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 So in the spirit of full disclosure, I’ve eaten breakfast at the Prime Meridian restaurant in the Omni Hotel, downtown Atlanta, countless times over the last 3 years.  And I *love* their breakfasts.  They produce an absurd brunch buffet with the most dizzying array of breakfast foods imaginable.  Or, you can choose a dish off the menu.  Talking of the menu…it is aptly called “The Art of Breakfast”.  And I quote:

“Welcome to the Art of Breakfast – to inspire, satisfy & enrich your day”

Wow.  I was inspired already.  Plus the Prime Meridian does make breakfast an art.  And after the whole darn thing was over, I was more than satisfied.  I *love* eating breakfast at the Prime Meridian.

 Ok, so I admit it.  Old habits die hard.  I had Eggs Benedict.  The breakfast buffet was HUGE.  The menu was extensive & had all sorts of strange Southern fare on it that I really should have been trying.  I have eaten large numbers of strange breakfasts this year while on my Big Breakfast Adventure & have discovered that there are a gazillion other yummy breakfasty things to be had.  But as I sat there overlooking Centennial Park in the early morning sunlight I realized that I actually hadn’t eaten Eggs Benedict for a very long time.  And suddenly, despite the staggering choices before me, the Eggs Benedict were calling my name & I just had to have them.

Taylor joined me for breakfast & had the simple two eggs any style with bacon & potatoes.  Well, at least I think that is what she had.  I was so wrapped up in my Eggs Benedict I may have missed it.

The Prime Meridian also has the most civilized tea tray anywhere.  The cutest little teapot & cup with a little ceramic bag holder for the bag once it is done  brewing in the steamy water.  Quite delightful.  Always makes me feel like I am somewhere really grand, but at the same time, the Prime Meridian is so unpretentious.

 The unpretentiousness is echoed by their servers.  I have always really enjoyed the staff at the Omni in Atlanta, but one particular server at the Prime Meridian is something else.  Her name is Sharon & if I was going to give an award for THE Best Server in America, it would go to Sharon at the Prime Meridian.  Outstanding service.  Truly.  I remember last year I had breakfast at the PM almost every day I was there.  And every day I made sure that I was sitting in Sharon’s section.  Even if it meant having to move.  Sharon if you’re reading this, you <<ROCK>>.  Thank you for your amazing service.

 You know, I have a suspicion that the Eggs Benedict at PM may indeed be the best Eggs Benedict I have ever had since I made the leap stateside from that small rock anchored just off the west of Europe in the North Sea.  They were perfect.  Simple, beautiful, fresh poached eggs, Canadian bacon, lightly toasted English muffins & house-made scratch Hollandaise sauce – pale yellow, smooth as can be, light & totally delicious.   They were exactly like Eggs Benedict should be.  They were perfect.

 Then after we were done with breakfast, Sharon brought us their signature palate-cleanser…a shot of drinking yogurt.  This time it was peach – a fitting choice, being in Georgia.  Last year I remember having a berry one.  Whatever the flavor, a delicious ending to a fantastic meal with extra-ordinary service.

I *love* eating breakfast at the Prime Meridian.  If you’re ever in Atlanta have breakfast here – your mouth will thank you at least all day & maybe even longer.

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