Remember when I shared my fatal attraction for Kentucky Fried Chicken?  Well, you’re going to have to forgive me, because I am at it again.

Sometimes I just have to do it. Every now and then I am simply overcome by a force more powerful than life itself.  Or at least more powerful than my ability to resist the urge.  Yes; once in a while I go to McDonald’s.  It’s true.  And I eat a Quarter Pounder with Cheese.  Without any pickles of course.  Hey, if you’d spent every Saturday, and every day during every school break for 4 years up to your elbows in a large, green, freezing cold pickle bucket, you might not be so excited about eating pickles either.

Yes, I worked at McDonald’s for 4 years – which given what I do now makes it rather ironic.  And amusing.  Every Saturday during the school terms & full-time during the school vacations.  It was quite the experience.  I ended up earning all 5 of those stars on the yellow name tags that everyone used to wear, and then at some point I made the big time by getting the “Training Squad” patch sewn onto the left arm of my stylish navy-blue-&-white stripey uniform.  I think I got a pay raise at that point too.  That was nice.

McDonald’s was hard work.  I think it is a lot more automated now, but back in the day I would have defied anyone to single-handedly do a 12-turn on the Quarter Grill for any appreciable amount of time without breaking a {serious} sweat.  A one second slip was all it took to get out of sync on that grill & if you weren’t going flat out it could oh so easily be all over in a matter of minutes.  Same goes for the fry-bagging station.  And the Mac grill.  I only know a couple of people at our store who could keep up on the Mac grill during the Saturday rush.  I wasn’t one of them.

But when it came to running the Backroom – I was the bomb!  Backroom involved keeping the entire store stocked up with whatever everyone needed, from milkshake mix to frozen fries, re-hydrated onions to hamburger patties, ketchup to buns, drinks cups to coffee grounds.  The Crew would shout out what they needed & I would go run to fetch it & take it out to them.  It was the hardest & craziest job ever on a Saturday.  I was one of the only people who had ever been able to keep up single-handedly.  I remember one Christmas, I think it was the Saturday before Christmas Eve, I was assigned to Backroom & my helper didn’t show up.  Instead of whining & professing it was impossible, I decided to just go for it.  It was completely mad.  Much to the entire store’s complete surprise, I aced it.  By 3 pm I was completely exhausted, but the kudos afterwards for having achieved what no one thought was possible, magically made it all better.  I even wanted to do it all again.

So I spent every Saturday for 4 years eating the exact same thing:  Quarter Pounder with Cheese (no pickle), large fries, apple pie & a Chocolate Milkshake.  All those calories I ate?  Burned off every last one of them.  Think flippin’ burgers is easy?  Try working at the second busiest McDonald’s in England on a Saturday when the queues (lines) are 9 tills wide & 10 people deep non-stop for 5 hours between the hours of 10 am & 3 pm.  I needed all those calories just to stop me from passing out; all 98 lbs of me that there was back then.  It was a riot!

A few things have changed.  The Quarter Pounder boxes used to be foam instead of today’s cardboard & I swear that the burgers are smaller.  The quarter bun, for sure, is smaller.  Hey, I ate at least 400 of the things during those 4 years that I worked there.  And I made hundreds more.  Trust me.  Those buns are smaller.

Nowadays there are fresh sliced onions.  Way back then they were de-hydrated & had to be soaked for 30 minutes before you could use them.  And the menu is a lot larger now than the simple old days.  No fancy coffee, no salads, no McFlurrys, no breakfasts even.  No cookies, no snack wraps, no chicken sandwiches, no smoothies.  I remember the introduction of Chicken Nuggets.  I remember the day McMuffins arrived.  I have lost count of the number of egg yolks I pierced over the years so that the yolk wouldn’t drip on a customer when they bit into their McMuffin.  Good times!

But McDonald’s isn’t close to my heart simply because I spent so many hours of my life there.  McDonald’s is where I fell in love.  Hook, line & fry basket.  Only I didn’t know quite how much at the time.

Despite the grills being fired up at 450 degrees & the shortening for the fries being close to the temperature of volcanic lava (& yes I have the scars to prove it!), this guy was still the hottest thing at McDonald’s.

He was on the same gig as I was:  weekends during school terms & full-time during the school vacations.  McDonald’s is not a bad way to get yourself through school.  The only difference was that he was a Floor Manager & I was Crew.  I don’t remember the first time we met.  I don’t remember when the sparks started to fly.  But oh my, did those sparks ever fly once they did start.

I wonder if he ever thinks back to those days; those Friday nights when he was the manager wrapping burgers behind the production bin & I was on the till serving customers in my fetching blue & white uniform, adorable little pigtails (braids) & jaunty McDonald’s cap.  Oh & one of those cool yellow name badges with all the gold stars on.

I’d put my hand into the chute to retrieve the customers burger & there would be his hand, for just a second touching mine where no one could see.  Those little sideways glances over the fountain drink dispenser.  That little brush of our arms when we just happened to be bagging fries at the same time.  And inevitably the odd {forbidden} stolen kiss in the store room or the freezer or the calibration room where the syrup tanks were hooked up to the soda dispensing machines.  We did that for a whole year.  No one had a clue.  Oh yeah, we were good.  And then we just couldn’t stand it any longer, so he moved himself to a different store & no one was any the wiser.  You should have seen the looks on the faces of all the crew & managers at my store when I turned up at our Christmas party with him on my arm 2 weeks later.  PRICELESS.  Only trumped by the stunned gasps when they realized we’d been dating for a year, right under their noses & not one of them had figured it out.  SO MUCH FUN!

It is completely impossible for me to eat at McDonald’s without my mind wandering back all those years to thoughts of surreptitious glances & secret winks.  Sigh.  Just even catching a glimpse of those golden arches & my heart still skips a beat.

If we were ever to see each other again I imagine it being rather like that scene in The Notebook.  Yeah, THAT scene.  Except without the torrential rain maybe.  Or maybe with.

I expect he is still listening to John Martyn, cooking great food & stoking log fires.  I expect that wherever he is, he is ridiculously happy.  And if he isn’t, I expect that he is making the absolute best of it.  He always was a glass-all-the-way-full type of guy.

As for me, I am still listening to Phil Collins, making great {SANE} desserts & taking photographs.  I still love Quarter Pounders with Cheese. I still love McDonald’s fries & Apple Pies.  And their Chocolate Milkshakes – although I can’t remember the last time that I had any one of those 3 things.  I do still remember the hottest thing that ever came out of any McDonald’s restaurant anywhere on earth though.  Sigh.


When people talk about emotional eating, it’s no joke.  It’s as real as the nose on my face – which, incidentally – I wish were smaller.  The foods that we eat can be inextricably linked to good or bad memories, emotions and feelings, and everyone knows that emotions can be strong enough to turn the tide; or at least make us do **really** crazy things.  Like eat disastrously inSANE food even though we know – for sure – that they are bad for our health.  If you don’t believe me, please explain why I only ever cross the thresholds of three fast food restaurants – McDonald’s, KFC, and Jack In The Box – the 3 places that I have intense emotional connections with.  I don’t eat fast food anywhere else.  Because it’s not the food that is the draw – it’s the good emotions that I associate with these places.

