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It’s true that I love men.  It’s also true that I’ve been single for 7 years.  If you put those two things together it’s really no surprise that as much as I love my girlfriends, I do look forward to those occasions when I get to hang with male friends and catch a glimpse of life from a testosterone-fueled point of view.  Plus, of course, the hugs.  The hugs are awesome.  Oh, and having the car door opened for you.  Love that.

I knew today was going to be a splendid Big Breakfast Adventure for two reasons:

1. I was going to spend it with two of my favorite men.  The kind of men you ask to be the executors of your Will because you know they would dot every i and cross every t in exactly the way you would want.  The kind of men you can just be yourself around.  The kind of men that would be there in a heartbeat if required.  Yes.  Those kind of men.

2. I was going to eat what I have long considered to be the best breakfast in Seattle, and let me tell you I’ve downed one heck of a lot of Seattle breakfasts in order to arrive at that happy conclusion.

I supposed I should concede that this was another Big Breakfast Adventure that wasn’t really an adventure, since I knew when we set the date weeks ago exactly what I would be having for breakfast, and how *SANE it would be.  The upside is that I also knew it would need no tweaking to pass the test – I could order it straight up and a dish of *SANEity is what I would get.  I have lost count of the number of people I have force-fed invited to enjoy Lola’s Octopus Hash.  Every single one of them loved it.  I even scheduled a meeting there with my boss at 7 am one Thursday so he could experience the amazingness of noshing on a cephalopod to get the day started.

What is this magical breakfast of champions?  Octopus Hash.  It’s listed as Tom’s Big Breakfast on the menu, but Octopus Hash is what it is.  Mike was all in with the whole octopus-for-breakfast-deal right from the get-go, while Jeff wavered between that and the Sausage Omelet.  When he enquired of our lovely server which he should have her response was swift and sure.  Three plates of Octopus Hash coming right up! Big Breakfast Adventure  |  Lola  |  Carrie Brown

What makes eating Tom’s Big Breakfast an adventure is that they change the ingredients all the time.  I have never had it show up the same way twice.  The Mediterranean octopus is always there, and an egg perched jauntily on top, but the other ingredients in the hash are always a surprise.  Today’s offering involved kale, chick peas, shallots…and oh how I wish I’d taken a shot of the menu so I knew what else was in it.  Their online menu says: Tom’s Big Breakfast – Mediterranean octopus, Delicata squash, Josh’s leeks, bacon, onion, heirloom peppers, sage, garlic yogurt, poached egg.  Gosh!  I almost wish that had been today’s version.  My new baby appetite struggled to get through it all, but I finally cleared up every last sprig of kale and slice of sautéed tentacle.  My taste buds thanked me for allowing myself to squeeze it all in.

There’s usually a fair amount of geek when the three of us breakfast, most of which I don’t understand, but they do teach me cool things to do with my phone other than read email and send text messages – the only two things I am really proficient at.  I realized how awesome having techie friends was last year when Mike totally saved my a**  as I got stuck in the middle of moving my website from one hoster to another.  Boy did he ever get a big old container of *SANE Triple Toasted Coconut Ice Cream and a jar of *SANE Hot Chocolate Fudge Sauce to pour over it after he put all the bits back together and made it whole while I laid on his couch wailing and wringing my hands.

Today we talked about routines and how simple changes can wipe away all sorts of life stressors, and we mused on whether we’re starting to like routines because we’re getting older or because we’re getting wiser.  I voted for wiser.  But then I always come away feeling smarter when I’ve been around these two.

Whatever makes you feel good – do more of that.



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  • Sylvia - Hi Carrie

    Sounds like you had an awesome time with your friends. It’s very comforting to have friends like yours who you know you can rely on and trust. Lucky you!


    Sylvia xxReplyCancel

  • Tammy Fuller - Sounds like a wonderful adventure. I’m not brave enough to try octopus, but the rest of the breakfast sounds delightful.ReplyCancel

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