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(In case you missed how the Big Breakfast Adventure got started, you can read it  here:  How it all began)

Octopus for breakfast?  Anyone?  Now before you start wrinkling your nose (& clicking off to some other blog in disgust) I should tell you right up front: this breakfast was amazing.  This has turned into a weekend of utter foodie heaven, even though I started it all with too much sleep & a bad attitude.  Ok, 2 bad attitudes, although today’s was definitely the lesser of the 2  ‘tudes.

I zoomed off downtown at some crazy time…6:10 am…surprised at the amount of traffic scooting up & down the freeway.  Once I neared the end of the freeway I decided that this was a morning to push those directional boundaries of mine and I took a new route, sans map.  It should have been an easy-peasy trip down 4th Avenue to Virginia…except that it turns out today is Seattle Pride & the entire street had a parking ban on it & there were police & barriers everywhere.  I managed to find a spot on a side street one block down from Lola, but only because I was there so dang early.

Then, after I had ambled down the sidewalk to Lola I found a very frustrated manager taking the door lock apart…from the inside.  They couldn’t get the door open.  Is someone trying to tell me something about {not} going to Lola today??!!  To be honest, I am not sure that I really wanted to eat the designated breakfast of the day:  The Best Northwest Spin on Hash in Seattle.  Octopus & chick peas just didn’t sound good.

The manager finally decided to give up on the lock & had her little posse of eager diners go through the hotel next door in order for us to get inside.  Being first in line I snagged a cute little corner spot in the window, right where the sun was starting to poke it’s fingers through the clouds & skyscrapers.

 I remember from last time that the hot chocolate was very ordinary (Tom? Are you paying attention?) so I opted for the herbal tea.  I am not entirely sure exactly what the herbal tea was although the lovely Kate did tell me that it had mint in it somewhere.  I didn’t even look at the menu today.  I knew if I did I would be enticed away from octopus & chick peas in a heartbeat.  So I just ordered Tom’s Big Breakfast & awaited my fate.

Tom's Big Breakfast


First…it looked fantastic.

Second…it tasted outrageously good.

Third…one bite was all it took to have me swooning.


Close up of "DELICIOUS"

 I have to say that when Kate first plopped the plate down in front of me I thought  “Tom’s Big Breakfast?  What happened to the ‘big’ part of that?”  However, by the time I got 3/4 of the way through it, I had a full-blown battle going on:  my taste-buds were desperate to get more of those amazing flavors swirling around in my mouth while my stomach was yelling  “Hey!  You up there.  We’re getting full down here!”  Probably needless to say…the taste-buds won.  Did I mention that the hash was served on a bed of Greek Yogurt?  Seriously.  Oh & the bread was awesome.

As I sat there with the sun streaming intermittently through the windows, contemplating how it was possible that octopus & chick peas could taste so utterly glorious, I suddenly realized that I was most likely experiencing the calm before the storm.  The storm being the arrival of some 350,000 other people & I’m-not-sure-what else.  In a little under an hour the streets of Seattle would be groaning under the influx of bodies, floats, costumes, policemen & steel barricades.  Time to get outta town before the craziness started.

Octopus & Chick Pea Heaven

I am fully aware that I have posted 3 images of essentially the same thing.  I don’t care.  This breakfast was so worth it.  After I had eaten it I wished I had taken more.  I think I may even frame one & hang it on the wall.  So there.

I remember my first outing to Lola.  It was good.  I liked it.  But after today’s adventure Lola has zoomed right to the top of the charts.

LOVE Lola.  LOVE octopus & chick peas for breakfast.

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