Big Breakfast Adventure | Bastille

As I pried my peepers open one Sunday a few weeks back, and blinked slowly at the sunlight streaming in through the periwinkle sheers gently waving in the breeze from the air vents, I concluded that a miracle was occurring. For the second late-Fall weekend day in a row the sky was a brilliant shade of deep blue and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.  At least not the bits of sky I could see from my supine position with a sea of blankets drawn up to my chin.  I reached one arm out from under the covers and felt around the nightstand for my phone to verify that I wasn’t dreaming. And there it was, bold as brass on confirmation that I needed to haul my a** out of bed and go play.

First stop was a Big Breakfast Adventure in Ballard. I’d brunched at Bastille in times past – before my journey to *SANEity began, so I knew the food was good, I just needed to discover how *SANE it could be.

EGGS EN COCOTTE: Eggs baked in cast iron with Skagit River ham, kale, bechamel & aged Comte.  With a side of bacon.  And a cup of peppermint tea thrown in for good measure.  Got to keep your liquids up.

So there you have it  – *SANE right out of the gate, no substitutions needed.  Admittedly there were not a lot of  options that could be classified as wholly SANE, but I am confident that Bastille would have been more than happy to oblige some starch sub-outs.  I made that word up.  You know what I mean.
The ambiance at Bastille is as delicious as the food, and in the colder months the fire is so delightful.  One of the best things about Bastille, though, is it’s location, with heavy wood and glass doors opening right onto the Ballard Farmers Market.  It was a most perfect day to stroll amongst the stalls piled high with all manner of edibles from around Seattle – veggies to oysters, fruits to caramels, salmon to cranberry juice, wine to pickles. Wreaths, handmade leather journals, artisan jewelry, soaps, felted wool slippers.  It’s all that as far as Farmers Markets go.

Imagine the sparkling sunshine,  being wrapped up in scarves and mittens against the crisp Fall air, and a hat crammed on your head.  Come stroll with me.

There were samples galore.  The smoked salmon and the cranberry juice – sugar-free! oh! my! taste buds! – were the highlights of the samplings.  Oh, and the cheese.  The cheese samples were goooooood.

I reveled in the cheery chatter, the smiling faces, and the easy-like-Sunday-morning feeling.  Farmers Markets, I believe, are good for the mind, body, and soul.

Whatever makes you feel good, do more of that.



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