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(In case you missed how the Big Breakfast Adventure got started, you can read it  here:  How it all began)

I swear it has been raining for 63 ½ hours straight.  Maybe even longer.  Yesterday when I took Dottie (the Prius) out for a spin it all got a bit wild.  Prius’ don’t do well in gusty winds or heavy rain, so when you get both together it usually all goes, quite literally, a bit sideways.  This morning I woke up to gustier gusts & rainier rain, so I knew that if Dottie and I headed out again we’d be all over the place.  Plus I had a strange feeling that in places the water may well be a little too deep for Dottie to swoosh through without ending up doing that hydroplaning thing.  A ditch didn’t sound overly appealing today.  Where is Noah when you need him?

So instead, Ralph (the 4-Runner) got to go out for a spin.  He doesn’t get out much round town.  Turns out that was a pretty darn good choice.  The water was falling out of the sky in sheets.  The I90 had places were ducks would quite happily have swum.  Even downtown had rivers of water running where the streets usually are.  Good job Seattle is hilly.  The water has somewhere to go.  If you’re heading to Seattle this week, bring your aqua lung & a pair of flippers.

So what possessed me to leave the comfort of a warm home & 6 even warmer cats?  A Big Breakfast Advenutre with MVP to eat the Best Bagels & Lox in Seattle.  You’d be forgiven for thinking that Seattle would be deserted on such a grey, foggy, damp completely soggy morning.  It was heaving with people.  All of them in various stages of being soaked through.  We joined them.  Some of them were even running in a race.  We didn’t join them.  I do admit however that after the Bagel eating was complete we both hot-footed it straight back to our respective pets & heaters.

Pike Place Bagel Bakery: looking out at the rain

Pike Place Bagel Bakery is a little bit of a bugger to find, not because it isn’t where the address tells you it is, but because you just expect it to be somewhere else – like in Pike Place Market, which it isn’t.  And it doesn’t exactly yell it’s location from the rooftops.

It was a swift breakfast.  MVP was a little, how shall we say it…fragile…after a rather exciting evening.  Plus being in a state of near-total discombobulation after leaving her trusty cell phone in the back of a taxi last night.  Oooops.  Still looked totally cute though despite it all.

The thing that really struck me most about Pike Place Bagel Bakery was the staff:  super cheery, super efficient, super perky, super nice.  We all needed some nice this morning.  The other thing that struck me was the cost.  $5.  No, really.  $5.  How this place didn’t get into Seattle Magazine for the Cheapest Breakfast in town I am not quite sure.  $5.  Made me feel so much better about having spent $34 twice for my re-run breakfast at the Fairmont.

$5.  Ok so it isn’t the *biggest* bagel in the world, but paired with a large cup of hot chocolate it’s a perfectly adequate fast-and-furious downtown breakfast. You can get your bagel and lox with onions, capers, tomatoes or any combination of the above.  We just went with simple.  Today was not a day for {any more} complications.

Simple: New York Bagel, Cream Cheese, Smoked Salmon Lox

 You can either sit at the bar in the window and people watch (or in our case have strange men make strange faces at us as they walked past) or you can sit at the funky red, kidney-ish-shaped tables which look like they belong in a kindergarten classroom.  Very fun.

The bagel was chewy, the cream cheese was tasty, the salmon was orange &, well, salmony.  We ate, we drank, we left.  It is not exactly an experience.

But $5.  Can’t beat it.

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