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(In case you missed how the Big Breakfast Adventure got started, you can read it  here:  How it all began)

Gaaaah!  What a start to the day.  I was late to my own Big Breakfast Adventure.  I totally dislike being late.  Anywhere.  Ever.  Mic called me at 7:55 am, incredulous that I had not yet arrived at Coastal Kitchen, up on Seattle’s Capitol Hill.  “Did I beat you??” she asked, in a tone that hinted that she was a teensy bit concerned that she may have got the wrong day or the wrong eatery.  “Well”, I responded, “I was so busy getting a speeding ticket that I got a bit behind.”

It was a fair cop.  I was doing 77 in a 60 zone on the freeway.  Early weekend morning, no traffic, wide open road, sunshine…still no excuse though, sigh.  He got me fair & square, so no point in letting it ruin my day.  It is what it is.  And it is my first speeding ticket, so given the number of times I have actually driven too fast since I’ve been driving a car…well I can hardly complain.  He did only write 74 mph & $144 on the ticket, so I am very thankful for that Mr. Officer.  Happy Weekend!

I arrived at Coastal Kitchen to find Mic nestled into a booth in a very empty restaurant.  I’d heard there were usually lines at the weekends for Coastal Kitchen’s breakfast fare, so I was surprised, maybe a little nervous, but certainly not disappointed that I didn’t have to wait.  Speeding tickets can make you kinda hungry.

Chad appeared, way too soon.  I was still gesticulating over the sordid details of my speeding ticket story & had hardly even taken time to breathe since I walked in the door.  However, Chad & I, we did have a hot chocolate conversation which went something like this:

cb: How’s your hot chocolate?

Chad: Oh it’s great!

cb: Really?  I’ll be mad if it isn’t.  I’ve already had a ticket today.

Chad: It’s good.


Chad: It’s hot & chocolatey.


Chad: But, well, if your a bit of a connoisseur…well you might want to give it a miss.

cb: Do you have herbal tea?

We knew what we were going to order, but the menu was still a fun one to peruse.  Little bits of humor dotted here & there.  Strangely Mexican flavor to the majority of the dishes though, in a restaurant whose decor didn’t scream Mexican at all.  OH!  Now I get it.

“… quarterly changing menu focusing on the varied coastal regions of our beloved planet, with an emphasis on seafood. Recent menus have featured the cuisines of Tunisia, Jamaica, Peru and Rome. No passport required…”

Simply, diversity was not for us this morning.  We were there for the Best Waffles in Seattle.  And by jove did we get them.

Gingerbread Waffles with Honey Orange Butter

In one bite, Coastal Kitchen rose almost right to the top of my favorite-breakfasts-this-year list.  Yeah, they’re that good.  Seriously.  I have been wanting to get to Coastal Kitchen for their Gingerbread Waffles since the Big Breakfast Adventure began, but somehow it has eluded me time & time again.  I even got close once when I went to Smith (just across the street) for the Best Hangover Breakfast.  I’ve walked past CK’s doors & even read the menu hanging enticingly in the window.  But I’ve found that invariably things always work out how they are supposed to & I am completely certain that the heavens intervened to make me wait until December.  Eating CK’s Gingerbread Waffles was like having Christmas on a plate.

Dip that bacon!

Even before I got to the waffles my mouth was in heaven.  The. Best. Scrambled. Eggs.   Real eggs, fantastic flavor, fantastic texture.  Best scrambled eggs I have eaten in America.  Truly.  Mic got similarly excited about the bacon.  You could even see that the bacon was good.  So engrossed were we in exclaiming the virtues of our respective forkfuls we almost forgot the reason we were there.  The Gingerbread Waffles.

Waffle Heaven. Right here on Capitol Hill.

Thinner & wider than your average {Belgian} waffle means more butter & syrup per square inch.  That could never be a bad thing in my little world.  Particularly when the butter is CK’s honey orange butter.  How they pack quite so much zesty orange flavor into that little round mound is a mystery to me.  But pack it in they do.  Simply divine.  And the fact that CK use real maple syrup didn’t hurt my feelings any either.  The combination of the sweet, softly spicy gingerbread waffles, the smooth tangy orange honey butter & the thin, un-cloying maple syrup:  pure joy dans ma bouche.  Yes.  My mouth was so happy it even wanted to speak French & waltz to Charles Aznavour, things that I am not normally moved to do.

I wanted to eat another plate.  I still want to eat another plate.  If you can get to Coastal Kitchen before the Holidays – do.  If you can’t, go anyway.  Go in January when the skies are grey & the mood is greyer.  It will bring you instantly back to warm mugs of apple-spiced cider around the tree in front of a roaring fire.  I have never eaten a breakfast that could do that before.  There’s magic in them Gingerbread Waffles.

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