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(In case you missed how the Big Breakfast Adventure got started, you can read it  here:  How it all began)


I guess that’s a bit like a movie spoiler, huh?  Still, it is what it is.  Today, Table 219 just totally rocked their version of the Grand Slam.  I’ll get to the juicy details in a bit.

The weather guys had fore-casted the arrival of Summer in the Pacific Northwest today.  I was excited.  It has been a few weeks since there was a sunrise that I could actually see through the clouds.  I dutifully woke up at 4 am, ready to pack up the gear & head on out to capture some ethereal early morning moment…but before I swung my legs off the side of the bed, I stared out the window & realized that I could see exactly nothing.  Which is bad.  That means that the cloud was just about right up against the window pane.  Rats.  Assuming that the weather guys had forgotten to mention that summer would be delayed at least another day, I rolled over & promptly fell straight back into dreamland.  What I should have done was got up & gone out anyway.  It turns out that the little pocket of cloud was pretty much just over my street.  One of the perks of living on a hill at the base of the Cascade Mountains.

As I drove over the I90 towards Capitol Hill I realized my error, big time:  once I was off my little hill I could clearly see that it was actually one of those very rare days when you can see both volcanoes – Rainier to the south & Baker to the north – at the same time.  And I had likely slept right through a spectacular sunrise.  Darn it all.  Still, I did have the Best Grand Slam Breakfast in Seattle to look forward to.

Capitol Hill was already buzzing at 8:30 am when I swung into one of the only open parking spots.  It almost felt like a party was brewing – probably just the utter excitement of everyone’s first glimpse of the sun in 2 weeks.

Table 219  had it’s patio doors flung wide open onto the street & their little café tables ready for a steady stream of happy Seattle Saturday Brunchers.  Bea arrived a few minutes after 9 & we headed straight in to claim one of the the tables up front, bathed in sunlight.

Table 219’s rendition of the Grand Slam is called the Seattle Slam, & it serves up two eggs any style, two pieces of bacon or chicken sausage & two pancakes or pieces of French toast.  Since Bea was on her first Big Breakfast Adventure & wanted to try everything we ordered 2 Seattle Slams – one with pancakes & bacon and one with French toast & chicken sausage.  We were going to have it ALL.

Table 219's Seattle Slam

 When our plates arrived we swapped pancakes & French toast, bacon & sausage.  Ordering two different Slams was one of our better ideas.  The pancakes came with a beautiful little swirl of cinnamon butter atop them, which Bea absolutely adored.

Pancakes with Cinnamon Butter

 Table 219 should win several awards, as well as Best Grand Slam:

1. Best Bacon (in America)

2. Best French Toast

3. Best Pancake Butter

4. Jolliest Servers

The bacon was incredible.  Best Bacon I’ve had in the US in 9.5 years.  The French toast was the single yummiest thing I’ve eaten in several weeks.  It was crunchy on the outside, soft in the middle & totally melt-in-your-mouth.  I would come to Table 219 just to eat an enormous plate of French Toast & bacon.  The French Toast was so good it deserved it’s own image.

French Toast with Nectarines & Maple Syrup

We both wanted to eat another Seattle Slam when we were done with the first one.  If I had one complaint it would be that it was not the biggest breakfast I’ve had since I started this whole breakfast-fest.  But apart from that, it was a very successful breakfast adventure & one which we are keen to re-do once I have eaten my way through the other 30-or-so “Bests” in Seattle Magazine.

I thoroughly recommend going to Table 219 for a slammin’ breakfast at the very first opportunity.

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