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(In case you missed how the Big Breakfast Adventure got started, you can read it  here:  How it all began)

It’s getting really near the end of the Big Breakfast Adventure & I am pretty much left with the ones that inspired me the least.  Except for one.  There’s {what I suspect will be} a very special Big Breakfast Adventure coming in early April to wrap the whole thing up.  The invites are out, the reservation is made.  No I am most certainly not going to tell you.  Goodness me.  Whatever next.

Hudson got on my ‘least inspiring’ list by virtue of the fact that the breakfast involved grits, and although I have tried several times now to get a taste for grits, I haven’t done well with that.  At all.  One day last week though, in the space of about 30 seconds, I went from un-inspired to wildly excited when I remembered that a gal-pal born in New Orleans wanted to join me for her first Big Breakfast Adventure.  She would be my expert grit-eating-Southern-Chick & even if it transpired that I still couldn’t get my taste-buds around the curious corn stuff, I knew, for sure, that we could make up for any & all lack in the food department with great girl chatter.

We rolled up right at 8 am, me in Ralph since I’d had to navigate off my little mountain still deep in the clutches of enormous piles of snow & Joany in her dashing little sporty number, Molly.  The only clue as to whether Hudson was actually open yet was the small, red neon ‘OPEN’ sign flashing quietly at one end of the building.  Ready or not, we were going in.

Hudson is a diner through and through.  Well, around the edges anyway.  In the middle is an enormous horseshoe shaped bar, which was clearly one of the most popular places to hang.  Joany & I holed ourselves up in the corner window.  It was hard to keep focused on the menu being as we hadn’t seen each other for so long.  Our patient, persevering server had to come back several times before we finally had ourselves sorted out.  Given that Joany has a {very} boisterous allergy to all things shellfish & I for one didn’t want her to go into an anaphylactic shock right there at the table, she could not partake of the Shrimp ‘n Grits in their entirety.  She did sneak a tiny forkful of cheesy grits from my plate when she spied a bit that wasn’t covered in either shrimp or the spicy étouffée.

The verdict was in:  these grits are good.  Really good.  And REALLY cheesy.

I still don’t feel that I truly know good grits from bad grits, but I do declare – these are by far the grits that I have most enjoyed eating.  Honestly, I was somewhat disappointed that they were so entirely covered in prawns and sauce.  I do believe I could have eaten an entire bowlful of them, on their own.  Smooth & oh-so-cheesy.  Is there anything in this world that cheese doesn’t make better?

I had mine with 2 poached eggs & an English muffin.  I really enjoyed the whole darn lot.  Filling.  Spicy, but not too spicy.  Juicy, tender prawns.  The egg yolks could have been runnier & the grits warmer but that may have had something to do with how long it took me to take the shots.

Hudson also serve a great peppermint tea.  Just thought you should know.

Joany had decided on the simple (but huge) Hudson Breakfast – two eggs (Really? Just two? Were they ostrich eggs?)  any style, hash browns, toast & bacon.  The rye bread sounded fantastic.  The bacon looked fantastic.  A stellar plate of breakfast food if ever there was one.

The great girl chatter continued unabated for 3 ½ hours while our ever-amiable server ran back & forth pouring cup after cup of coffee into Joany’s mug.   We talked about (in no particular order):

men ~ great bosses ~ cats ~ crazy parents ~ old flames ~ tax refunds ~ men ~ work ~ New Orleans ~ body parts ~ Le Pichet

{more coffee}

 saying “No” ~ annoying siblings ~ cats ~ washing machines ~ Thanksgiving ~ hospital bills ~ the weather

{more coffee}

being single ~ Christmas ~ pink clothes ~ Cafe Flora’s Beignets ~ Atlanta ~ organic dating ~ sales guys ~ Kindles

{no more coffee, thanks}

why being single sucks ~ why being single rocks ~ cats ~ men ~ Tennis Elbow ~ crepes

Oh.  Plus a few other things that, well, it’s probably best not to spell out.  You know.  Yeah.

Hudson may be in the middle of nowhere.  It may be attached to the old morgue.  It may well not look exactly like the spiffiest place in town to dine.  At first glance you might indeed wonder if anyone actually goes there, and if they do, why.  Don’t let appearances fool you.  The place was packed, for hours.  And for good reason.  And, just in case you are not yet fully convinved that you will get a really great plate of grub down at Hudson, just take a look at this:

I bet you can taste it already.  You know you want some.

Oh, and did I mention cheap?  Hudson has to be about the best value breakfast anywhere.  When you go take the whole clan.

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