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(In case you missed how the Big Breakfast Adventure got started, you can read it  here:  How it all began)

I had a seriously busy day on, but I am never too busy to hang out with Miss Kathy for a spot of Best Breakfast.  Today would be a quick pit-stop at the I Love New York Deli in the Upper University District.  It probably isn’t in the University District at all, but since it is called I Love New York Deli I simply had to put “Upper” in there somewhere :-)

I was early, it was deserted & I wondered if I was even in the right place.  Both the neighborhood & the deli are downright scruffy but the second that I walked within a few feet of the door I knew this had to be it.  The smell emanating from the kitchen was incredible.  I don’t know what they were cooking, but I wanted some of it.  I still don’t understand to this day why there wasn’t a huge old line out the door.  I mean, elegant this deli is not…but the food?  Wow.

Bagel heaven at the I love New York Deli

The deli is self-serve style.  Go to the counter, pick your bagel (they had a whole slug of choices, all boiled New York style), pick your cream cheese (several choices here too) & pick your smoked salmon or lox (or whatever other protein you might want…we were just there to have the Best Bagel & Lox in Seattle).  I can’t remember how the whole lox thing worked now.  There were several kinds.  The lovely gal behind the counter explained them all.  Then she explained the bagels, the cream cheese & all the various trimmings available.  It was complicated & it was quite the production.  Once we had finally got all our various choices figured out we paid at the counter & then retired to our oh-so-cheap-and-cheerful table by the window & waited for bagel magic to happen behind the counter.  It surely did.

With all the trimmings

The gal running the joint was young, but clearly knew her bagels.  And her deli meats.  She was knowledgeable beyond her years & gave us a complimentary tour of the deli counter, including some samples of the fish salads.  Way to make people need to come back for more!  I need to go back there.  Seriously, it’s a need.  The things we sampled were awesome.
We ate our bagels & headed out – Miss Kathy to run her errands & me to embark on my monstrous to-do list, both of us having been powered by a great bagel & lox breakfast sandwich.  Great for breakfast, & would be great for lunch too.
This is not the place to come for a fine dining experience, or even any kind of a dining experience actually, but if you want a fantastic Bagel & Lox swing by this place in a hurry.


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