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(In case you missed how the Big Breakfast Adventure got started, you can read it  here:  How it all began)

It’s one of our little Holiday traditions:  Dinner with “The Girls”.  This year (or I guess I should now say last year), it somehow slipped through one of those cracks that seem to pop up all over the place leading up to Christmas.  The annual Steak-{or lamp chops}-&-Creamed-Spinach-Fest didn’t happen.  Since all our budgets were all a little stretched I suggested that instead of a post-Holiday dinner, we do a post-Holiday Big Breakfast Adventure.  Big thumbs up all around on that little idea.  One of the poshest places still on the list was Cafe Campagne, so I booked a reservation (popular place that joint) & sent out invites to everyone’s Outlook calendar…about 6 times because I kept getting it wrong :-)

Usually at 8:45 am on a Saturday at Pike Place Market you can find a space right close by.  {Very} luckily for Miss Connie, T happened to be at just the right place at just the right time to help navigate her into the empty parking spot that she had stumbled across.  You know, like those men on the runways at airports that wave the planes into the gates.  Except T didn’t have any bright orange flags.  As Miss Connie pointed out:  if T hadn’t been there, she’d have been up the curb & possibly even in a store front.  Risky business this parallel parking.  Especially in Seattle on those darned 45 degree hills & cobbled streets.  Now I know why Miss Connie wanted to car pool with me.  Parallel parking is something I excel at, but I’m not boasting – it’s a genetic thing.  Everyone in my birth family drives better backwards than they do forwards.

This whole Pike Place parking project lead to the lovely Linda enquiring how Miss Connie fared in the parallel parking part of her Driving Test.  To which Miss Connie responded that she refused to do it & just had the Examiner deduct the parallel parking points from her total score.  She still passed her Driving Test.


Firstly because I was stunned that anyone could refuse to do part of a driving test but still get a Drivers License (Licence), & secondly because we were all laughing so hard that none of us could speak.  (PS. Miss Connie – never attempt to take a Driving Test in England.  You will fail.)

MVP was late, having been awoken at 2 am by a phone call from a forlorn & heart-broken ex-boyfriend.  (Psst, ex-boyfriend…trust me, doing things like that are NOT going to help your cause any).  Having turned her phone off she then had no alarm to wake her up.  We waited; although our rumbling tummies were trying to persuade us to do otherwise.  Waiting is just the polite thing to do.

When our server wandered over & asked if we wanted coffee there was a {very} loud & enthusiastic chorus of “Yes please”, like a Mexican wave around the table.  Until it got to me.  Cafe Campagne’s Chocolat Chaud is the business.  I’ll have one of those, thanks.

None of the girls had been to Cafe Campagne before so I had to assist with the more complicated items & words on the menu.  I knew some day those 3 years of French lessons would come in handy.  For some inexplicable reason, we were all drawn to half way down the right hand column on the menu where it read:  Brioche Rosemary Raisin Toast.  We all wanted some of that.

Brioche Rosemary Raisin Toast

The toast showed up by the plateful, cut in thick, golden brown slices along with triangles of unsalted butter & little dishes of honey.  I am not sure I would have known that the brioche had rosemary in it, but it was never-the-less fantastic.  Crumbly textured, dense yet light-as-air on the inside & slightly crisp on the outside.  Exactly how brioche should be.

By the time MVP arrived the girls had gone around the menu about 14 times each.  I knew I had to have the Croque Monsieur, since that is what got Cafe Campagnea place as one of the 55 Best Breakfasts in Seattle.  I had to stop looking at the menu.  I really wanted several other things listed, although I was also excited to try the Croque.  MVP wanted the Croque too, while the others were all mesmerized by the description of the omelette:

OMELETTE À L’EPINARDS: French rolled omelette filled with spinach and herbed goat fromage blanc, served with chicken and pork sausage and roasted potatoes (& an enormous piece of baguette)

MVP & I agreed that our Croque Monsieurs were amazing.  Miss Connie also stole a little bite of mine & commented that despite being totally yummy, it was also totally different to the other Croque Monsieur she had eaten a few months ago at Cafe Presse.  Funny how that can be.

I ate Miss Connie’s sausage.  She’s a bacon girl.  I am a pork girl.  The sausages rocked.  Completely yummy.  Best sausage I’ve had in a while.

We were so busy chatting up a storm & enjoying each other’s company that I decided to keep the photography to a minimum.  So no Omelette shot I’m afraid.  But I can tell you it was good, judging by the comments flying around the table while they were being demolished.  Miss Connie dissected hers & picked out the “eggy bits”.  Er…yes, OK.  We’re all still trying to work that one out :-)

I think I can speak for the whole gang when I say that we had a particularly jolly and {very} tasty time at Cafe Campagne this morning.  (Girls – chime in any time).  It was packed to the gills with happy Pike Place devotees.  I think we were possibly a little loud, but then it was a Holiday breakfast & no one complained.  It was a most splendid breakfast, and I don’t think I’ll wait a year before I head back there.

After the goodbye hugs & parting shots of girlie banter were hurled at each other, MVP & T high-tailed it back to the rest of their respective Saturdays.  Miss Connie, the lovely Linda & I high-tailed it straight round to Le Panier to oooh & ahhh over the delicious French pastries before taking a leisurely wander around the Market.  Love that place.

What a fabulous start to a Saturday!

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