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What Flavor of SANE Ice Cream Am I?


I am writing you a book.  A recipe book.  A SANE recipe book.  A SANE Ice Cream recipe book.  A BOOK FULL OF SANE ICE CREAM RECIPES!!!!!

If you are even the tiniest bit as excited as I am, you’re pretty darn excited.  I am so excited I can barely stand it.

Since one of my core beliefs is that all ice cream recipe book launches should be especially fun, and because this is my first published book that has my name on the cover, and because you cheer me along so brilliantly from the sidelines, I am giving away 15 signed copies of my book the very instant it is published.  FIFTEEN!  3 copies will be winging their way to the UK, 3 to Australia, 3 to Canada, 3 to America, and 3 to anywhere in the world that isn’t one of those 4 places.  That will be 3 to every country I’ve lived in and 3 to the rest of the world.  It’s not the rest of the world’s fault that I haven’t lived there, yet.

Would you like one of these 15 signed copies to land on your doormat?  Here’s how:

1. Subscribe to my blog (you’re reading it right now).  The subscribe button is just to the left of here.  Type your email address in the box and press the button.  Then, every 3 days or so, a new post will plop into your inbox and you’ll never miss another recipe or sterling missive of good SANE advice again.

2. “Like” my blog Facebook page.  You need to do this because this is where I will post the daily SANE ice cream images.  You can find it here.  Or push the little orange Facebook button in the sidebar to the left of here; that’ll work too.

3. Head over to my blog Facebook page every day and guess what flavor of SANE ice cream I have posted that day by adding a comment to the picture.

4. Get *really* excited about a cook book full of recipes for SANE Ice Cream.  Because very soon you’ll be able to:

SANE Ice Cream Contest  |  Carrie Brown

…all the while supporting your health and body-fat goals AT THE SAME TIME.  How awesome is THAT?!

And since all good contests must have rules, here’s mine.  There’s only a few.

  • You must be subscribed to my blog.  See #1, above.  The winners will be announced right here.
  • One flavor guess per person per ice cream picture posted on my blog Facebook wall from Sunday August 3rd until publication of my book.
  • As soon as I post the next SANE Ice Cream picture on Facebook, guesses on the previous pictures are closed.  I just can’t keep up with following multiple threads on Facebook accurately.  Sorry about that.
  • If there are two or more flavors in one SANE Ice Cream, guessing any one of them will enter you in the draw.
  • There will be no answers until the book is out!

Oh, and to keep you going while you wait for this glorious, full-color book of SANE Ice Cream recipes, here’s one I posted earlier that you can make RIGHT NOW.

That’s it!  Get guessing!






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  • HeidiWhen will this fabulous book be published so we can all start making sane icecream? Where are we going to be able to find your new book?ReplyCancel

    • carrieFingers crossed later this month, and I will publish all the book details as soon as I have them on the blog and also on Facebook and Twitter!ReplyCancel

    • carrieLee – you need to post guesses on the Facebook page so I know which image you are guessing against! Head over and make your guess there now so you don’t miss out!ReplyCancel

  • MatildaSo super excited about this. Even if I don’t win a book, I will be buying one for sure.ReplyCancel

  • HeidiMy churner has been ready for months in the freezer and summer is running out. I Can’t wait, Super excited to try all the new flavors. Love the PB but tired of just PB now. Any chance you can post another flavor before the book comes out give us something new while we wait. PLEASE anything even just vanilla?ReplyCancel

  • Dieanna MercurioSo excited, will have to go out and get an ice cream maker once the book comes out! Hopefully I can win a cookbook :)ReplyCancel