Understanding this has given me the willpower to keep driving right on by those golden arches when my brain is screaming for some comfort.  And understanding this has also allowed me to give myself permission to take care of my emotions every once in a while.  So don’t ignore the reality of emotional eating.  Embrace it.  Use it to your advantage.  Recognise it.  Understand it.  Manage it.  And then get right on back to your fabulous *SANE lifestyle, without beating yourself up over it.

McDonald’s: I’m lovin’ it. Or rather, my emotions are.

PS. I’d have taken better pictures for you, but I haven’t been in a really long time.


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  • Michelle Fusman - OMG! Working at McDonald’s was my first real job! I worked at McDonald’s for over two years, learned how to work hard and have fun doing it. To have standards and to provide quick reliable customer service. I’m surprised looking back how much I liked that job. It is of course jaded by the fact that I started dating my first husband there. I too fell in love at McDonalds. He was the crew person with the fastest drive thru time and I was a Crew Trainer. My meal: Double cheese burger well done, cheese only with a small fry and honey mustard dipping sauce. I LMAO when I read your blog. What is the likelihood! We were destined to meet dear lady!ReplyCancel

  • Mark - Lovely memories of the McD’s workhouse. Some things have clearly changed but are those damn apple pies still so hot that you have to eat them the next day? Like a zillion degrees? Happy New Year from all of us. XXXReplyCancel

    • cb - Ah! Those heady summer days when both brother & sister were sustained almost exclusively by McDonalds grub! You know, I haven’t had an apple pie in forever, but I am pretty sure that they still taste exactly the same & are still as hot. Now you’ve made me want one! Let’s Skype soon. Need to see my munchkins! xxxxReplyCancel

  • Steve Green - Found your site on today and really liked it.. I bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later.ReplyCancel

  • Royce Craigwell - Hi! I’ve been following your site for a while now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Houston Tx! Just wanted to mention keep up the fantastic work!ReplyCancel

  • demi lovato - While I don’t eat fast food anymore, McDonald’s will always hold a special place in my heart too. It brings back so many great childhood memories for me.ReplyCancel

    • carrie - Thanks for stopping by, “Demi”! I don’t think I’ll ever stop lovin’ McDonalds, even though I almost never eat it anymore.ReplyCancel

  • Matilda - My first job was at a pie shop. Oh the pies. So yes I understand, and no pie has ever compared to the pies at that pie shop.
    Now if I could just replicate a SANE pie.ReplyCancel

  • Sigi - Great post, Carrie. :)ReplyCancel

  • Allisol - Oh what a great post! Your Saturday-before-Christmas situation reminded me of working the dress section of a department store the day before Easter. I busted my chops and earned some serious respect from management.

    I love these glimpses into your life. You’re like a good book that we only get to read every once in awhile but when we do it’s AWESOME and we can’t wait for more. I love all your layers. XX OOReplyCancel

  • Cowgirl Rae - I never worked at the typical fastfood. I worked at a pizza parlor in HS. Funny how to this day I get taken back to the era when I enter a pizza parlor, the smell of the sauce, the smell of the crispy cornmeal in the ovens…. yes it’s a funny thing.
    I don’t really like pizza. It’s OK, but not something I’m keen on.ReplyCancel

  • Tom L - Loved this post, Carrie. Loved it! I could hear Barry White playing on the MC’D Muzak in the background…

    Really liked the different levels of understanding with regard to emotional eating you brought into this post, and with such a delightful pace to your pros, as well, how delightful it was to read!

    I can completely relate. I also like that you caved, ate the goods, and moved on with your life. It is helpful, to know that we are all human, and none of us are perfect, including our role-models (that’s you!!!). So, thank you for the personal share, and giving all of us permission to be human beings, having our moments, and then, continuing on with our journey to follow our SANE goals and dreams.

    BTW, your post reminded me of a great movie from the 90s, called Home Fries…Here’s a link to the wiki:

    • carrie - Thanks, Tom! One minor correction – JONATHAN BAILOR IS NOT HUMAN!!!! :-D PS. I am going to have to rent that movie now.ReplyCancel

  • Matilda - chicken and leek pie, and plain meat (ground steak), they would be my top 2.ReplyCancel

    • carrie - Ooh! Chiken and Leek! I’ll be working on these for you, Matilda.ReplyCancel

  • Nancy - Well Carrie, I’ve been a horrid pig. Visited your fair city for the first time and indulged two days in a row on Beecher’s grilled cheese sandwiches. Thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Pretty sure it’s the same as a McD’s and fries which actually also sounds pretty good right now. But NO, I’m home and first thing in the morning it’s back to SANE!ReplyCancel

    • carrie - Nancy – stop beating yourself! I am glad you enjoyed your foray into inSANEity!!! It’s awesome that we can do this once in a while, enjoy it, have no ill effects and then just get back on with being SANE without having to worry about gaining weight or all that blah. Did you love Seattle??!ReplyCancel

  • Nancy - Yes, I LOVED Seattle. Quite a difference from my own fair city (Boulder, CO.) What I really wanted was a kitchen to go cook in after seeing all the amazing produce and seafood.

    I did notice that portable food often means bread. Another very eye opening thing was realizing how after you haven’t eaten bread in awhile it instantly screams at you take another bite, take another. Spinach smoothie for breakfast :)ReplyCancel

    • carrie - So happy that you loved my home town Nancy!! We do have good food here :-DReplyCancel

  • Maried - I enjoyed this post! I love a quarter pounder, though not a part of my normal life anymore. However, every year, on my birthday, I treat myself to lunch at McDonalds for a quarter pounder w/cheese, a large order of fries and a strawberry shake (never thought about the pie!). There’s just something about a quarter pounder and McDonalds fries – and I enjoy my annual treat so much!ReplyCancel

  • mara lynn - I am having really bad series of days and I want pretzel crackers in the worst way. At work we have have cabinets filled with processed snacks and the crackers are calling me. I know it is emotional comfort that is needed, but knowing it and liking it are soooooo different. I am eating baked sweet potato – it helps.ReplyCancel

  • mara lynn - pretzel cracker update: knowing it is emotional eating is half the battle after taking 1st step and commenting to you, I got up, took a walk, group texted friends, ate a huge SANE salad and I am now in much better sorts enjoying green tea and xylitiol. Pretzel crackers lost this battle. Thanks to you and Mr. Bailor and your SANE knowledge that you share.

    Happy Monday (now it is!)ReplyCancel

This is for all you lovely folks who like your Cranberry Sauce smooth, jellied and delivered in slices on your plate.  If you’re looking for a traditional lumpy version of Cranberry Sauce, just go here.

