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(In case you missed how the Big Breakfast Adventure got started, you can read it  here:  How it all began)

So this week it was the adorable Miss Kathy who was having “food ‘tude”.  She wanted to come on a Big Breakfast Adventure but she confessed that she was just feeling fussy about what she wanted to eat.  I had planned to go to Etta’s for the Best Northwest Eggs Benedict.  Nope, Etta’s wasn’t go to cut it for Miss Kathy this weekend.  Le Pichet?  Non.  The Georgian?  No Sir.  She told me she was in the mood for eggs, sausage & a bowl of fruit, and she just didn’t want a load of carbs…so, I whipped out the {now very tattered} Seattle Magazine.  The choices are getting fewer & fewer the more of the 55 Best Breakfasts that I conquer.  So given the task of finding a Best Breakfast that I hadn’t yet eaten that would also satisfy Miss Kathy, I started in the egg section & was almost immediately slapped in the chops by this short-but-sweet note:

The Best Scramble
Pete’s Egg Nest in Greenwood serves up our favorite greasy-spoon scrambles, with a creamy mound of eggs encasing generous handfuls of various fillings. Try the sausage scramble—hearty chunks of link sausage, fried together with chopped onions, mushrooms and cheddar.

Could this be it?  The breakfast to win Miss Kathy’s heart but avoid me doing a re-run?

The verdict?   “Yes – yummm!!!!!”

I was rather expecting a line outside Pete’s doors since all the reviews had indicated that Pete’s place was seriously popular.  When we ambled up at 7:55 am it was busy but not full.  We helped ourselves to a table in the window & were very quickly welcomed by the most delightful little older lady.  The whole encounter was rather like getting a hug from your favorite Aunt.  Pete’s is a diner through & through, but this lovely gal made it feel more like being in that favorite Aunt’s big kitchen.

 There are *at least* a gazillion scrambles on the menu.  I went with the Sausage Scramble, Miss Kathy, clearly feeling rather more European today chose the Italian Sausage Scramble.

Pete's Sausage Scramble

The coffee & hot chocolate were standard diner fare – no surprises about the wet-&-warm hot chocolate that had never seen a cocoa bean in it’s life.  Sigh.  I am starting to think I need to embark on a Hot Chocolate Crusade right here in Seattle.

Our plates of nosh arrived in very short order.  And huge plates they were too, absolutely filled to the brim with piles of scramble & a large swath of hash browns.  Accompanied by the obligatory pre-buttered toast-on-the-side.  I hoped it was good because there was an awful lot of it.  Miss Kathy, bless her, is getting used to not being able to tuck into her food right away.  Not to be polite, but because I have this photographing fetish.  She is a good sport, our Miss Kathy.

Italian Sausage Scramble

I can now tell you, and I believe it to be true:  this was the best Scramble that I have ever eaten.  Obviously made with *real* eggs – you know the ones….they start life in a shell & are completely un-touched by human hands or any form of processing before being whipped up into an frenzied froth & introduced to the grill.  This scramble had the perfect ratio of egg to filling & the sausage was simply scrumptious.  Miss Kathy was having a similar experience with her scramble & also thought that the hash browns were particularly good.  The toast, I have to say, was spectacularly ordinary.  But then Pete’s isn’t listed as having the best toast.

We both cleared our plates & although full, I was surprised that I didn’t feel like I had just tried to eat an elephant.  Wanting to do at least a little something to start working off that enormous pile of eggs & sausage, Miss Kathy suggested a little stroll down Greenwood Avenue.  Since it wasn’t raining, stroll we did.  As we strolled we passed an amazing array of rather interesting looking stores…none of them open at that hour, but worth a return visit at a later time some other day.

Then we happened upon Ken’s Market.  It looked like a rather cool little grocery store so we decided to go in & check it out.  Miss Kathy tells me that they have a very good array of wines.  They also had an interesting chocolate selection.  And then, as we walked past one of the check-out stands I spied it:  a copy of the July edition of Sunset magazine.  I had won the prize!  I had been searching for one for days to no avail.  I had found the last copy right here in Ken’s Market in Greenwood.  So clearly, the trip to Greenwood was simply meant to be.  Thank you for being fussy about your food this weekend Miss Kathy.  If you hadn’t been, we wouldn’t have come to Pete’s, we wouldn’t have found Ken’s Market & I wouldn’t have the last copy of Sunset magazine in my hot little hands.

Everything always works out how it is supposed to.


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