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Sunday was a most spectacular day in my little corner of the world when Mr. McHenry wandered up the bed and perched on my chest, purring and squeaking “hello”, as is his want once he feels me stir in the mornings.

Through the window I could see a sparklingly clear, deep – almost cobalt – sky, the rooftops on the sunny side glistening in the sunshine, the heavy frost clinging stubbornly to the rooftops on the other.  From my supine position under a big, fat duvet and a fluffy white cat, it looked like summer.  While most of America has been in the grip of an arctic blast, we West coast dwellers have enjoyed an unseasonably dry, bright, and sunny winter, and I am not disappointed about that in the slightest.  It’s true I am sad for the Eastern seaboard and the big flat bit in the middle, but I admit I am enjoying seeing the wintry sun shining up here in February.

Due to a little scheduling snafu involving family in Spokane – and I suspect a little thing called The Super Bowl – one of my breakfast buddies asked to be rearranged to another date for our Big Breakfast Adventure.  I was a trifle disappointed since we had planned on eating my favorite breakfast of all time – Octopus Hash at Lola – but given that I’d still be able to get my octopus on next month, I quickly came up with a new escapade:  a trip to my Happy Place – Café Presse on Capitol Hill – where I have eaten so many times I have lost count.  It’s great food done right, and I suppose you could say I cheated a little, since I knew in advance exactly what I was going to order and exactly how *SANE it would be, so this was hardly an “adventure” in the true sense of the word; more of a homecoming.  I hope you don’t mind.

This whole town was in a complete dither this weekend.  The Seattle Seahawks made the championship and for the last two weeks it’s been fever-pitch around here.  I almost cried when I saw the pictures of the thousands of fans lining the streets to send them off to New York for the Super Bowl last weekend.  Seattle has been a city completely in love with their team, pulling together in a way it’s been awesome to experience.  I love the exuberance and all-in-ness that is the Seahawks 12th Man.  There was a 7000-person 12th Man “flag” created on the Microsoft playing field, the Space Needle was lit up in Seahawks colors, there was a sea of green-and-blue nails, cupcakes, and beer cans, and skittles at every turn.  It almost made me wish I understood football and had a TV.  Almost.  I cheered them on in my heart and that’s what matters.

I pulled on some clean and comfy jeans, found some soft, thick socks, and picked out a green sweater.  It wasn’t the right shade of green, but paired with blue denim it was as 12th Man as I could muster for the big game day.  Go HAWKS!!!

As I strolled through Café Presse’s door I spied my favorite spot at the counter in the window, as if it was waiting just for me.  I plonked myself down with a contented grin and exchanged “Isn’t it a beautiful day!” pleasantries with the lady two stools down, before she went back to her non-GMO shopping booklet and a large dish of baked eggs.  A woman after my own heart.

Soon enough, along came a pot of peppermint tea, and as luck would have it, I was unsuccessful in trying to inhale the piping hot liquid into my right lung, but it was a close call.  I sat with my face to the sun and thought about all the good things in life.

Cafe Presse  |  Carrie Brown

Shortly thereafter came *SANEity on two plates – no substitutions or alterations required!  At Café Presse, if you choose wisely, there’s SANEity right there on the menu, staring at you and cooing softly.  My only request was that they not bring the baguette with the baked eggs.  Sometimes if the devil is right there in front of you it can be hard to ignore.
Cafe Presse  |  Carrie Brown

Have you ever seen such a splendid looking plate of lettuce?  A fresh butter lettuce – oh how I love butter lettuce! – drizzled with hazelnut vinaigrette and a smattering of fresh hazelnuts.  For breakfast?  Yeah, baby!  It was magnificent in its simplicity and outstanding in the taste department.  I didn’t miss the piece of French bread in the slightest.  My taste buds were far more interested in the softness of the lettuce, tang of vinegar, and the crunch of the nuts.
Cafe Presse  |  Carrie Brown

Then there were the Baked Eggs – two generous pieces of ham, two eggs and a thin layer of Gruyère cheese.  I chowed down, filled up and washed it all down with two pots of peppermint tea and some water.  Satisfaction guaranteed.

Kevin, the impossibly polite, purple-haired young man serving me, offered the dessert menu, and even knowing from my pre-SANE days how fine their French desserts are, I was – dare I say it – too full for dessert.  JB – you are with me wherever I go!

After a glorious *SANE breakfast I headed over to Alki Beach to delight in the beauty of Seattle on a sunny day.  I sat for a while and pondered all the things that I am so very grateful for.  I soaked in the warmth of the sun through the glass of the sunroof and silently thanked the world at large for everything that I have – a sure way to continue the good feelings generated by my scrumptious breakfast feast.

Feeling good is important.  Really important.  It will help you in all areas of your life, including your journey to *SANEity.

Whatever makes you feel good – do more of that.




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  • Lynne - Right on! Do more of what makes you feel good. The best bit of advice I’ve heard so far this year, maybe ever. Carrie, thank you for EVERYTHING you share here. I am in love with your smoothie recipes (cashew pear is heavenly), your podcasts are fun and inspiring. I’ve been going SANE gradually for 6 months. Weight is the same (135) but TWO sizes smaller in pants. Unbelievable.ReplyCancel

  • Suzanne - It was crazy around here during Super Bowl time, wasn’t it?! I loved every minute of it, the whole town was so hyped up. We even went to the parade and it was amazing! I guess that’s not really what your post is about, but still, it reminded me of that awesome time-I think some people are still living it! Anyway, love seeing where you go for breakfasts, gives me some ideas of places to try-and if your “dates” ever have to cancel again, look me up, I’d be happy to go with you! ;) Thanks for all your great recipes and posts!ReplyCancel

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