DNA Testing – Now on sale for $69 – Don’t Miss It!

23andMe are currently offering their ancestry test for just $69, so if you’ve been waiting for a break to get yourself and / or your family tested for genetic mutations such as MTHFR, then NOW is the time!! You do not need the Ancestry + Health option to get what you need for detailed genetic analysis. The Ancestry option alone will give you what you need. (I have not found the 23andMe Health Reports especially helpful).


Using this link special link will not only get you the huge discount, but it will contribute a few pennies to Mr. McHenry’s cat food fund, and he thanks you enormously. Because Keto Kitty food is not cheap.


Get Your DNA test for 30% off!


If you have not seen the remarkable things can happen when you are armed with your DNA file, take a look at my recent talk: KetoCon Talk 2018


I highly encourage you to take this opportunity to dig deeper into your genes and find out what is causing any health issues you may be experiencing.




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  • Tracy - This test doesn’t include the health history, only ancesteral. At least that is how i read the website infoReplyCancel

    • carrie - You don’t need the health reports. The 23andMe health reports are not useful for things like detailed genetic analysis. You just need the DNA file. Then you run it through another website.ReplyCancel

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