The Big Breakfast Adventure | Randy’s

(In case you missed how the Big Breakfast Adventure got started, you can read it  here:  How it all began)

I admit it.  Loudly.  I did not want to go on this Big Breakfast Adventure to Randy’s.  I’d heard rumors about it’s unsurpassed diner status.  I’d seen photos of the neon pink & orange vinyl seating.  I’d listened to horror stories of the old sassy waitresses.  And, most worryingly…Randy’s made it into Seattle Magazine for being the Best Throwback Diner in Seattle.  So let me get this straight: they weren’t in there by virtue of their food, but rather for, well, I’m not too sure.  It made me uneasy.  On top of that, Randy’s is in Tukwila.  And filled with model planes.  Mercy.

As I approached Randy’s I could see a veritable wall of motorbikes lined up outside.  Here we go.  Breakfast with The Hell’s Angels.  Maybe I really wouldn’t survive breakfast at Randy’s after all.  I was wrong.  It was actually breakfast with the entire motorcycle unit of the King County Sheriff’s Department.

I totally see why Randy’s has the reputation it does.  Every single thing in the place shrieks “Diner!” from the vinyl seats to the hundred-year-old mugs to the plastic ware to the Formica tables.  Diner I tell you.

And then there was the whole “plane” thing.  Pieces of planes, models of planes, pictures of planes, photos of planes, drawings of planes, food items named after planes.  Well I suppose it is right next door to the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field.  So, simply because I was trying to get into the spirit of all that is Randy’s, I ordered the Dan Dee Bomber – a Randy’s special “everything” omelette.

The garnish of a slice of bacon and 3 slices of American cheese was an interesting touch.  My father would have described the cheese as “soapy”, both in taste & texture.  It was the color that scared me.  Apart from the scary cheese, I have to say that it was a darn fine omelette.  I would happily eat another one.  Without the adornment of cheese slices though please.  The bacon was tasty, the eggs were real.  The hash browns were pretty good although I really only ever eat the crispy outside.  The whole uncooked mushy bit in the middle never did much for me.

Neon.  Orange.  Pink.  Vinyl.  Formica.  Plastic.  Planes.  D I N E R .

 Cheap as chips.  Hundred-year-old mug.  American cheese slices.  Planes.  Corn syrup jelly.  Plastic ‘glass’.  D I N E R.

Would I recommend it?  Absolutely – family fun, oh-so-cheap, hot filling food & who cares if a drink gets spilled on the orange vinyl seats?

 Would I go again?  Absolutely – when my nephew Charlie comes over for a visit we are definitely heading to Randy’s for a meal.  Without doubt a super fun place for a small {or large} boy who likes a good “Dah!” (plane).

Not only did I survive, I am glad that I went.


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