Smoked Salmon and Sprout Saute

Yesterday, I ran over my toe with a 64-gallon garbage can that was stuffed to the gills. Not only did I lose the toenail polish in the smack-down, but it still hurts this morning; to top it all off, it is turning a rather fetching shade of purple.  That is, it would be fetching if it wasn’t on a toe.  I am also suffering the after effects of eating more cauliflower than a girl should ever consume in a single sitting.  I blame the cheese sauce.  In an effort to redeem myself from my cauliflower overindulgence, I bring you Smoked Salmon and Sprout Saute.

Today, I have just three words for you: smoked, and salmon and leeks.  It’s very important that you remember them, because they are your passport to having a splendid dinner tonight.  I couldn’t let my sore toe get in the way of sharing this with you, so I limped all the way up the stairs to type it up especially.  I will be extraordinarily excited when my kitchen demolition gets under way on Monday (YAY!!) because then I won’t have to limp very far in order to talk to you.  I am taking a few walls out, destroying my pantry, and whipping out a bathroom.  It’ll open up a whole new creative space in my kitchen.  And, maybe more importantly, it will eliminate me having to run up and down stairs all day long, will make it less likely that the house will catch fire when I forget I left something cooking in the oven, and will inspire me to purge stuff that I really don’t need.  Rather like I am purging the fat from my body.  I like that.  Purging is good.

Smoked Salmon and Sprout Saute  |  Carrie Brown
This recipe, which is as simple as can possibly be, came from one of those “What do I have in the ‘fridge?” moments.  I am not sure why I plonked pea shoots in my cart during my Thursday evening dash around Trader Joe’s, but boy oh boy, am I ever glad I did.  I wasn’t the least bit sure how pea shoots would respond to a little heat, but I had to try.  I am always up for a little living on the edge.  Especially if it also involves smoked salmon.

I should probably clarify “smoked salmon” for the purposes of this recipe.  I am referring to Scottish smoked salmon, which in the US is referred to as “Lox” and typically served on a bagel with cream cheese.  Those ultra thin slices of salmon, smoked until they are deep orange and semi-translucent.  I did not use American-style smoked salmon which is a salmon fillet smoked until it is cooked. Smoked Salmon and Sprout Saute  |  Carrie Brown

The most complicated bit of this Smoked Salmon and Sprout Saute is slicing the leeks.  Or, in my case it was finding the chopping board since my kitchen is in complete pre-demolition dis-array.  The longest bit – if you can call 3 minutes long – is sautéing the leeks. What you have, though, at the end of 5 or so minutes on your feet at the stove is a real lip-smacker of a one-dish dinner. Fast and furious, filling and fun.

To me this Smoked Salmon and Sprout Saute looks like Spring, which is why it’s especially awesome to eat it in Fall.  Those bright green pea shoots remind me that really Spring is not so far away, especially when the time in-between now and then is punctuated with several holidays and an extravagant amount of busyness.  Being that you can make a plate of super-KETO goodness in 10 minutes flat can only help with giving you more time for all the fun and craziness of the coming season.

Well, it’s time I’m limped back off to the kitchen to see if I can locate the blender for tomorrow morning’s smoothie.

Have a great week, folks!

Give me that recipe! Right now!  Smoked Salmon and Sprout Saute

Smoked Salmon and Sprout Saute  |  Carrie Brown




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  • Susie - Looks delish!!! I’m not familiar with pea shoots. I would imagine they’d be available in the spring. I suppose a good substitute would be bean sprouts.ReplyCancel

    • carrie - Not sure where you are located Susie – I found them in Trader Joe’s but have not seen them everywhere. They look like huge pieces of cress, and are very different to bean sprouts, however, I think bean sprouts would work successfully in this recipe if you wanted to give it a try. Let me know how it goes!ReplyCancel

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  • Katie - Made this the other night. Pretty easy and it was delicious!ReplyCancel

  • Nancy - This tasted great and was very easy and quick! I had a lot of liquid, however, in the pan. Should I have poured the liquid out after sautéing the leeks and then continued on with adding the yoghurt and salmon?ReplyCancel

    • carrie - Hi Nancy, yes you can pour off the liquid if you find the leeks “sweat” a lot when you sauté them. Entirely your choice, but this was not intended to be a thin “sauce”. Hope that helps!ReplyCancel

  • Kali - I really loved this dish! I was able to eat it immediately upon completing the cooking. My husband had to reheat his and I don’t think it was quite as tasty, likely because the shoots were very soggy. But I really loved it and I can’t wait to make it again!ReplyCancel

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