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(In case you missed how the Big Breakfast Adventure got started, you can read it  here:  How it all began)

Miss Kathy had been waiting for this day for a long time.  The Best {Breakfast} Sausage in Seattle.  Miss Kathy LOVES herself a darn good sausage.  We had had incredible sausage at Monsoon & she was wildly excited to think that maybe Tilikum Place Café’s sausage would be even better than that.  We would see!

It was a lovely day, a little chilly maybe that early in the morning, and we were, as always, a little early for the grand opening of Tilikum’s doors, but we sidled in as soon as we could and positioned ourselves right in the window.

Tilikum Cafe is just so civilized

I availed myself of a hot chocolate within minutes…they really do have great hot chocolate at Tilikum, & Miss Kathy got her little pot of coffee.  She loves the coffee at Tilikum.

One of the great things about going to eat the best sides during a Big Breakfast Adventure is that as long as you order the side, you get to have whatever you want off the menu.  This is also a difficult thing, especially at Tilikum.  Their menu is pretty wild & it took Miss Kathy and I forever to figure out what in the world to order with our sausage.  Our lovely server was ever patient & ever polite, which I am not sure that I would have been had I been in her shoes.

A scrumptious sardine open sandwich

 I know that we looked at the menu and changed our minds for like 15 minutes before we finally just had to hand the menus back & order the last thing that we remembered seeing.  There are many more trips to Tilikum in our future, just so we can get through every last intriguing item they serve up.  Including a re-run of their Dutch Babies.  Sigh.

Alas, Tilikum don’t have their breakfast menu online so I can’t now go back & check what it was that Miss Kathy chose.  I do know that the presentation was fantastic, it involved sardines & that Miss Kathy loved it.

Omelette with cheese sauce on top - yum!

I chose the omelet, mainly because it came with a rich cheese sauce on top.  It was a very fine omelet, although not entirely memorable.  The potatoes were lovely, but what is with the melon?  Putting large quantities of fruit on breakfast plates is a strangely American thing which I still haven’t got my head around.  I just find it very odd.  I also hate melon, so that in some ways really put a damper on my omelet.  Not that it was the omelet’s fault, you understand.

The Best {Breakfast} Sausage in Seattle??

And then there was the sausage.  The sausage was, well, fine sausage.  But I have to say we were more taken with the house-made ketchup.  The sausage was nice, but it didn’t garner that jaw-dropping oh-my-gosh-I-think-I just-ate-the-best-sausage-in-my-life, like our experience at Monsoon.  I have since read other reviews that declared the sausage to be “skippable”.  So there you have it.  It’s good sausage, it’s just not the best sausage in Seattle.  In our humble opinion of course.


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