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(In case you missed how the Big Breakfast Adventure got started, you can read it  here:  How it all began)

Adorable Server:  “Where would you like to sit?”

The Girls:  “Can we sit anywhere?”

Adorable Server:  “You pick and I’ll follow”.

And so began the Big Breakfast Adventure to Taste @ SAM (Seattle Art Museum).  Clearly, this was going to be a good adventure.  We just didn’t have a clue quite how good it was going to get, but with a welcome like that it was sure headed in the right direction.  Our Adorable Server also laughed at all of my silly attempts at humor, left us languishing as long as we wanted & brought us everything that our hearts desired – including allowing me to bring the dessert menu home since I had gotten so attached to it.

I have decided to do this post a little differently 1. Because I feel like it  2.  Because I don’t think there are enough descriptive words to cover all of the {fabulous} food that we ate (which was a lot) and  3. Because I couldn’t stop shooting images, it was all so beautiful.  If I wrote as much for each image as I normally do this would take me 10 days to write & you 2 days to read, neither of which I think either of us are up for.

So here, Lovely Viewers, are the images for your visual pleasure.  If the food looks awesome to you, trust us, it tasted even better.  See…even the salt was beautiful.

Breakfast breads: sweet muffin, savory scone, butter & jam

Adorable little muffins & scones

Once perfect Blueberry Muffin & salted butter

Planked Benney: grilled walnut bread, poached eggs, jambon, bloody mary hollandaise + skagit river ranch smoked bacon (hiding behind the lettuce)

Chicken & Biscuit: stokesberry chicken confit, big herb biscuit, sausage gravy, braised greens

TASTE Potato Gratin: rogue blue & local cheddar


Inside Out Sassafras Float: sassafras ice cream, vanilla soda, vanilla cookies

Peanut Butter & Jelly Ice Cream Sandwich: apricots, chocolate egg cream, candied bacon

Theo Chocolate Orbit Cake: honey yogurt, raspberry preserves, cocoa nib toffee

Outrageously good: honey yogurt, raspberry preserves, cocoa nib toffee

Just a few notes on our Taste highlights:

Adorable Server, Makoto – humble, jolly, efficient, adorable.

Menus – fun, adventurous, unusual & we pretty much wanted to eat everything.

Grapefruit Juice – took the roof of my mouth off.  Love that.

Skagit River Ranch Smoked Bacon – amazing flavor, probably the best bacon I have had in America.  (They were awarded with Best Bacon in Seattle.  I concur.)

Jam – rhubarb & wonderful, like rhubarb apple sauce.

Blueberry Muffin – small & perfectly formed.  And bursting with blueberries.

Chicken – unbelievably moist & delicious.

Biscuit – great texture, tasty, probably the first biscuit in America I have really enjoyed eating.

Potato Gratin – ridiculous.

Vanilla Cookies – no clue how they got such an intense (and delicious) flavor into such a tiny cookie.

Honey Yogurt Ice Cream – really ridiculous.

Raspberry Preserves – speechless, literally.

Lucy Damkoehler (the Pastry Chef) – clearly LOVES her job.  Incredibly inventive desserts.

The Girls – incredible friends who gladly dragged their a** out of bed just because they knew today was important to me.  Thank you.

If I have to find some small ‘fault’ with Taste it would be that their website & all their literature, their front door & their receipts all say that they open at 9 am.  They don’t.  They open at 10 am.  Luckily we booked, otherwise we would have had a {very} cold hour before brunch this morning.  Oh and I went to Taste to eat the Best Northwest Chicken & Waffles in Seattle but they are no longer on the menu.  Rats.

Parting comment

One of The Girls:  “Shall we go?  Are you ready?”

cb:  “Actually, I think I’ll just sit here & wait until it’s time for dinner”.

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  • bob - I saw the chicken and biscuit on the menu and really fancied it. Thanks for choosing it!
    Now I’ve seen the great photo on the blog post and it looks delicious.
    Thanks for taking it!
    The only problem now is that I am 8000km away and can’t EAT IT!
    So thanks for eating it for me!!!!
    Keep up the good work (can we call this work?).ReplyCancel

    • cb - Oh Bob, you have no idea. This is darned hard work :-) :-)ReplyCancel

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  • Tracy Reynolds - Wow!
    Everything looks so picture perfect! Well I guess it is because your pictures are perfect :)
    What a spread of wonderful looking food, wow!
    Nice find!ReplyCancel

  • Isey Vangel - Everything in here is awesome! What a great blog. Or photoblog. Whatever, your words are as amazing as your pictures. Judging from how perfect everything is in here. Now if only more and more people knew such a wonderful site existed! Anyways, bless you and keep going!ReplyCancel

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