This is slightly more convoluted to make than the lumpy version, but it’s much more exciting in the long run because you get this magnificent dome of perfect, beautiful, glistening redness at the end of it.  No one will believe you made it yourself.  Make it the centerpiece of your holiday table and then floor them by telling them it’s sugar-free to boot.

SANE Cranberry Sauce  |  Carrie Brown

Hooray for the holidays!


SANE Jellied Cranberry Sauce
Author: Carrie Brown |
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 10
  • 12 oz. / 340g fresh cranberries
  • 1 cup / 8 fl oz. hot water
  • 8 oz. / 225g xylitol
  1. Put an apron on. Seriously. Cranberry juice stains like the devil.
  2. Put the cranberries in a pan with the hot water over a high heat and bring to the boil.
  3. Reduce the heat to a simmer, cover with a lid – this is important! – and cook for 5 minutes.
  4. Carefully pour the cranberries into a blender and blend on high until completely smooth.
  5. Rinse the pan out and place a sieve over it.
  6. Push the puréed cranberries through the sieve, using a clean spatula to scrape the purée from the underside.
  7. Add the xylitol to the cranberry purée and stir well.
  8. Turn the heat to medium and bring to the boil.
  9. Reduce heat to a simmer and cook for 10 minutes, stirring well and often. If you don’t stir you will end up with a lot of super thick gunk on the bottom. We don’t want that.
  10. Carefully pour the cranberry sauce into a bowl. Whatever bowl you choose is the shape the jellied cranberry sauce will become, so choose carefully. Make sure the bowl is widest at the top otherwise it will be really difficult to slide your jellied cranberry sauce out.
  11. Leave to cool completely.
  12. Once cold, gently press around the edge of the sauce to free it from the sides of the bowl.
  13. Put a plate upside down on the bowl and turn the bowl over so that the plate is now on the bottom.
  14. You may need to gently push the jellied cranberry sauce to one edge of the bowl before you turn it onto the plate so that it comes out easily.
  15. Serve as a beautiful glistening jewel on the serving plate or slice.
**Please be very careful when cooking and pouring this sauce – it gets extremely hot and would cause a burn if it comes into contact with your skin**

Sane Cranberry Sauce  |  Carrie Brown





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  • cowgirl rae - I just LOVE the concept that there is so much natural pectin in cranberries they jell on their own…. so cool.ReplyCancel

  • Grant - Hey Carrie, just got your soup cookbook, love it. I have a quick question. I am shooting for 10 servings of veggies per day, can you give me an estimate of how many servings of veggies would be in say 1 cup of soup, on average.

    Just looking for some approximates to make it easier to get my servings in.

    Thanks Carrie, keep up the great work.


    • carrie - Grant – 1-2. However, eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full. I find it easier to just make sure at least half of each meal is non-starchy veggies and call it good. Hope that helps! Thanks for the cookbook love!!ReplyCancel

  • Kimberly - What if I don’t have xylitol??? What can i use as a substitute? I have Pyure (stevia extract and blend), Swerve (confectioners and granular). Any suggestions?ReplyCancel

It’s the Holidays!!

Here in the US, Thanksgiving, aka Turkey Day, is just around the corner, while in other parts of the world people are gearing up for Christmas.  If you’re celebrating any of the holidays with a turkey, you almost certainly like to add a dish of Cranberry Sauce to the feast.  Personally I think turkey and cranberry sauce together are the absolute bomb.  So I thought I’d whip us up a SANE version, because who wants to down all that pesky sugar with your cranberries?  Not to mention that choosing healthy food shouldn’t preclude you from all the deliciousness that the holidays bring.

Want SANE cranberries?  Your turkey shall not be naked! SANE Cranberry Sauce  |  Carrie Brown

Then I remembered that in the US, at least, there is this other version of Cranberry Sauce which is smooth, jellied and you slice into rounds.  Between you and me, I think it’s very strange, but each to their own.  Notwithstanding that I think round, sliced, smooth cranberry sauce is a little odd, I made a SANE version of that too.  I am putting the recipes on different posts so that you can print both of the recipes out with that nifty little print function.  Unfortunately I can’t add two recipes to the same post and get the little printy thing on both, and since I didn’t want to discriminate between the Lumpy Cranberry Sauce Lovers v. the Smooth Cranberry Sauce Lovers on who would get the print button, two separate posts it is.  If you are looking for the lumpy version, it’s right here on this page.  If you’re looking for the smooth version you can find it here.

This is super simple to make and done in 15.

SANE holiday cheer to you and yours!


SANE Cranberry Sauce
Author: Carrie Brown |
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 8
  • Zest and juice of 1 large orange
  • Approx. 3/4 cup / 6 fl oz. hot water (see instructions)
  • 12 oz. / 340g fresh cranberries
  • 8 oz. / 225g xylitol
  1. Put an apron on. Seriously. Cranberry juice stains like the devil.
  2. Zest the orange straight into a pan.
  3. Juice the orange and add enough water to make 1 cup / 8 fl oz.
  4. Put the orange juice water, cranberries, and xylitol in the pan with the zest and stir well.
  5. Over a high heat bring to the boil.
  6. Reduce the heat to a simmer and cook for 15 minutes, stirring well and often.
  7. Remove from the heat and careful pour the sauce into a bowl.
  8. Leave to cool completely.
**Please be very careful when cooking and pouring this sauce – it gets extremely hot and would cause a burn if it comes into contact with your skin**




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  • Cowgirl Rae - YUM! yesterday I canned the remaining 6 pints of the cranberries I purchased from I bought 10 pounds. They were UBER Fantaboulous! You must get some next year. NOT. AT. ALL. like what you get in the little cello bags in the grocery. These berries were huge and the most beautiful color.
    Some thinly sliced oranges went into my last batch, I intended to add spice but I forgot :( OH well I can add spice later to any sauce.

    You’re the best Carrie!ReplyCancel

  • Julie - Yay! It’s on the stove now!ReplyCancel

  • Julie - It turned out great!!! Thank you!ReplyCancel

  • Mary - I got rave reviews at Thanksgiving! Thank you Carrie!ReplyCancel

  • Sandy Shepard - SANE pecan pie:
    1. pit a date.
    2. stuff 2 raw pecan 1/2s into the hole.
    3. close your eyes.
    4. eat.

    passed these out on Thanksgiving and was given SUCH dirty looks – until everyone ate them. ;-) THEN they were quite impressed. You can’t eat more than about 3.ReplyCancel

  • Wren - This is Delicious! I am so making this for Thanksgiving this year. I am anxious to try the other smooth version as well, but I really like the orange tangy-ness of this one. Can you also add the orange juice and zest to the smooth one?ReplyCancel

    • carrie - Yes, Wren, although you might have to strain the zest out of if it to make it really smooth.ReplyCancel

2013 is going to go out with one heck of a BANG! this year.

