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(In case you missed how the Big Breakfast Adventure got started, you can read it  here:  How it all began)

Ahhhhhh!  SO good to be home.  Love to travel, but so good to be home.  I’ve been on the road for pretty much 6 weeks.  Sometimes you have to go away to re-remind yourself what you love about where you live…especially when you’ve just been to such rockin’ places as New York & San Francisco.  But as fun & inspiring & beautiful & amazing as they are in their own way, here is one reason why I love where I live:

It doesn't get much better than this

It was Miss Kathy’s idea that I needed to include an image of the city in my blog today.  I had to agree.  Absolutely “picture-perfect” (in most people’s eyes :-) ) weather.  Seattle is one of the most beautiful places on earth when the sun is shining.  It was as clear as clear could be.  The mountains were clear & crisp in every direction…and in Seattle that truly means every direction – the Cascades to the east, the Olympics to the west, Rainier to the south & Baker to the north.  Breath-takingly stunning.  I LOVE living in Seattle!

Anyway, I made this image & when Miss Kathy saw it online the next day she exclaimed “CB!  I literally said, ‘oh my gosh…’ out loud.  How many thousands of time have I seen that view of Seattle?  I lived in West Seattle almost 30 years.  But have I ever seen it the way you presented it?  No!!!  And it just stuns me.  I’m going to use this as my new screen saver.”

Thanks Miss Kathy!  I’ll take that as a compliment :-)

As well as gape at the fantastic scenery & soak up the beautiful weather, today I got to do one of my favorite things:  eat breakfast with Miss Kathy.  It was a second stop at Spring Hill on the Big Breakfast Adventure today for Seattle’s Best Corned Beef Hash.  I arrived early & sat on a barrier outside with my back to the sun.  It was awesome.  I could have sat there all day except my stomach would have complained very loudly after not very long.

Spring Hill's Corned Beef Hash

 Clearly, Spring Hill is a *very* popular joint on a weekend morning.  By the time 10 am swung around there were about 30 people gathered eagerly on the pavement.  Being first in line I had the honor of leading the line inside & was able to snag that cute little table right in the window.  There has been way too much ISO 800 going on lately & I just wanted some great light to photograph this special hash without having to deal with even the hint of graininess.  I just wanted an easy life today :-)

Our server helped us with coffee & chamomile tea…both very good.  Spring Hill is so serene.  Everything about it seems so pure, so clean, so unhurried, so fresh.  At least to me.  Even with a restaurant full of people it felt like Miss Kathy & I were in a world of our own, sat there by the window, soaking up the sun, chatting about this-and-that & my adventure to San Francisco.

As tasty as it is interesting to look at

 The Corned Beef Hash was good, although I found it a little salty.  I don’t know where they get their meat from at Spring Hill, but it is always quite wonderful.  I can still taste that Bone-in Ham Steak I had on my first trip to Spring Hill.  They sure know how to buy & cook meat here.  Yum.  We were agreed however that the hunk of bread that came with it just wasn’t our thing.  It was SO thick.  Now two slices half as thick would have worked a lot better.  Plus more butter.  I do like a piece of bread with my butter :-)

The service was, as always, splendid.  The atmosphere was, as always, delightful.  The food was, as always, delicious.

I like Spring Hill, a LOT.  I recommend you go.  You only thing that is slightly bothersome about Spring Hill is that it is in West Seattle and I live at the foot of the Cascades.  But then I guess a little driving never stopped me from doing anything.

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