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(In case you missed how the Big Breakfast Adventure got started, you can read it  here:  How it all began)

 Another one of those weekends when I got two Big Breakfast Adventures, although this one was more of a happy accident than a planned two-in-one-weekend since yesterday I was supposed to be fence-staining but the weather intervened & so I jumped at the chance to sneak an extra breakfast in instead.

The adorable Miss Kathy was my partner in chicken-&-waffle crime today & trooper that she is (complete with beautiful new ‘do’), she vigorously guarded our #1 spot in line outside the Kingfish Café while I was merrily trying to discover just where 602 19th Avenue E, Capitol Hill really is.  There I was on the 600 block of 19th Avenue with not anything other than residential houses in sight.  Who knew that there was more than one 600 block on 19th Avenue?  So I drove north…passed the 2500 block…kept on going north & passed the 300 block (confused yet?)…realized that 19th Avenue had magically turned into 19th Avenue East (well of course!  Silly me.  It was at the north end of 19th Avenue.  What else would it be called?)…& then came across the second 600 block on 19th Avenue.  I knew in an instant I was in the right place – there was a growing gaggle of eager diners loitering on the corner.  That had to be it.  We had heard about the line.  Thank goodness for Miss Kathy – she had planned out our attack perfectly.

Far larger a restaurant than I was expecting, we were lead to the prime spot right in the front window & I was so happy to see all that light pouring in over our table.  No flash needed.  It’s also turning into a rather Frank Sinatra weekend – the second breakfast this weekend being crooned at by Frank.  Maybe it’s a sign.

This was a particularly exciting Adventure since neither of us had eaten that Southern favorite Chicken & Waffles before.  Not for dinner, not for breakfast, not anytime.

Kingfish Café Chick’n Waffle

Always eager to push our culinary boundaries, we wasted no time in asking our sassy waitress for two plates of Chick’n Waffle – one with syrup & one with gravy.

Inspired by the grey, chilly day I downed a hot chocolate while we were waiting.  It wasn’t the chocolatey-ist hot chocolate ever but it was made with half-&-half so at least it had some body to it.  It was also particularly pretty.

Our delightful waitress was one of those people who you just knew, given the opportunity & a glass of wine, would have been some great entertainment.  She graciously brought us the lunch & dinner menus to read (yes we’ve already planned our lunch visit) while we waited for the buttermilk & breadcrumbs to do their thing on the chicken.  Miss Kathy read me the history of the Kingfish, which was quite fascinating.  Hats off to Laurie & Leslie Coaston for following their dream!

The Chick’n Waffles arrived hot & fast, with a large glass jug of maple syrup (Miss Kathy declared that maple syrup should never be served in glass jugs.  That way you can happily delude yourself that you had 2 tablespoons without the reality of actually having had half a cup staring you in the face) & a smaller jug of rather curiously colored gravy.  In my little (British) world, gravy is brown.  This gravy was, well, kind of grey & transparent, although it smelt anything but grey & transparent.

With gravy

 Grey & transparent doesn’t sound very appetizing but Kingfish Café gravy is incredibly tasty once you get it into your mouth.  I am just not sure about using it to cover a waffle.  The waffle was huge: a good inch-and-a-half thick.  One of the great things about eating chicken wings is that you get to use your fingers.  Somehow everything tastes better when you use your fingers, although I suspect this is a throwback from growing up in England & learning the art of eating everything with a knife & fork from the age of 1.  Even pizza.  And chicken wings.  I can still get more meat off a chicken with a knife & fork than I can my teeth.

Meanwhile, over on Miss Kathy’s side of the table there was a syrup love affair under way.  Luckily I got a shot in before things got really messy.

With syrup

Are these the best Southern-style Chicken-&-Waffles in Seattle?  I have no idea.  The waffles were yummy.  The chicken was good (Full disclosure: I am a die-hard KFC fan).  The gravy was {very} tasty.  Put them all together (plus a lovely atmosphere in a down-home, cosy restaurant) & it made a very enjoyable brunch.  I am not convinced this is breakfast food, but my ideas about what constitutes breakfast foods is being challenged pretty much every week now anyway.

I feel like I talked the hind legs off a donkey over our Chick’n Waffles.  I can imagine that is what southern folk do over their Chick’n Waffles too.  And, as always, we laughed a lot.  Then we wandered around Capitol Hill, found a charming little florist called Megan Mary Olander & peered in the windows of several other restaurants that we really must try.

We will be going back to Kingfish to try out some of their other southern delights.  Their Mac & Cheese sounds divine, Miss Kathy.

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