On December 31st The Bailornator’s new book, The Calorie Myth, will be published by HarperCollins.  I am so excited I can barely stand it!!!  Even though I’ve already read it, I simply cannot wait for this magnificent tome to be let loose on the world.  You know when every once in a while something incredibly special comes along that you want to share with everyone in your life because you know, without a doubt, it can immediately improve their lives?

This book is one of those things.  And it’s written by one of my very favorite people – the utterly brilliant Jonathan Bailor.  He explains the science and tells the truth about health and fat-loss in a way that is so very simple.  And let’s face it, maintaining a healthy body should not be hard.  Jonathan’s first book, The Smarter Science of Slim, completely changed the course of my life.  I have no doubt that The Calorie Myth will do that for hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

“Based on more than a decade of research and endorsed by top doctors and researchers from Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins, and UCLA, The Calorie Myth, by Jonathan Bailor, offers a radically new and scientifically proven model for sustainable weight loss: the key to long-term success is not the quantity of calories that we eat or exercise off, but rather the quality of our food and exercise.  Bailor summarizes more than 1,300 scientific studies to offer us an alternative roadmap to lifelong weight loss and vibrant health. And, in doing so, he exposes the fundamental myth upon which the diet industry has been built: eat less + exercise more = weight loss. The equation simply doesn’t add up! Isn’t it time we forever change the way we think about fat loss and robust lifelong health?”


But don’t wait until December 31st to order your copy.  Here’s why:

If you pre-order 3 or more copies, as well as getting copies of this life-changing book hot off the press, you can gain access to a myriad of bonuses including a free e-book, recipes, eating and exercise plans, and even videos.  And if all that isn’t enough, pre-order using the link below and a portion of the proceeds will be gifted to charity.  You win, they win.  Get together with friends and family to place a bulk order and enjoy all those bonuses!

If you want just one copy for yourself, click on the book image below and not only will your copy of The Calorie Myth be winging its way to you the day it releases, you’ll be helping out folks in need via a charitable gift.  Jonathan has set up this special link to take you to the page where he can track the charitable gifting.  Please place your pre-orders from that page to make sure that Jonathan can track correctly.  This applies to Kindle editions as well.

calorie myth book

Want to avoid all the frustrations of New Year diet and exercise programs that just end up leaving you fatter and poorer?  Want to free yourself from all the frustrating calorie myths?  This is the book that will show you why you need to eat more and exercise less – but smarter – to lose weight and live better.

Finally understand the why and how of health and fat-loss, and discover for yourself how simple slim can be!


And then, once you’ve pre-ordered your copy of The Calorie Myth, tune in again tomorrow for two versions of SANE Cranberry Sauce to dress up the turkey at your Holiday gatherings!  Gobble gobble!



Want delicious uber-healthy recipes? Check out my Cookbooks!
  • Kiz - Carrie:

    While we all wait for the book, I want to Thank YOU for all the excellent recipes.

    I have made the following in the past two weeks since watching you on creativeLive:
    Green smoothie-Orange creamsicle, with almond milk instead of coconut
    Leek and Mushroom quiche cups
    Cheesy scones
    Chicken and Mushrooms
    Tomato salad soup – excellent cold as an afternoon snack
    sour cream and chive biscuits – so filling and fulfilling; just one, beside a salad and some turkey
    Strawberry seed porridge
    Avocado and walnut salad
    Cinnamon raisin rice pudding

    Everything has been excellent and I have enjoyed cooking with some unfamiliar ingredients.

    I feel so amazing. No snacking in the evenings
    No endless trips to the cupboards because I am unsatisfied and constantly looking for something to eat.

    I feel so SANE.

    Keep up the good work. I bet you can’t wait til the new kitchen is finished.ReplyCancel

    • carrie - Kiz – you are a ROCKSTAR!!!! Look at you go! Your post made me smile so wide it hurt :-)ReplyCancel

  • Catherine - Carrie – Will any of your recipes be in The Calorie Myth?ReplyCancel

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room.

Right now I am not thin.  Yes!  That’s right.  I am the elephant!  Ta da!

I had a feeling I’d be taking a stroll down this path once Jonathan and I did our CreativeLive Workshop earlier this week and were broadcast around the world.  I was prepared to address it right there on stage if it came up.  It didn’t.  But it has now.  People saw me on TV and some of them think I am fat.

I know it shouldn’t bother me what people think and say, and typically it doesn’t, but in this case it does.  Wait.  It *really* does.  Partly because I am a human with feelings, but almost entirely because I don’t want anyone to conclude that a SANE lifestyle doesn’t work or isn’t effective because I am carrying 20lbs of unwanted weight right now.  I am – by default – the poster child for all things SANE.  I should be a female version of Jonathan.  I spend every waking hour, when I am not paying the mortgage, creating SANE recipes to help the world eat smarter and live better.  And yet…I. AM. FAT. when I *should* be skinny.  And honestly, if you don’t know my story, it’s understandable that you might be wondering why.  It would make sense that the girl who extols SANE eating should look the part.

I have never thought of myself as fat – I mean, when did a size 4 / 6 become fat?? – but some people clearly do.  When they look at me they see “fat”.  One person said it gently, “…yet you’re a little curvy”, while another just blurted out, “Hey wait a minute she’s not fit she’s fat.”  I like to think that if they knew the reason, and if they knew the struggle, they’d be kinder.  But let’s be honest, on the surface, right now – I do look fat.  I remember expressing my frustration to Jonathan a little while back after the effects of my medication started to show.  He said, “Don’t worry about it.  You’re not trying to be a bikini model.”  Just one more reason why I love that man.  If you’re new here and don’t know why I suddenly gained 20lbs in the last few months, you can get the scoop on that here.

When the comments started to appear the day after the shoot, I was prepared; but heaven knows it still hurt to read them.  Initially, anyways.  I wanted to explain my situation and make them understand.  And then an email from The Bailornator made me see that some people will just never get it, no matter what the truth is.

Since then I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about it, and realized that there are a whole lot of people in the world who know exactly how this feels.  This pain.  This judgment.  This label that prevents some people from paying attention to anything else about a person.  It is like they see the person wearing a black cape that covers them from head to toe, revealing nothing but their size, as if that was the only worthwhile or important thing about them. blog1

So what am I supposed to do?  Do I become a hermit until I am skinny again?  Do I stop creating SANE recipes and doing all I can to help others on their journey until I am the perfect picture of SANEity?  Do I hide away until I am good enough in the eyes of the world?  Can I no longer put my talents in the kitchen to use because I do not yet have the perfect body?  Does my current body shape mean that I have no value to add to the world?  Will my recipes effectiveness magically change when I lose the 20lbs that my medication put on me?  Of course not.  All that will change is a few people’s opinion of me – my recipes will be exactly the same:  just as delicious, just as healthy, just as effective.  So honestly, what’s the real issue here?  The issue is opinion and perception.  Am I going to stop doing what I was meant to do with my life because of a few people’s issues?  Now wouldn’t that just be all kinds of ridiculous.

