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(In case you missed how the Big Breakfast Adventure got started, you can read it  here:  How it all began)

A few months back when Kathy realized that I was “taken” for The Big Breakfast Adventure every Saturday through June, she persuaded me to add a Sunday breakfast to the mix so she wouldn’t have to wait months to join me on another exciting eating escapade.  And boy, am I now glad that she did!  After yesterday’s run-in with a Really Bad Blintz, I was SO ready to head out for the Best Gourmet Omelet in Seattle.  And, as it turns out, Bastille (home to the legendary Omelette Provençale) only does brunch on Sunday anyway…no Best Gourmet Omelet on a Saturday for me.

Tip of the Day:  Going anywhere near Fremont or Ballard on a Sunday for brunch?  Leave home early or you’ll be circling for a parking spot forever & brunch will turn into lunch.

 What clued me into the fact that this was probably going to be a great breakfast was the queue (line) outside the doors at 9:45 am.  I would have been in the queue alongside all the other Bastille-Brunch-Lovers except for the fascinating stalls of the Farmers Market 4 feet away luring me over, so I wandered off, hopeful that the line wouldn’t be long enough to fill quite ALL the seats in Bastille at 10 am.  Despite being mesmerized by the amazing array of potatoes grown by Olsen Farms (which deserve a post all of their own) & the tantalizing smell from a number of local creameries, I was back at Bastille at 10:01….eager to claim my spot & make up with my mouth after yesterday’s culinary disaster at Roxy’s Diner.

Bastille’s has a great ambiance & a very understated elegance.  I ordered my Mint Tea while I waited for Kathy.  I had a feeling that she was circling somewhere, waiting to swoop on that last unassuming parking spot within walking distance.

Bastille’s Omelette Provençale

Kathy arrived & right behind her Cammie appeared with our Omelettes Provençale along with piles of sauteed potatoes & onions.   It was a most splendid omelette.  The texture was exactly as an omelette’s texture should be:  soft, tender & barely holding it all together; a far cry from the tough, rubbery texture most omelettes (& scrambled eggs) cooked up in restaurants have.  The filling was sautéed prawns, chevre & tomato confit.   I am still not sure about prawns in omelettes as a principle, but it was definitely a huge change to my ritual mushroom, cherry tomato & cheese omelettes that I regularly sling together in my own kitchen.  It wasn’t a huge plate of food – it was the perfect amount to keep my mouth happy while not making my stomach miserable.  We also sneaked a peek at our neighbors slices of quiche & I really wanted to eat those too.  Note to self:  must go back to Bastille for brunch again.  While the food & the ambiance were lovely, I didn’t feel relaxed & Sunday-morning-easy like I did at Anita’s Crepes or Cafe Presse.  It was all over far too fast.

The upside of feeling like we had to eat-and-run was that we got extra time to saunter among the stalls at the Farmers Market where we happened upon the most amazing caramels.  Hand-made by “Jonboy” (his childhood nickname) & served up in plain-but-adorable little boxes, these caramels are to die for.  Unbelievably creamy.  Amazingly intense flavor.  Jonboy Caramels: if you like caramels these will send your taste-buds into orbit.  I wandered around the rest of the market refusing any of the other tastings offered to me because I wanted to keep the taste of those caramels in my mouth for as long as possible.  Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum.

RECOMMENDATIONS:  1) go eat brunch at Bastille on a Sunday  2) go to the Ballard Farmers market afterwards, find the Jonboy Caramels stall & buy some  3)  eat & enjoy!

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