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It seems I’ve known Kate for longer than I’ve been alive.  We worked together in England some 17 (SEVENTEEN?!?!?!?) years ago, and now here we both are by some lovely quirk of fate living 26.4 miles apart in Seattle, Washington.  When you think how enormous the world is that’s pretty wild.

Kate left England almost exactly a year before I did although prior to that we had drifted apart when our work paths forked in differing directions.  I don’t recall now how we did reconnect all these years later but I suspect Facebook had at least something to do with it.

A couple of months ago we decided it was high time we met up for coffee and filled in all the gaps in our respective lives.  When we did I was thrilled to hear that Kate still talks with a funny accent, although not as funny as mine given that she now uses ‘d’s’ where the ‘t’s’ are – like a real American.

Kate was quick off the mark to sign up for The Big Breakfast Adventure when I announced my weekend breakfasting intentions a while back, and despite not being a morning person she bravely agreed to meet at The Wandering Goose at 7 am on a Sunday for a spot of grub and a cup of tea.  We Brits do love our tea.  I opted for peppermint since the green tea on offer was Genmaicha – made with brown rice and a complete mystery to me.  Meanwhile, Kate put all Britishness aside and plumped for coffee. Big Breakfast Adventure  |  The Wandering Goose  |  Carrie Brown

The Wandering Goose is a delightful little spot – warm, cozy, and, once you’re in the door, every bit as inviting as a crackling open fire on a cold winters day.  I arrived right at 7, settled into a well-loved oak bench and watched as a stream of regulars stopped in to grab a coffee and a muffin, or linger over a plate of something more substantial.

Kate raced in after whizzing past a few times looking for a parking spot.  It gets busy early on 15th in Capitol Hill.  I knew when I caught sight of a Mini whooshing past the window that it must be her.  What else would she drive?  Still bleary-eyed she chose a large bowl of granola with various accoutrements.  By all accounts it was very sweet and it was later blamed for it’s heavy nap-inducing properties.  Those oats, you just can’t trust them.

For me it was a toss-up between the Bubble and Squeak – how entirely British! – and the Veggie Hash.  I opted for the Veggie Hash with the potatoes removed and some sausage added.  It came with greens poking mischievously out the sides and a couple of messily poached eggs nestled on top.  It was a hearty, filling skillet of yum.  The sausages were mildly spicy, adding some extra warmth to a dreary winter day.  I suspect that some of the veggies included in this dish were not altogether the *SANEst choices, but I wasn’t going to let a couple of pieces of parsnip spoil my enjoyment of this tasty concoction. Big Breakfast Adventure  |  The Wandering Goose  |  Carrie Brown

Kate is a marketing wizard so we brainstormed for a little while on some ideas for getting my cookbooks out there.  Kate is a big, big fan of my soup and veggie cookbooks so she is gun-ho to tell the world what healthy deliciousness awaits them within the pages.  And I’m always up for spreading the word to help more people eat smarter and live better.

Kate then shared her recent experience with Laughing Yoga, and I have to say just her lively description had me in stitches.  She is trying to persuade me to go to a class with her, and while there’s a big part of me that can see how beneficial this would be, there’s a bigger part of me that is just too shy to contemplate spending an hour with a bunch of strangers laughing my head off over nothing at all.  I think for now, anyway, I’ll stick to my Restorative Yoga, which, I must tell you is doing me the power of good.

Catching up with Kate was lovely.  We’ve since spent more time over coffee and a leisurely walk in the park.  It’s good to connect with people you enjoy.

Whatever makes you feel good – do more of that.


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  • Matilda - That goose logo is awesome, love the mug.

    Gosh I haven’t gone out for breakfast in years. Like since before kids. Must do it one day, and of course the SANE way.ReplyCancel

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