And the more I thought about this stuff, the more narrow-minded the judgments became to me, until I just mentally gave them the finger and went back to concentrating on what I do best – creating scrumptious SANE recipes.  And if there are people out there who are so prejudiced and judgmental that they can’t use an incredibly healthy recipe from someone who isn’t currently living in a perfect body, well, it’s totally their loss. blog

Then I started feeling protective towards all of you out there who are doing the very best that you can and yet are being judged for your external appearance.  I was reminded of the show JB and I published on iTunes a few weeks back about this exact topic and I decided I needed to write about it, because I would hazard a guess that the vast majority of you have struggled with this very issue at some point in your life because otherwise you would not even be here.  Well, except that these SANE recipes are completely delicious whether you have a goal to lose body-fat or not.

I began thinking about all the things that people don’t know about me that influence my weight but which I have no control over:

  • What is my genetic makeup?  Naturally skinny and small-framed father, naturally chunky and large-framed mother.  Ain’t nothing I can do about the genes I came to earth with.
  • What is my body type?  Mesomorph ie. hour-glass.  Even when I weighed 110lbs I was curvy – think Barbie without silicone enhancements.  Ain’t nothing I can do about the genes I came to earth with.
  • What is my height?  5’4″, but I am more legs than anything else.  I am very short-waisted – there is almost no gap between my bottom rib and my pelvis, so the tiniest amount of fat can happily turn itself into a roll.  Ain’t nothing I can do about the genes I came to earth with.

And those are just the basics.

Then there are all those other things that people wouldn’t know just by looking:

  • Where did I start out?
  • How far have I come?
  • What are my health and fat-loss goals?
  • How many times have I lost and gained weight?
  • How old am I?
  • What allergies do I have?
  • What medications do I need to take that may interfere with basic metabolic processes in my body?

I am sure you can all think of many, many more, but I think you’ve got the point: there’s a whole bunch of stuff that interferes with how our bodies work that we have no control over.  To some people it’s just all about meeting a pre-conceived notion of what fit and healthy looks like, and deep down we all know how wrong that can be. blog2

So please don’t be discouraged when others criticize you for your efforts to improve your health, or condemn you because you are still on your journey.  You are so much more than what they can see.  They can’t see the metabolic healing that is taking place inside.  They can’t see the improvement in your blood work.  They can’t feel the extra energy that you have, or the way this SANE lifestyle makes you feel.  Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see changes overnight – it took you years to get where you are, and it will take time to reverse that.  If you run into additional hurdles along your path like I did, don’t blame yourself for the things that you cannot control.  Have faith in the process and faith in your yourself.  When the going gets tough just keep on going.  Look at how far you have come, not how far you have to go.  Never give up because of the uneducated opinions and perceptions of others who know nothing about you.  And always remember that the critics and the naysayers are simply not worthy of your attention.  Spend that time moving forward down the right path for you, with the people who love and support you.

Eat smarter, exercise smarter and you WILL live better.  As Jonathan and I always say, “Progress, not perfection!”





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  • Gina - Right on girl! You summed it up perfectly. Can’t let the haters mess with our happy sane minds. Focus on positive energy only.ReplyCancel

  • Dr Mike Keen - Carrie, you are defined by what you do in your life, how you do it and why you do it. What you do is amazing, how you do it is selfless, why you do it is for them not you. You are a beautiful human being, don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise by giving them the oxygen of publicity. We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you do, you really ARE amazing. Without you, none of this ‘journey’ we are on would have any real credence, you complete the picture and make it all work. Take heart, don’t stop, rest easy! xxReplyCancel

  • Allison Sherman - Not that it matters what I or anyone thinks, but when I saw the picture of you guys (with the guys with the biscuits in their mouths!) I thought “Oh she’s looking so good, she will be so disappointed when she meets me and I’m a bit… poochy.” But it doesn’t matter what you look like or I look like. Are we healthy? Do we have energy? Do we take care of our skin, our hair, our hygiene? Can we play with our friends or kids or cats? Can we make a living and provide for our families the way we need to? My goal for the last several months has been to achieve balance. Balance in how I eat, how I feel about myself, how I exercise. It’s a nice goal. I’m achieving it better than I ever have the extreme ones I set for myself. No one can judge your journey, but we can all benefit from what you share with us, recipes and introspection. We sure do love you.ReplyCancel

  • Shelley - CArrie,

    I said it at the time – I thought you looked gorgeous.
    And I still do.
    I struggle, not with what people say, but what I think they are thinking – figure that out!ReplyCancel

  • Andrea - Life is a journey. One day.. One month, one phase – is not the final chapter of the story. Each day the story can be re-written. Or not.

    Be well, healthy mentally, healthy physically. Love yourself and love what you do for all of us.

    Be the very best and happiest you that you can be.ReplyCancel

  • Joolz - I appreciated that you and others took the risk to put yourselves ‘on display’ during the CL class in order to benefit others, and am so sorry you’ve been subjected to such disrespect as the result of that generosity.

    As someone who is very curvy, it actually helps me to see ‘imperfect’ people talk about their experience w/ a program. I don’t believe skinny people very much anymore, but I was very touched by your and Kathy’s stories and as a result, believed this system might work for me. After trying a lot of things that haven’t been sustainable for various reasons, I’m more interested in eating in a way that makes me feel good and is better for my health – fat loss has to be a by-product not the goal.

    I was inspired to make a version of your Tomato Salad Soup w/ some veg. I had on hand after the class. It was amazing and I had a stunning amount of energy afterward. I plan to try more recipes in the coming days, and have been inspired by more of your recipes to try to eat SANEly as much as I can given numerous limitations. I thank you so much for all your work and will be buying your Soup book soon.

    Wishing you wellness and joy – however that looks.ReplyCancel

  • Gina Ryan - Aloha Carrie!
    This is an important post.
    “…it took you years to get where you are, and it will take time to reverse that.” I say there are many many people who will not ever reverse to where they were at one time or to where they think they “should” be. For the reasons you listed and many more the body mat not go to a particular lower weight. That does not mean we cannot be healthier!
    Our health is not determined by our weight and while our SANE eating will bring us to greater health and wellness it may not bring us to a smaller size. Health is my focus with clients and sometimes that can mean a great deal of weight loss other times not. But they all leave healthier!
    The problem is not your size Carrie or my size or Jonathans size the problem is the misconception that if you are thin you are healthy and if you are fat you are ill. This is so freaking far from the truth I could scream! I work with the very thin, athletic, picture bikini model type quite often….they are not well when they come, they don’t eat for health but for size, they have fallen prey to a cultural belief that all is well if you are thin. I actually see more low weight people than I do high weight people!
    In Dr Lustig’s latest video he does a great job visually showing the numbers and percentages of illness in fat people and the illness in thin people and the bigger number of ill people that will bankrupt American health care are in the thin people. We have to stop thinking we can tell anything about a person by their size, and we need to stop explaining! It is no ones business why you weigh what you do. Yes even though you are Jonathan’s super hero cookinator. You make people healthier –deiciously so and that is what we are seeking. It’s this ridiculous idea of perfection that has taken the joy out of life!
    I know I don’t need to tell you any of this you already know and Jonathan knows and so I thank you both for being a beacon of hope for the people who want to get well to feel vibrant and actually live life rather than diet.
    Mahalo for the space to vent :)
    Alohas Plenty, GinaReplyCancel

