The Big Breakfast Adventure | The Georgian, Fairmont Hotel

(In case you missed how the Big Breakfast Adventure got started, you can read it  here:  How it all began)

Someday it was bound to happen.  I just didn’t expect it to be today.  Everything else today was just, well, perfect.  Brilliantly beautiful winter day in Seattle & a Big Breakfast Adventure at one of the poshest breakfast spots in town with an incredible woman.  Oh, and a parking spot right outside the front door.  It was going to be a great day.  And it was a great day.  It just had a little hiccup in the middle.

I blame the whole darn thing on Michelle.  I mean this is the first time this has happened & it’s also the first time I have had breakfast with Michelle.  The two must be connected.  It must be Michelle’s fault! :-)  I have known Michelle for exactly 69 days today.  Yet in that 69 days Michelle has become one of the people I am most thankful for in 2010.  Everything about our meeting & subsequent friendship has been entirely serendipitous.  You know when you meet someone & then about 327 stars all magically align in your life right afterwards & that someone is somehow connected to all of it?  Like that.

In an effort, in some {very} small way, to thank Michelle for the bounteous effect she has had on my life, I begged her to join me for a Big Breakfast Adventure at The Fairmont Hotel so I could feed her the Best Steak & Eggs in Seattle.  And we had the best time having breakfast together.  Forget the food, we just had a blast anyway.  We talked {at least} one of the hind legs off that poor donkey & laughed a lot too.

Fantastic start to a Saturday.  Thanks Michelle!  (And you were the absolutely best thing about the whole breakfast.)

So picture this:  Michelle loves my photography.  She does after all have a whole bevy, 32 to be exact, of my images currently hanging in her fabulous Salon on the Microsoft Campus.  Michelle also loves following along with Foodie Footnotes & was terribly excited to be an integral part of a Big Breakfast Adventure & maybe even write a word or two.  Or even a whole darn post.  So we’re sitting in the rarefied surroundings of the Georgian Room at the Fairmont Hotel.  Breakfast is served,  Madam.

Michelle looks over with a big smile & says, “Is this the part where you take the photos?”  I reach into my bag & out pops my trusty Nikon.  I knock off a couple of shots & back into the bag it goes.

“Is that it?  You’re just going to take two shots?  You get all those amazing photos on your website by taking just a couple of shots?”  Michelle asks in an-incredulous-yet-almost-disappointed way.

“Well…er,” I replied  “I never take many…and I try to be quick so as not to be obtrusive & because I don’t want the food to get cold”.

“Oh.  I thought the photos were all staged.  I thought there was all this prep involved”.

“Nope.  That’s it.  I just shoot it how it comes”.

I am sure that by now you can all see what’s coming like a freight train careering down the track towards you.  Or rather me.  I get home, I download the shots & would you believe it.  Horrible.  Totally unusable.  No images for the blog.  I sat there for several minutes, not quite sure whether to laugh or cry.  Of all days, it’s the day where the images were more important than any other Big Breakfast Adventure.  Sod’s Law at it’s finest.  Gotta love it.  So I laughed.

Confession over, a re-run was to be undertaken.  And, of course, the only re-run in Big Breakfast Adventure history also happened to be for the most expensive Big Breakfast of the entire 55 Breakfast series.  That would be Jenning’s Corollary (aka The chance of the bread falling with the butter side down is directly proportional to the value of the carpet).

So here you have the cliff notes from my week-later re-run of the Best Steak & Eggs in Seattle:

  • They sat me at a table with a little chaise lounge instead of a chair.  It was just lovely.  I could have had a nap right there.
  • $5 for 3 ounces of grapefruit juice.  Really??  But wow at least it was real.  Holy smokes that woke me up.
  • Medium Steak please.  People – where’s the pink?  It was tasty, but no pink.  Rats.
  • The eggs were dry & had odd grey patches in them.  I didn’t eat them all.
  • The BEST hash-browns EVER.  No clue what they do to get them like that.  Awesome.  Both times.  Just awesome.
  • Fantastic tomato compote or ketchup or whatever they call it.  Outstanding flavor.  Yum.
  • Strange muffin.  Came wrapped up in a napkin, which was cute but didn’t make it look or taste any less strange.
  • I had Peppermint Tea (because last week’s Hot Chocolate was disappointingly very blah).  There were bits floating in my tea, which is just not right.  $4.  That’s one spendy tea-bag.

Medium Flat Iron Steak without any pink

The best hash-browns I've ever eaten

  • The ambiance is so dignified, so refined.  Just lovely.  It is worth going just for the experience.  And the hash-browns.
  • Porcelain & silverware just make it feel special.
  • Service was a bit slow.  Folks, I know it was 6:30 am but there was hardly anyone else there.  Chop chop.
  • HUGE KUDOS: the Fairmont will donate 10% of your total invoice to Susan G. Komen to help the fight against breast cancer if you have a Pink Ribbon Card.

Dressed for the Holidays: The Fairmont Lobby

  • The Georgian Room & the Fairmont Hotel are just gloriously decorated, especially during the Holidays.  Go swing by just to look.  Very beautiful.  Very grand.  Very peaceful.  Very distinguished.  Very gracious.  Very opulent.  Very elegant.  Look, just go already.  I am running out of verbs here.

 Breakfast for 1 at The Georgian – $34.  Realizing you have to go back because you blew the photos – priceless.

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