More Than A Little Giddy

The Bailornator and I have been busy in the studio again.  We do love a crazy hour or two recording podcasts.  And it’s true what they say – time does fly when you’re having fun.

This episode got me all in a tizzy and I ended up in the corner, trying to calm down.  Jonathan had to reel me in first though, and that made a nice change.  In most cases, the one waving his arms and banging the table is our beloved modern-day Adonis over in the pink corner.  He does like to wear pink.  I swear – next time he wears pink – I’m snapping a pic for you.  Just promise you won’t stare too hard at his biceps.

In other news, today on iTunes we are in the Top 10 Fitness and Nutrition podcasts.  The TOP 10!!!  That makes me more than a little giddy.  Plus, secretly, a little wide-eyed and incredulous.  I celebrated by throwing together a tasty little number encompassing the contents of my refrigerator’s bottom drawer.  I think you’re going to love it.


EPISODE 15: The Facts About Fat – $1 Billion Worth of Research Later: Eating Fat Does *Not* Harm Health


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This post needs an image.  It’s not a shirt covering bulging biceps, I’ll give you that, but it is pink. 


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