  • No-Egg Kati - Carrie,
    You are a beautiful woman, inside and out. You have proven that with every podcast, blog post, and magnanimous thing you do for the rest of us. No number of insults, veiled or overt, can take that away or diminish your accomplishments as one of my favorite people I’ve never actually met. :) I have a tremendous amount of respect for all you do and all you’ve done. Your skills in the kitchen, behind the camera, and in herding cats of all shapes and sizes are all exceptional. I remember an early podcast when you were in awe of finding a new muscle you hadn’t seen before, which means you made the effort and embraced the changes to build it. That is never something to be mocked!

    I’m 5’8″, 225 lbs, and finally into a size 16. I’m sure people look at me and see a fat woman. You know what they don’t see? The 30 lbs of fat I have shed since finding you and Jonathan. So let them say I’m fat. It’s their problem and they are wasting their time to complain about it. I, on the other hand, am gaining strength of mind, body, and soul by beating the demons that have ruled my life for too long. So who’s really the better person? I would wager it has nothing to do with pant size.

    Thank you so much for being an amazing woman I can look up to and strive to emulate. Rather than taking all you could in life or beating others down, you have instead given so many of us a gift we can never repay.

    Lots of love,

  • Sandy - Two words: YOU ROCK!ReplyCancel

  • Mari - Hi Carrie,

    I sympathize with you. I gained 12-13 lbs during late summer/early fall. My foray into bio-identical hormone replacement turned out to be an epic fail, as my body apparently doesn’t detox estrogens very well. My feet swelled up, my butt grew an inch and a half overnight and I began retaining water (I don’t retain water — my body doesn’t do that under normal circumstances).

    I’m in my mid-forties and my stats are almost the same as yours — 5’4.5″, very fit mesomorph with long legs, a scrawny father and tall/heavyset mother — my “weight” genes are a mixed bag. I weighed 120-123 lbs for a long time, my almost perfect weight, then suddenly this happened.

    Turns out that I bought into information and hype from our neighbor, the great Seattle alternative medicine pioneer Dr. Jonathan Wright, purporting that all women hitting “the pause” should take bio-identical hormones to stay healthy. BHRT has helped many, many women, but we are all individuals, and for me BHRT really sucked.

    After ditching the hormones, I’ve been “sausaging” myself into my size 2 jeans and hoping I make it back down to my happy place again soon. I’ve lost a few, but I have like 8 painful pounds to go still.

    Hang in there, Carrie. If possible, find another doc who is willing to work with you on the meds to find a solution that doesn’t throw your system off balance. Or some other solutions to hit the root cause of your issue from a non-pharmaceutical perspective (no, I’m not foolish enough to think bipolar can be fixed with therapy).

    Best of luck to you! Namaste’


  • KrazyK - I fully agree with what others have said here. I am 5’2 and (I threw away my scale so I don’t know my weight) when I hit a jean size 22 and could fit in the seat at the theater, i did a happy dance right there in front of a lot of people. To them it looked like a large woman losing her mind but to me this was a priceless and joyful moment! I wanted to share it with everyone! I fit in the seat and had extra room! No bruises on my hips and no awkward side ways sitting to fit in the space. This was a miracle. A miracle that you helped me achieve! Thank you. With all my heart thank you!! No one truly knows the struggles and challenges another has to carry. But I know that we all have them what is important is how we feel about ourselves not how the world sees us. It has taken 20 years to learn that lesson and commit it to heart for me.ReplyCancel

  • Vanessa Sellers - I thought you looked lovely and I so enjoyed seeing you after listening to your podcast. I have learned so much from you have really changed my life. Please know I have had similar struggles so you keep fighting the good fight and I will be here cheering you on..ReplyCancel

  • Lori (aka SierraSun) - {{{{{{{ HUGS CARRIE!!!! }}}}}}}}
    I’ve read your earlier posts on this and I wish there was something I could do for you. I don’t know if you can ever imagine how much you help people around the world. Whether it is developing and sharing those wonderful SANE recipes, the inspiring rapport and dialog between you and Jonathan in the podcasts, and from the heart in your blog posts.

    That second day of Creative Live, there were a bunch of people there just looking to be snarky and cause trouble. Doctor Mike and I tried to keep them in line – along with the CL moderators, but they were just mean troublemakers.

    It boggles my mind how people feel they have the right, or even the obligation, to criticize people about what they weigh. This had been my burden my whole life. I don’t know if thin people can even understand how hateful people can be when it comes to people with weight issues. In my opinion you are a slim beauty, but your true beauty comes from your heart. And if those people couldn’t see that – they are blind and hopeless.


  • Jyl - I am so sorry you faced the criticism you described. You are beautiful. You look fantastic. No one has a right to criticize you in the way they did. For me, what you faced has a lot to do with being a woman. How many bikini models are healthy, eat well, and take care of themselves as carefully as you do? Why would we want to aspire to be a bikini model? There is *nothing* wrong with the way you look. Why do bikini models set the standard for healthy and beauty? It’s ridiculous.

    Thank you for standing up for yourself and for us. Thank you for affirming our right to be on a journey, trying, and acknowledging that our bodies are constantly being compared to other women whose own bodies are altered before they ever appear in the media. I appreciate your honesty and candor, your bravery and incredible talents. Thank you for offering your gifts to us. Thank you.ReplyCancel

  • Dieanna - Carrie,

    You are AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL!! I just loved your post and it is SO true. God Bless you. I am so happy that I found you, your recipes, blog and everything else about you. People can be just plain mean, so good for you for giving them the finger and not paying anymore attention to them, they don’t deserve it. Medications can wreak havoc on our weight but we need them to keep us healthy at the same time. I just love how you put it all out there and share every bit of your life with us…good and not so good. Thank you so much for all you do. I wish I could meet you in person and give you a great big hug, but since I can’t do that right now, here is a big HUG…….xoxoxoxoxoxoxo………. Stay positive girlie!!ReplyCancel

  • Diane - To borrow a few words from Pink.., So what! You are a rock star! You got rock moves. You inspire me and lots of others you will never meet. Rock on Brown. Rock on!!!ReplyCancel

  • Minta - You look fabulous. That extra 20 lbs. looks terrific on you!ReplyCancel

  • Meghann - Carrie
    Thank you SO much for the heart and soul you put into all of this.

