had to ask him if he had, in fact, been up all night & was actually in that “I’m so tired, I’m delirious” space.  I never got his name, so we’ll just call him #1.

I don’t like Sinatra’s music, but I have to say it is perfect for Glo’s.  A retro diner if ever there was one, complete with menus that look like a bunch of rowdy 4-year-olds had been practicing their coloring skills on them.  Fantastic fun!  I am certain I would have needed less therapy in adult life if I’d ever been allowed to color on a menu somewhere.

#1 came bounding over the instant I had manoeuvred myself into a corner spot facing the window (in the hopes of getting enough light to photograph breakfast without resorting to a flash – I was certain that none of my fellow diners wanted a flash in their face at 7 am in the morning).  Still disarmingly eager, #1 quickly rustled up a mug of peppermint tea & located a fresh jar of honey while I perused the menu.  I knew I had to have the Eggs Benedict, but quelle horreur– there were 5!  Avocado sounded so good, but I needed meat (or at least fish).  So that struck 2 off the list.  The traditional, the smoked salmon or the californian?  Spinach struck another 1 off, leaving the traditional or the smoked salmon.  But oh I was craving avocado now.  Enter #1 who deftly came to my rescue:  “Go for the smoked salmon & we’ll add some avocado to it”.

#1 – you are my HERO.  Now we just have to think up a name for it.

Glo's Salifornian Eggs Benedict

 The freshly-named “Salifornian” Eggs Benedict arrived shortly after.  While I was waiting I heard my neighbor ordering something or other (I wasn’t paying close attention) but then heard him add “Over hard on the eggs”.   I have no idea what that means.  You would think after 9 years I’d have this language thing down.  That & the coins.  Sigh.  Still can’t tell you which is a dime & which is a nickel.  But hey – I have the quarters down.

A tall lanky gentleman loped in through the door & went straight over to a table in the middle of the café.  #1 said to the cook “Will has arrived.  Would you like me to write a ticket?”  The cook replied “Just write ‘Will’ “.  Clearly there’s some regulars at Glo’s.  And clearly they are well looked after.

I was mesmerized by #1.  Every time he picked up an order of food from under the galley serving hatch he said “Thank you” to the cooks.  Every time.  Wild.  I recently heard someone say that “Thank you” were the 2 most important words in the English language.  I am SO there with that sentiment.  When #1 came over to refill my peppermint, I thanked him & he responded with “My pleasure.”  But the thing is, you know he truly meant it.  #1 is without question the most attentive server I have ever experienced.  And so incredibly jolly.  I tipped him accordingly.

Anyway….back to the food.  My Salifornian Eggs Benedict was a curious mix of hot & cold which I am not sure that I would repeat.  I just kinda like my Eggs Benedict hot, so I will probably stick to the traditional next time.  I was also rather confused by the 5 strands of red cabbage & the segment of grapefruit adorning the side of the plate.  The hash browns though – oh my goodness.  I’ve never really cared for hash browns beyond the crunchy, golden exterior, but these were something else.  I have never eaten so many hash browns in one sitting.  They were quite glorious.  Now I finally see why Americans eat them.  Done well, they’re yum!

Go eat Eggs Benedict at Glo’s – good food & amazing service.  As described by Seattle magazine: cheap & {very} cheerful.  Heavy on the very.   They do need new silverware though.


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