The Big Breakfast Adventure | Hollywood Tavern

Day: Sunday

Agenda: Great SANE food, great company, relaxing couple of hours.

Location: Hollywood Tavern, Woodinville – an American roadside tavern.

Weather: Sunshine!  A tad chilly and a few clouds, but…sunshine!  I’ll take it.

Cuisine: Upscale American diner fare with a focus on fresh, local ingredients.

Famous for: Fried Cauliflower. No, seriously.  It’s what got them a spot in 425 Magazine. Big Breakfast Adventure  |  Hollywood Tavern  |  Carrie Brown

Server: A tall, lanky lass with intricately braided black hair that had us all fascinated.

Breakfast Buddies: Wendi the hilarious and excitable lawyer, and her daughter, Olivia.  Wendi is one of the kindest people I have ever met.  Shirt off her back kinda gal.

Menu: Almost entirely inSANE, and apart from a few interesting vegetable sides just about everything needed substitutions.  Luckily, they were totally down with substitutions.  I should mention that this is the only place to date that has charged me to sub out a salad for the fries.  That was disappointing.

Food: Fried Cauliflower (but of course!) followed by The Hollywood Burger (sans bun), plus bacon, sautéed mushrooms, and with a Tavern Caesar salad instead of the fries. Big Breakfast Adventure  |  Hollywood Tavern  |  Carrie BrownBeverage: Peppermint tea.

Seating: Cute little table for four right underneath a window overlooking fields of green.  It’s in the country, and the view was delightful.

Decor: Distressed wooden tables, a collection of antique thermos flasks, more lampshades than a lighting store hanging from the ceiling , eclectic mis-matched china, fire-pit in the courtyard.  Easy-going, unpretentious style.  Get’s real busy on a Sunday lunchtime.

Summary: Relaxing atmosphere, good service, and great food if you can get past all the ginormous plates of *inSANEity on the menu without faltering.  Just looking at the vat of Mac ‘n’ Cheese made me think I was going to have a coronary.  And not because of the cheese. Big Breakfast Adventure  |  Hollywood Tavern  |  Carrie Brown

The After Party:  Home to meet Harley and Rosie the cats before heading off to Redmond for a trough of sugar-free hazelnut latte that while completely delicious I started to regret about an hour after I had chugged it all down.  The less I drink cows milk the more it affects me when I do.  I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that the joy of drinking it just isn’t worth the 4 hours of bloating misery and other unmentionable side effects.  Darn.

After a considerable time putting the world to rights nestled in a cozy corner at Victors Celtic Coffee Co., Wendi inveigled me to take a trip down to Bellevue Square – oh holy heck of a mall – to avail her of some equipment so that she could commence production of her very own scrumptious SANE ice cream.  It’s been 2 ½ years since I have been to Bellevue Square.  A churner and 3 melamine pouring bowls later, we wandered around Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn ooohing and ahhhing at all the ridiculous prettiness and Easter pastels.  The milk in that latte made me want to take a long nap on one of Pottery Barn’s massive, squishy, cushion-ladened sofas.  I am so not a shopper.  Once the impromptu shopping expedition was over we wended our way back to Redmond for a lovely stroll down the river, being dodged by a stream of runners, roller-bladers, and dog walkers.  We admired the ducks as they splashed in the mud puddles on the waters edge.  Despite all the human activity it was a truly tranquil hour.

It was a lovely, relaxing, nurturing day.  The two-hour agenda turned into an almost all-day affair as we allowed it to just unfolded as we went along.  And it was awesome.

Whatever makes you feel good, do more of that.


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  • Heidi - Question for you what is the best SANE way to order a coffee when out at like a Starbucks? If you want a latte or such? I never know what is right whole milk, FF Milk? I sure wish SB had almond milk. Any information would be great I am so confused the few times a year I want a special coffee what is best. ThanksReplyCancel

    • carrie - Heidi – I order sugar-free hazelnut latte (whole milk) when I go to Starbucks. I don’t do it that often, but that’s what I choose when I do. Hope that helps!ReplyCancel

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