    I was saddened to see this post. Not by what you’ve written but by the need to write it at all. You have shared more on your blog than I have ever dared to do on my own blog. You have inspired and you are a role model — someone who puts on big girl panties and goes to work through hell and high water.

    I love your sense of humour. I appreciate the “why’s” that you weave into the directions for your recipes. I truly appreciate that you’re doing this on your “free” time in the hopes that you will help me.

    As someone who is in the middle of her own journey back to health and vitality, I am grateful for people like you who have the courage to talk about the twists and turns in their journey.

    You GO girl!


  • Michelle - Haters will be haters. Thank you for your recipes, your kindness, caring and genuine honesty. Your beauty and health radiate from the inside to your outside! Loved you on CreativeLIVE. You are awesome!!ReplyCancel

  • Kathrine - Carrie,
    Let me just say, I have never joined in on a conversation like this before but I have been following you and Jonathan on your podcasts and posts now for 4 1/2 months and you both have had such a profound impact on my physical and mental health, so I find my self compelled to chime in on this. When I finally got to see the ‘animated Carrie’ I was so excited because your voice and sensibilities have captivated me from the get go, my first reaction was “what gorgeous hair!’ then ‘what presence you have’!

    I am one of those who has read of your struggles, the fact that you are so willing to share such intimate details about your life with all of us shows that you are a generous hearted woman, and with every thing you are doing, clearly you are very determined and a force to be reckoned with! Keep doing what you need to do to get through this ‘Blip’ in your life and be assured you have a HUGE fan base out here. I just bought your Ice cream book and my Daughter bought your soup book, all contributing to my SANEity.
    Thank you and Hugs, KathrineReplyCancel

  • Sarah - Carrie, your post touched me. I guess I’m about 20lbs over weight too and feel self-conscious at times. Unfortunately I didn’t see your webcast because it was due to start at 3:00 am here in the Middle East! And as much as I love you & JB… Nothing I can say can be any wiser or kinder than any of the posts above, just know that there is a lot of love and support for you and let’s face it some jealous women can be bitches :0ReplyCancel

  • Sue - Hi Carrie I echo all the sentiments above, I am more than 50lbs overweight and have suffered the same humiliation and Yes it hurts!! Thin people think their comments will make you diet but we all know diets don’t work, what we need is what you and JB is giving us and that is the knowledge on how to feed our bodies for health and vitality.
    I also struggle, not with what people say, but what I think they are thinking. As Kati said “the joy of sitting in a cinema seat when your a size 22” and the extreme joy I felt when I sat in an aircraft seat and fastened the seat belt when I used to have to ask for the extension which was so embarrassing!
    You are beautiful, funny and very clever and no-one can take that away from you, your SANE recipes are to die for and my family can’t get enough of them so keep up the excellent work that you do for all of us, not just for us big girls and boys but for everyone who wants to eat SANE and have a healthy life. We all Love You Carrie!!!ReplyCancel

  • teilzeitDAU - already replied on twitter but wanted to leave a comment here as well.

    These critics quite obviously have no idea what other issues you’re dealing with. How *dare* they. But they ain’t got nothing on you, Carrie. Those who mind don’t matter, those who matter don’t mind.

    I admire you for not only ignoring those haters and nay-sayers, but for actually turning this sad and unjust experience into a blog post that will help other people who are dealing with the same unfair accusations themselves.

    A person of true greatness, Carrie, that is what you are :)ReplyCancel

  • Helen - Brilliant post Carrie. For what it’s worth I thought you looked in great shape in the photos before I even read all the above. I don’t get the mean people who try and make themselves feel better by putting others down – I hope they see the light of niceness. Keep on truckin’ (and keep the recipes coming please, yyyyyuuummm) xxReplyCancel

  • Claire Lucas - Hi Carrie, thank you for your post, but isn’t it sad you had to write it at all. Society is judgemental, nothing we can do to change that except our own behaviour. My personal experience is weight gain (40 to 50lbs) since starting to take antidepressants about 15 years ago. But people don’t see that, they don’t see the daily struggle, that I’m healthier and fitter now than I have been in years. As you say, there is so much going on behind the scenes that people just don’t see……
    Keep doing what you’re doing – please!! I love your recipes and your podcasts with JB are brilliant. You’re an amazing woman – even more so knowing what you’ve shared with us all. xxReplyCancel

  • Barbara in TX - Well, Carrie you are a complete inspiration to me. I’m glad that you’re not a super model. I’m not either, nor will I ever be. That makes you real to me and helps me keep going and fighting the good fight! Had you been too perfect, I’m afraid that I’d be intimidated. Yeah for being REAL!ReplyCancel

  • Vicki - Hi Carrie. I went through the same cravings on an antidepressant! Carbohydrates! Especially ice cream. I explained it to people this way: I could be at my favorite restaurant, with my favorite people, eating my favorite meal. But I’d rather be home eating ice cream. And I couldn’t stop thinking about ice cream! It was awful!ReplyCancel

  • Jo Hanegraaff - Hi Carrie,
    When reading this post I got a choking feeling. Are you kidding, do people say that out flat?
    You know, last weekend something happened and I said to my husband that sometimes I really hate people. Some of them are really really stupid, not just dumb, but plain stupid. Please don’t go anywhere but stay on the bailornator team :D.

    I just want to take this moment to thank you for the recipes you post. It’s a heck of work to get things right, and it takes time. Thank you for putting in your time, energy and creativity.

    By the way, may I also say I absolutely love your accent. Makes me think of my home country (the Netherlands, so in a way we are neighbors :D).

    Even though I don’t know you personally, I just want to say that you are awesome.ReplyCancel

  • Sylvia - I can feel your pain Carrie, but honestly, the people who make such comments clearly have no feelings and have obviously not been brought up to be considerate of others. You are gorgeous, strong and courageous no matter what your weight is and we all love you.

    Keep doing what you obviously enjoy doing and what you do so well. I, for one, really appreciate it.

    Thank you sooooo much!!!ReplyCancel

  • Katy - It’s so disappointing that some people are so quick to judge and dismiss others on such superficial bases. We all love you Carrie – you’re so warm hearted, talented and funny. And a genius chef!ReplyCancel

  • MegansBeadedDesigns - Thank you so much for sharing Carrie. I just discovered you and JB at CreativeLIVE and was instantly hooked and mesmerized! One this I really loved was how “normal” you, Dr. Kathy, and Dr. Mike looked, and it really made me not only want to get involved, but encourage my mother-in-law, as well as others to look into going SANE too. there’s something very encouraging about not having to think that we have to be athletes, or live off of solely grapefruit in order to lose pants sizes.ReplyCancel

  • Karen - Carrie, as much as I love Jonathan and appreciate his brilliance in sharing with us science of the best SANE foods to eat, it was YOU that I was excited to see on the Creative Live broadcast. In order to actually implement the science, we need recipes that are delicious AND that we have the time and ability to make. You are a genius in the kitchen, and I so appreciate your blog and recipes. I have ordered your new soup cookbook, and it should arrive in a few days. Can’t wait to try it!

