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I wasn’t sure that I could stand the anticipation & an extra 2 hour wait before my scheduled arrival at Café  Presse.  Why an extra 2 hour wait?  Because finally I was going to tear myself away from their Baked Eggs & have something different from the menu.  But those pesky chefs at Café Presse don’t start cooking up the new object of my desire until 9 am, so wait I would have to.  I swung by Miss Connie’s condo en route to Capitol Hill, which sure helped with making the 2 hours go by faster.  We had originally planned to meet a couple of other foodie friends for a Big Breakfast Adventure over in Fremont, but when they couldn’t make it at the last minute, Miss Connie asked if we could go to Café Presse since she was fed up reading about me oooohing & aaaahing over their food but had never made it there herself.  So off to Café Presse we hurtled.

I can tell you right now about that 2 hour wait…it was totally worth it.  Totally.

Hot chocolate, baguette, butter. Is it possible to start a day off better?

 Seattle Magazine’s pick for Best Croque Monsieur in Seattle went to Olivar, but Miss Kathy & I were HUGELY disappointed in that Big Breakfast Adventure – both the Croque Monsieur & the whole Olivar experience.  So when I discovered that Café Presse also served Croque Monsieurs I quickly determined that at some point I would need to eat one.  Especially since Café Presse’s Baked Eggs are a repeatedly gob-smacking dish.

Once we were settled into what has now become *MY* table at Café Presse, I started to get really hungry.  I rarely eat breakfast later than 7 am, so this 9 am deal was killing me; but I had Miss Connie to gossip with & a beautiful cup of {real} hot chocolate to sup on, so that alleviated my impatience a little.

When my Croque Monsieur finally arrived, I was not disappointed.

Croque Monsieur: almost as good as in France

 Miss Connie decided on a decidedly French plate – Fromage de brebis aux cerises (local cherry compote & Basque sheep’s milk cheese) – which is literally a plate with cherries & goat’s cheese on it.  The baguette came in handy there.  Miss Connie, being a bit of a cheese freak however, was in heaven.  We also decided that we needed to try a bowl of Pommes-frites (french fries) between us.  We were very glad afterwards that we had stuck to “between us”.

French Fries for breakfast? Yum.

So what IS a Croque Monsieur anyway?  A Croque Monsieur is a baked ham, gruyere and béchamel sandwich.  And it is, quite simply, (when done right) divine.  Add a sunny-side up egg on top and you would have a Croque Madame.  The egg, it is suggested, looks like a ladies hat, hence the name.  Who even knows if that is true or is instead some urban legend that has been swirling around France for centuries?

Another perfect breakfast at Café Presse

This is probably where I should confess that Miss Connie & I then downed a Pain au Chocolat à l’ancienne (bittersweet chocolate melted on baguette) between us.  We didn’t care.  It was fantastique!  We got real messy & we left Café Presse particularly happy.

If you, after having read my endless swooning posts have still not been to Café Presse for breakfast…please go.  Your mouth will thank you.  Heck, your mouth will loveyou.  Not only that, but the prices are silly & your wallet will love you too.  I am still not a fan of the whole 9 am debacle, but at least at Café Presse it is absolutely worth the wait.

Bon appetit!

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