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While waiting at Mode Organic Salon in Redmond a month or so back, I was thumbing through the latest copy of “Seattle” magazine courtesy of my rockin’ stylist, Brianna.  The cover had grabbed my attention with it’s photograph of a golden stream of maple syrup being drizzled over a plate of banana pancakes, crispy bacon, a pile of scrambled eggs and slices of fresh grapefruit alongside the headline which boldly declared:  “Best Breakfasts – Our ode to the 55 fluffiest pancakes, most buttery French toast, savory scrambles, zesty hollandaise, sinful cinnamon rolls, best brunches, Dim Sum & more”.

Hey, I was totally there before I even opened up the cover.  Thumbing through page after page of glossy photos of breakfast foods even a saint couldn’t resist, along with the descriptions of what made them the best, had me salivating within seconds.  Breakfast is my favorite meal to eat out, but as I read through the article I realized I had become somewhat predictable & rather narrow-minded in my breakfast choice as I almost always veered off towards the Eggs Benedict on every menu & at every location.  There were breakfasts described in those pages that I had never even heard of…but I wanted to try every single one of them.  And right there, in the middle of the hairdressers, I determined that I would.

Once freed from the confines of Brianna’s chair, with a fab new ‘do, I swung by the store to buy my own copy of the magazine, and that night, lying in bed, I planned my Big Breakfast Adventure: every weekend I would go & eat one of the 55 until I had eaten every last one of them.  As I lay there dreaming about how much fun this would all be, the adventure grew…get up before sunrise, drive to the neighbourhood where that weekends breakfast feast was located, get some great shots in while the sun came up and then plop myself down in front of one of Seattle’s best breakfasts.  I’d get to go to ‘burbs &  ‘hoods I’d never been to before, I’d get to see Seattle during the magic hours, I’d get to eat the best food around (without the trial and error) & I’d get back home mid-morning, fat & happy, with (hopefully) a stack of great photos and some great new discoveries in my little black book of stuff to see, places to go & things to do.  Oh and there’d be no traffic that early.  Woohoo!  What could possibly make a weekend morning better?  Sunrise, camera gear, great food.  I shared my Big Breakfast Adventure plans with a few friends, to a chorus of “Take me!  Take me!” and so that added a final, delightful dimension to it all.  Photograph in solitude then breakfast in company.  Perfect.

And so here it is – my first Big Breakfast Adventure.  Kathy, one of my greatest supporters, wanted to eat the best crepes, so out came the guide and there it was:  Anita’s Crepes – where the Ham & Cheese Crepe is described as a “revelation”.  We made plans to meet there at 8 am.  It was divine.  If the other 54 are as good as this, it is going to be a truly joyous year for my mouth.

Lovely ambiance, beautifully appointed sun-filled cafe, fantastic service, peppermint tea made with, well, real freshly chopped mint leaves (wow), spectacular presentation, beautifully cooked fresh food and….AMAZING crepes.  Despite my commitment to eating not only where the guide recommended, but also what the guide recommended…I justified choosing the Bacon & Cheese Crepe over the Ham & Cheese Crepe by declaring that I was still eating a crepe which is what Anita’s is famed for being best at.  I should really make a resolve not to look at the menus in future….the menu was my downfall!  So many mouth-watering choices.  I will definitely be going back to Anita’s again since I have decided that I really need to try just about everything else on the menu.

Bacon & Cheese Crepe

Kathy went with The Breakfast Crepe, although I know it was a tortuous decision between that and the Ham & Cheese Crepe.  The Breakfast Crepe looked great to me.  Yes, there really is a tender, wafer-thin crepe lurking underneath all those golden potatoes & juicy red tomatoes.  Yum!

The Breakfast Crepe

If you now need to go to Anita’s Crepes, you can get all the info by clicking on either photo above.  Enjoy!

I had not initially planned to photograph the food, but once Anita brought our plates out, I just couldn’t help myself.  And now, of course, photographing the food has been added to the Big Breakfast Adventure plan.  Seriously, how did that escape getting on the plan in the first place?  Ah.  Yes.  My brain was just fixated on eating it, not looking at it.

Talking of photography, you might be wondering where all the “magic hour” photos of “Frelard” (Ballard / Fremont) are that I took while watching the sunrise and waiting for Anita to cook my breakfast.  Well, ok, so I messed up a bit on the photographing.  Here’s the thing:

  1. They’re building a new freeway entrance by Safeco Field which means they shut the road that leads to the 99 which would have lead me straight to Fremont…aka…I got lost.
  2. Road signs in Seattle are really bad, or there aren’t any, or a combination of the two…aka…I got lost several times.
  3. I had some friends over the night before to eat ice-cream (ice-cream making is another passion of mine) & we were just merrily eating ice-cream & laughing a LOT & well, the time ran away with us & before we knew it is was 1 am & so I got to bed later than planned & then 6:30 am just snuck up on me real fast…aka…I was late.
  4. The “magic hour” occurred when I was hurtling down the freeway (late) and I didn’t want to a) cause an accident  b) get a huge fine for stopping on the freeway or  c) die…aka…I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Sigh.  Thank goodness for Anita’s Crepes to make me feel better about missing the moment.


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