The Big Breakfast Adventure | Fiddlehead / Volterra / Fins / Saw Mill

While I was missing from here the last many months – and I still feel awful about having abandoned you – you would be forgiven for thinking that maybe I was missing from everywhere.  This is not entirely the case.  Although a very large portion of my weekends were spent holed up with my furry friends, quite a few Big Breakfast Adventures were embarked upon.  The commitment and accountability to others got me out of the house – which given the state of my brain had to be a good thing.  Afterwards, though, I felt entirely unable to write about them.  Sadly, a lot of the details have faded in the time that has passed between the devouring and now, but I still wanted to share all the fabulous *SANE food and the delightful people who I enjoyed it with.  I know many of you just love seeing where my breakfasting adventures take me and what *SANE goodness I get to eat.

Bea joined me at Fiddlehead Fine Foods in West Seattle, where they rustled up this delicious scramble with a bunch of greenery on the side, served up in their adorable dining room.  A hugely popular place for a weekend breakfast – the lines were snaking out the door well before they opened – but be warned: Nothing on the regular menu is *SANE or can be made so.  Believe me I tried.  I would have gone hungry if they hadn’t had this scramble scribbled on the Specials Board.  Alas, I no longer remember what was in it but I think it had something to do with sausage and spinach.  And cheese.  I am sure there was cheese involved.

www.carriebrown.comMy gracious and lovely friend, Sahara, met me at Volterra in Ballard for some truly taste-bud-tantalizing scrambles.  Sahara plumped for the Wild Mushroom Scramble – locally harvested wild mushrooms, eggs, Fontina, arugula and white truffle oil, served with Volterra hash browns which she substituted for fruit.  I wanted that too, but after I managed to coax my mind away from the whole wild mushroom thing, plumped for the Bacon, Provolone, Avocado, and Green Onion Scramble – Zoe’s bacon, imported Provolone, avocado and green onions, served with Volterra hash browns which they lovingly switched out for me with a green salad.  And oh! what a salad.  Exciting greens!  Fennel!  I cannot remember what else!  But let me tell you what a fantastic pile of green goodness that was.

We spent an inordinate amount of time oohing and ahhing over our respective plates of *SANE grub while in the grip of a fascinating conversation about Bi-Polar II and other assorted brain hiccups, before heading off to wander around the Ballard Farmers Market.  Always a delight.  It was a brilliantly sunny day and there was altogether too much fabulous farminess going on that I made Sahara stop me every time I went for my wallet.  Except when we got to the Firefly Kitchens Ruby Red Kraut and Yin Yang Carrots.  Oh my.

Then there was the wonderful breakfast at Fins Bistro in Issaquah hanging out with a beautiful lady by the name of Kari, who brought me flowers and generally spoiled me rotten.   I had no idea there was such a gorgeous brunch spot in that part of town.  We relaxed outside on the patio in the dazzling early June sunshine and chatted up a storm while Kari shared her *SANE story.  What a delightful way to spend the first few hours of a Sunday!  We could have sat there for many more hours enjoying each other’s company, had the line for breakfast not been growing at such a pace.

The food was fantastic and I do have to confess, when I was surfing the interwebs deciding where to meet it was the menu with the trout and eggs that caused my search to come to a screeching halt.  In all my years of Big Breakfast Adventuring around Seattle – both pre- and post- SANE – I have never seen trout on the menu.  And holy smokes does this girl love herself a nice piece of fish for breakfast.  The trout when it was delivered did not disappoint.  Add to that a couple of poached eggs and an exciting heap of greens and I had one happy mouth.  Kari chose one of their scrambles – with a salad on the side – and declared it delicious.

It is so rewarding to hear that JB and I have in some small way helped people on their road to health.  You’re an inspiration, Kari!

Later in June I had the absolute pleasure of dining with Tiffany – an incredible woman with 6 children, who volunteers at a local Youth Center helping troubled teens to turn their lives around.  I don’t know where she finds the time or the energy for it all!  As if that wasn’t enough I learned that Tiffany suffered a stroke in her thirties and has clawed her way back to health.  What an incredible story.

We arranged to breakfast at the Saw Mill Cafe in Mill Creek – a wildly popular family diner with long waits and happy servers.  It easily won first place in my list of almost-impossible-to-find restaurants.  I drove up and down the street I don’t know how many times before I gave in, parked the car, and finally located it on foot.  Just not on the street that it’s address is.  Weirdness.

Serving large portions of typical diner nosh I was a little concerned about their ability to make substitutions for us *SANE gals, but I needn’t have feared.  I opted for the California Omelet – crispy bacon, diced tomatoes, green onions & Tillamook cheddar cheese, topped with sour cream & sliced avocado, and served with their own naturally sweet salsa.  They happily produced a simple green salad in place of all those usual suspects of hash browns, toast and pancakes.  Tiffany enjoyed the Joe’s – a café specialty of seasoned ground beef with scrambled eggs, fresh spinach, mushrooms, onions & Swiss topped with parmesan.  We were certainly full by the time we were done.  Another successful *SANE eating adventure.

Just before we were ready to head out Tiffany scared me silly by asking me to autograph the *SANE apron that her mother had given her as a birthday gift.  I was terrified I would mess it up with that wretched Sharpie and ruin her new favorite cooking attire.  I am thrilled to report that we all survived intact.

So what are you waiting for?  Grab a friend and head out for your own *SANE Big Breakfast Adventure – there’s lots of delicious SANE food out there just waiting for you to go gobble it up!

Whatever makes you feel good – do more of that.



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  • Emily - It sounds like lots of fun. What is volterra hash? Is there a recipe?ReplyCancel

    • carrie - Hey Emily – we didn’t eat the Volterra Hash because we assumed it was some variant of potatoes :-) We had fruit and green salad instead.ReplyCancel

  • Sahara - Oooo my Gooodness, Iremember that wild mushroom scramble, makes my mouth water just at the mention of it. It was so so good!ReplyCancel

  • Tiffany Crain - I love the Big Breakfast Adventures write ups! You will be laughing to know that I only wore the apron YESTERDAY! I have been afraid to “ruin” it, too. But, it is my favorite APRON. So, I had to change my clothes after messing them up in the kitchen, and my friend is like wear the SANE apron! Maybe you should just sell them that way!

    I want to check out Volterra in Ballard. What a great description of the quisine! You have a talent for sure. :)ReplyCancel

    • carrie - Hi Tiffany – I so enjoyed our Big Breakfast Adventure! You are one inspiring woman. Enjoy that apron!ReplyCancel

  • Emily Pfohl - I’ve missed your missives ;) and am glad to hear you are enjoying yourself.

    I’ve been attending Focus Groups (go to Weight Watchers website/ Focus Groups) for guided meditations. They are not like WW mtgs and anyone can attend, not just WW members. They are $15.00 and take place every month. You strike me as an introspective person who would enjoy the exploration of mind, body, heart and life.
    Give it a try and let me know what you think.

    Hugs, EmilyReplyCancel

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