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It was one grey, grey day, weather-wise at least, when I shot over to North Queen Anne to meet Suzanne for a Big Breakfast Adventure.  One of those days the clouds were so low they were sitting on the pavement.  That, along with steady rain and gallons of spray from the cars careering down the road added up to an awful lot of grey.  The only things maintaining a vestige of color were the road signs, the emerald green paint reminding me that it is also the predominant color around here when the sun is shining – only then it’s the trees that catch my attention.

Grey weather be darned, I was off for a fun couple of hours in a café I had never entered, in a neighborhood I had never driven through.  The review of The Icebox Grocery was that they whipped up fantastic scrambles, so I had an inkling I was in for a relatively easy time finding some *SANEity to get my Sunday started.

Suzanne arrived 10 minutes ahead of me, and I found her wandering around the part-café-part-grocery store taking in the rustic charm – colorful cushions, walls dripping with local art, fresh produce, a smattering of café tables and chairs, and a wall of interesting groceries.  Arriving early got us the best seat in the house – a cushioned bench seat nestled right into the huge, bright, paned windows.  I imagined what it would be like to sit there on days when the sun was streaming in.  I may just have to go back there expressly for that experience.

I first met Suzanne back in November when she was part of the audience for the CreativeLive Course that Jonathan and I did.  Well, just to be clear, Jonathan did most of it – I just showed up, threw some recipes together, and fed everyone.  I like to think I played an important part in the proceedings.

During our time at the recording studio Suzanne and I had the chance to natter during breaks and over lunch.  She shared with me how passionate she was about improving her family of 6’s health and wellness, and was excited about Jonathan’s science and my recipes.  For me it is always wonderful meeting people out there in the trenches – so to speak – who are living what Jonathan and I share.  To hear how much better people are feeling and how easy it is for them compared to diets they had tried previously is immensely gratifying.  It makes everything that I do here on my blog and in my cookbooks worthwhile.

The Icebox Grocery is an order-at-the-counter affair so once we had made our scramble selections we ambled up to the counter to order.  Suzanne fancied the Greek Scramble – goat cheese, spinach, red onion, kalamata olives, tomatoes.  I opted for the Farm Scramble – bacon, spinach, tomatoes, gorgonzola.  The scrambles are served up with either potatoes or fruit.  I definitely wasn’t going to eat potatoes and I didn’t want to eat fruit either, but as I waited for my turn to order I spied some fresh coleslaw in the deli counter.  Once my Farm Scramble had been duly scribbled on the order pad I enquired, “Would it be possible to have a bowl of that delicious-looking coleslaw instead of the fruit or potatoes?”

“Yes!  Of course!” came the enthusiastic reply.  Perfect.  Unlike this photograph.  I obviously forgot to pack my shooting mojo when I left the house for this adventure.  Sorry about that. Icebox Grocery  |  Carrie Brown

We settled down at our table in the window and stayed there for 2½ hours – me sipping peppermint tea and Suzanne sloshing back glass after glass of water, eating our scrambles, and talking.  Yes, mostly talking.  Suzanne told fascinating stories of the places she has lived being married to a Coastguard, who it turns out cannot eat my SANE Peanut Butter Ice Cream in case he gets drug tested and shows positive for hemp milk.  Who knew?!?!  She’s going to use almond milk instead.

She shared how she had declared that she would move anywhere except Alaska, then spent 11 years living there after hubs was stationed in Juneau and loved it so much they are going to retire there.  I shared how I had planned to drive to Alaska one summer but my left kidney had other plans so I spent that time in a hospital in Manhattan instead.  Being hospitalized in New York was an interesting experience, but I suspect not nearly as interesting – and a lot more expensive – than a road trip to Alaska would have been.  I still plan to drive to Alaska someday.  I do not plan on being hospitalized in Manhattan again – and let me tell you my insurance company is thrilled about that.  It would have been {much} cheaper to have stayed at Trump Towers than Lennox Hill Hospital.  I am sure the food would have been better, by quite a margin, too.

We talked about the challenge of steering a whole family to *SANEity when Every. Single. Meal. you ‘ve served for the last 25 years has involved bread.  My Tortilla Soup has apparently played a not insignificant part in the process.  We shared our respective stories of ending up in the hood in New Orleans and wondering if we were going to make it out alive.  We talked about rejuvenation and how doing things that make you feel good is so very important.  I explained what my Saturday had looked like and how I felt bad for not being productive, to which Suzanne replied, “That sounds like a perfect day!”  Clearly I must work harder on the whole relaxation thing.

And then we shared how hugely grateful we each are for Jonathan Bailor and his dedication to debunking the last 40 years of dodgy health and weight loss advice.

As we sat there other brunchers came and went, and when we finally gathered up our things to head out there wasn’t an empty table in the place.  Word about their fabulous scrambles has obviously got out.

It was still raining as we said our goodbyes, but while it may have been a grey day weather-wise, we had a very sunny time by the window at The Icebox.

Whatever makes you feel good – do more of that.




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  • Allison - When you’re ready to drive to AK just let me know. I grew up there. :)

    Your scramble looked delicious. I would have ordered that same thing!ReplyCancel

  • Suzanne - Just read this and GUESS where I am?! Anchorage!! We’re just visiting but I was thinking…WHEN you do your road trip up here, you’ll have to let me know and we can do a Big Breakfast Adventure here too! No hospitals allowed! :)ReplyCancel

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