    I would also like to tell you that since I am female and a similar age to you, I identify strongly with your experiences and viewpoints shared on the podcasts. I have gone back into the archives and listened to every one of them. Thank you for being REAL and giving inspiration to me and many others. You are the best!ReplyCancel

  • cowgirl rae - I love you Carrie. (stands and claps) BRAVO!ReplyCancel

  • Steve - People are idiots, especially the internet bullies. You look great. If I was in a room with you (and if I wasn’t married), I’d probably hit on you. Especially after knowing how brilliant you are.

    You’re an inspiration. Keep up the good work!ReplyCancel

  • Candy - When I saw your picture, I thought, she’s so pretty and what great hair! You seem like such a fun, pleasant, and authentic person and I appreciate how much work you put into what you do. People are so inconsiderate and forget that people in the public eye actually have feelings. Looking like a fitness model does not, by any means, define how healthy you are. Just keep doing what you do and try not to let the naysayers get you down.ReplyCancel

  • margie - I watched the whole CreativeLIVE program and loved every bit of it. You’ve helped me change my eating and cooking habits. You are an inspiration. And you are beautiful. And thank you for this fantastic post. I deal with being judged all the time. This is so helpful.ReplyCancel

  • Michael - You are incredibly sexy at your current weight.

    You LOOK so healthy and happy and vibrant!

    The work that you do improves and enhances the lives of so many.

    Don’t listen to the haters.

    Best Regards,

    Your friend, Michael, in Texas.ReplyCancel

  • May - Well Carrie, I was going to say (when I started reading your post) pretty much the very things you said yourself from mid-way through. I’m also *really* proud of you that you’ve moved through this pain that big-mouthed, opinionated others inflicted on you. Two things spring to mind…
    1) A saying that crossed my path recently because I needed it “I don’t care about the people that don’t love me because I’m too busy loving those who do love me.”
    2) I first ever head of SANE, Jonathan and you because of CreativeLive. Seeing slim, young, male Jonathan shining with health was inspirational, but in a way that ‘very curvy’, old, female me couldn’t feel a personal resonance. Seeing beautiful you, a real woman (if you will), not a flimsy reed, and just a tad the wrong side of 20… Well it gave me a closer way to relate to what Jonathan was saying. I then knew that SANE could work on me as well. I loved your energy, enthusiasm and bubbliness – to say nothing of your culinary creativity.
    Continue to be proud and excited by who you are, what you’re achieving, and what you’re gifting the world.
    My ‘Sour Cream & Chive Scones/Biscuits’ are cooling in the kitchen; I ate 90% SANEly over Christmas; I lost 2 kgs in the 2 weeks before Christmas; I’m now eager to see what I can achieve towards a ‘normal’ and energetic body. All because of CreativeLive, Jonathan and (allegedly) curvy you. Keep it up is all I have to say!ReplyCancel

  • Gigi - I think you look FANTASTIC! I also think you are quite brave to go live and open yourself up to the world like that. Pat yourself on the back for all that you have done, and for all the fans that you have. Fans that are mostly silent, but I gotta speak out today because those jerks are usually so much louder.

    I really appreciate your wonderful website and your happy bubbly voice on the podcasts.ReplyCancel

  • Jerry - When I first saw a a full length shot of you in one of Jon’s videos, I thought you were fat, or, overweight. But so am I.

    If Jon was 275 pounds, he would not be on tv shows, or be able to sell his book(shouldn’t he be taking his own advise?). Though we all would say he really is a nice guy and he looks great.

    An overweight woman giving “healthy” meal tips might cause a few eyebrows to go up.

    So, I’ve lost two belt notches since buying Jon’s book, and eating foods that hsve lots of water, or are high in fiber, or has lots of protein, or some combination of the three. And some fat of course. It’s been 16 days of no wheat and grains, and no sugar.ReplyCancel

    • carrie - Jerry – I am thrilled that you are notching up your belt and wish you every success on your journey!ReplyCancel

  • Caspar - Hello, I regularly use your recipes to create delicious ‘sane’ meals for myself, friends and family. Honestly your recipes are great (please keep them coming). I think it is rather pathetic that people find it necessary to comment upon other people’s appearances, it really shows that they are hiding their deep insecurities from within.

    Clearly, the work you are doing is helping many people lead a happier, healthier life. I’d much rather be the person who helps people live better than the person who seeks pleasure through fat shaming.

    Thank you for your lovely recipes and other great work.ReplyCancel

  • Jill - Carrie,
    I’m sure you get tired or reliving all of us getting up to speed on things you’ve blogged. 20 lbs? That’s it? What you look like isn’t important to me. The fact that you will have Jonathan re-explain things, not for yourself, but for us. The fact that you went on the SANE journey, that you opened yourself up to the process–right in front of us–is truly remarkable and takes guts. Life is a journey-a personal journey-and that is all it is. Thanks for all your delicious recipes, and thank you for helping us in our journey. You’re great!ReplyCancel

  • phil - Carrie, I was blessed to come across a podcast in which you were interviewed. The Calorie Myth by Jon Bailor. Your accent is so Brit .
    I have just finished spending 2 hours on your website and so enjoyed your style and class ! ( awesome recipes ,I will buy the new book ) I wanted say “Toodle Pip” ( I learned that from a roommate who was a Brit and went to Oxford). Thank you for all you are doing and helping to make this complicated world a better place. Bless you in all your endeavors !
    A new fan

  • Jacki - Carrie, you look beautiful. I would not want to be a skinny sour person ever (they are sour because they are hungry, LOL!)
    I have enjoyed listening to every podcast on the Smarter Science of Slim. YOu make a wonderful contribution and it is appreciated by all who listen to you and read your posts.

    You go girl!ReplyCancel

  • tiffani - Excellent post. Keep writing such kind of information on your site.
    Im really impressed by it.
    You’ve performed a great job. I will definitely dig it and for my part suggest to my friends.
    I’m sure they will benefit from this web site.ReplyCancel

  • Candy - Hi Carrie

    The shoot on Creative Live was the very first time I even heard of Johnathan Bailor and the SANE and inSANE concept. I have to say how impressed I was to see all shapes and sizes during that show. I thought you were amazing and started following the podcasts and bought both the books. I couldn’t wait to try your creamsicle smoothie. Plus I’m a huge fan of xylitol (an occupational hazard working in Oral Health ) and you were the very first person to introduce it into recipes that I’ve seen.

    I often wonder why people feel it’s their right to comment on the size of another person. People are judgmental and ignorant. No matter what size you are I am grateful for your blog, recipes and podcasts!ReplyCancel

    • carrie - Of course, my recipes just magically work so much better for everyone now that I am 20lbs lighter ;-) Ha ha!!!ReplyCancel