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(In case you missed how the Big Breakfast Adventure got started, you can read it  here:  How it all began)

I know this may come as a bit of a surprise to some of you, lovely readers, but I really, really didn’t want to go on my Big Breakfast Adventure today.  I know.  You’d all be forgiven for thinking that I’d be raring to go again after my reluctant recuperation retreat.  So let me explain.  There were two reasons.

The Olympics from Alki Beach

 That was the first.  I mean, who would want to be inside eating when you could be sitting there looking at that?

The second: I am rapidly coming to the end of eating my way through the 55 Best Breakfasts in Seattle & apart from some that are scheduled avec mes amies in the coming weeks, the remainder are ones that, well, really don’t appeal to me too much.  Now that’s not to say they aren’t fabulous…it’s just the thought of them doesn’t get me excited.  Mind you, I wasn’t excited about eating Octopus & Chick Pea Hash back in May & look how THAT turned out.

So I struggled.  Do I just skip breakfast today?  Do I go to one of my favorite spots & eat something I know I love?  Or do I step up & “just do it”.  40 minutes later I arrived outside The Original Pancake House in Kirkland to eat the Best Dutch Baby in Seattle.  Sigh.  My heart had sunk when I went online before leaving to get the address & discovered that The Original Pancake House is a restaurant chain serving up pancakes in more than half of the 50 states.  I could already see this train hurtling down the track towards me.  Undeterred I wandered in, secretly hoping for something different but getting exactly what I’d expected: one step up from a diner, filled with pine – pine walls, pine tables, pine chairs – & with the ubiquitous silver-topped glass sugar shakers on every table.

When I read through the menu, 3 things struck me about it:

1. HUGE  (I was glad I had already made a commitment to eat a Dutch Baby before I walked in the door otherwise I’d probably still be there now, wading though all the choices)

2. Crazy pricing:  Ham & Eggs – $10.01, Sausage Patty – $4.73, Hot Chocolate – $2.22, Dutch Baby – $11.13

3. I had clearly arrived at the mecca of the carbohydrate world (Pancakes by the score, 6 different crepes, Dutch Babies, 7 different waffles & a host of cereals.  Oh & a few omelets.)

I ordered hot chocolate knowing full well that it would neither smell like chocolate, taste like chocolate nor likely contain anything other than a mere whiff of a cocoa bean.  It would be, at best, wet & warm.  Why do I do this to myself??  OK, so the mug did do a great job of warming my hands up.  And the contents were wet & warm, so once again my expectations had been met in full.  I sat there dreaming about Cafe Presse’s Chocolat Chaud & called it good.  I knew I should have made it a New Year’s Resolution never to drink crappy Hot Chocolate again.

There were an incredible number of servers in the joint (every time I turned around I saw a new one) & yet the service was slow as molasses.  So I had time for a little {extra} day-dreaming.  Where I really wanted to be was on a ferry to Bainbridge Island, heading for a lovely cup of Peppermint Tea & a large slab of cake at the Blackbird Bakery.  And then to go sit atop Hurricane Ridge – as close to Heaven as I’d have been in a while.  Sigh.

My Dutch Baby was delivered.  Nope, even Wikipedia couldn’t tell me why they are called Dutch Babies.  But apparently they were {first} born right here in Seattle & some dude named Manca owned the trademark.  I didn’t know you could trademark a pancake.

 It was twice the size of my head.  The base was ½” thick.  I ate all the sides & left the middle, because the middle, after all, was just a solid slab of rubbery egginess.  I discovered that no amount of lemon juice could counteract the utter heaviness of it all.  Bob, although he was in France at the time, commented on my Facebook Wall:

“Dutch Babies: I can never tell if I should be eating them with sugar or with roast beef and gravy!!!!  The one I tasted would be great for wall insulation but I am not really a fan of pancakes.”

Bob, I think you just nailed it.  I realized at some point that I simply do not understand what Dutch Babies are all about.  Now the Dutch Baby I had at Tilikum Place Cafe early last year – that one made sense to me.  This one…nah.

Would I come here again?  No.  Does that mean it’s bad?  No.  It’s just not my style of restaurant & not my type of food.  This is the perfect place to bring a gaggle of hungry children on a weekend morning.  There were a whole bunch of parents who did just that today & although I didn’t enjoy the food, my trip was made altogether worthwhile to hear a little boy a few tables over say,

“Dad?  Do you think bacon is the best thing in the whole world?”


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