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(In case you missed how the Big Breakfast Adventure got started, you can read it  here:  How it all began)

Today was a fantastic day, for many reasons.  It’s October.  The middle of October in Seattle & it’s the most beautiful blue, clear, sunshiny, warm day here in the Pacific Northwest.  Both mountains are out: how rare is that in Seattle anytime of the year let alone the middle of October.  And today, (although I had planned on making this restaurant the last of The Big Breakfast Adventures) I went to Café Campagne with Miss Kathy for {reputedly} the Best Brunch in Seattle.

I had made reservations, having heard how famous Café Campagne’s weekend brunches are.  We were scheduled at 9, I was there at 8:45, chomping at the bit for a little slice of French cuisine, probably a little slice of heaven by all accounts.

I just wasn’t interested in wandering around Pike Place this morning.  I wasn’t even interested in making images of the market traders beginning their morning bustling to get their stalls set up or the eager Seattlites lining up in all the cute little eateries that edge the market.  Nope.  I just wanted to curl up in the corner of Café Campagne & feel the love.

The Chocolat Chaud was enough to start bringing those loving feelings flooding right back.  Mercy.  It had chocolate in it.  Real chocolate, & although it was small, it was perfectly formed – complete with a floating island of real whipped heavy cream on top.  Regular readers will know this is coming:  Tom Douglas!  Please fix your hot chocolate at Lola & Etta’s!

Miss Kathy arrived exactly at 9 am.  That girl is just a pro.  I was already half way through my hot chocolate snuggled into the corner window seat.

The menu is also small but perfectly formed.  We didn’t dilly-dally around: we were here to eat Oeufs en Meurette – Poached eggs served on garlic croutons with pearl onions, bacon and champignons in red wine-foie gras sauce, with pommes frites.

Of course, if you read my recent ramblings about Canlis you will already know that anything involving foie gras is likely going to be a huge hit with me.  This was no exception. The aroma from the red wine-foie gras sauce as the dishes were slid in front of us was simply amazing.  I have to mention though…it didn’t look like breakfast.  Maybe that’s why they call it brunch.

 After nibbling on a few pommes frites (of which they had to have brought us close to 2 pounds of), Miss Kathy declared “CB, these are possibly the best pommes frites I have ever eaten!”

Oeufs en Meurette (complete with foie gras)

 The service was all a little odd.  We seemed to have quite a plethora of servers & I got a bit confused about who our real server was.  Most of them were adorable…except this one young lady who was just surly…you know…arrogant, like we were somehow not good enough to be eating brunch at Café Campagne.  No personality, no warm demeanor, no not even a smile.  Just…surly.  And with a very strange haircut.  She also never came back to pick up the check so we could leave, which was just plain annoying.  Which reminds me…Miss Kathy never did give me the coffee report but I do not recall our server refilling her cup, not even once.  I have to admit that the service was not the best, by a long shot.

By the time it came to pay, Miss Kathy and I, we just wanted to be out in the sunshine with our replete bellies & happy mouths.  Neither of us felt full though (this is in no way a criticism of Café Campagne).  Which is probably why I could be found, not too long afterwards, joining the line in Le Panier (that Very French Bakery in Pike Place market) to get a Pain au Chocolat.

I was not disappointed with the food at Café Campagne.  The food was glorious.  I admit though that I was disappointed with the service (or lack thereof) & the ambiance.  The Maître d’  saved the day for me in terms of warm & fuzziness.  But you know, however good the food, I am not sure I’d rush back to Café Campagne next time I want the whole experience.  There was just something missing.  Actually, now I think about it, rather like a lot of the cafés en France.

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  • Matt Longman - CB,
    Thanks for coming by to have brunch with us! The Oeufs en Meurette are my favorite dish of ours as well. I’m sorry to hear that the service was a bit spotty but I’m so happy that you had an otherwise great experience.
    I do hope that you come again and please feel free to let me know! I’d love to thank you in person for your post!
    Matt Longman
    Café CampagneReplyCancel

    • cb - Matt – thank you for taking the time to pen a note!

      We will definitely be coming by again. Miss Kathy spent the entire time while we were there today eyeing up the sausages on the table next door & I have a thing for Croque Monsieur (and I can only imagine how your PÂTÉ DE CAMPAGNE rocks). Plus you do have some of the best chocolat chaud in Seattle. You had me right there :-)

      See you soon!


  • Matt Longman - CB, Thanks again for the great compliments! I recommend when you make your way back to have what I like to call the “King of Croques.” It’s not technically on the menu, but order the Croque Savoyard (the one with tomatoes) and add an egg on top. You get the best of Croque worlds!
    Please let me know next time your coming by!

    Matt Longman
    Café CampagneReplyCancel

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