The Big Breakfast Adventure | Pete’s Egg Nest

(In case you missed how the Big Breakfast Adventure got started, you can read it  here:  How it all began)

Déjà vu.

Same place, same time, same day of the week.  Same table, same staff, same weather.  Same plates, same silverware, same ginormous menu.  And I expect for the most part everything’s been the same since Patty sold the Egg Nest to Pete 16 years ago.  If you didn’t know the story you could easily imagine that things have been {exactly} the same at Pete’s Egg Nest since the 1930’s.  Anyway, I digress.  Really there were only 2 things different to my last visit – who joined me & what I ate – so I’ll focus on those and you can get everything else from last time’s post.  Hey, I don’t want you getting bored or anything.  It would be seriously lonely without you.

Joany joined me.  Last time we had breakfast we went to Hudson in Georgetown.  Hudson is a diner & turned out to be a very cheap date.  Ditto on both counts today.  Since we brunched at Hudson, Joany has gone blond.  I am not sure whether she is having any more fun for the change of color but it sure looks cute on her.  Mind you, to me, Joany has always been one of those gals that couldn’t look un-cute if their life depended on it.  Quite annoying for the rest of us.

I was at Pete’s to eat The Best Bacon in Seattle, a title shared with Taste.  That meant that I could have whatever I wanted on the menu as long as I added bacon to it.  Now, while this may seem like a good thing, when the menu is as gargantuan as Pete’s is, it can really be quite a pain.  Luckily for me the first item on the specials list reached out & slapped me about the chops: Raspberry French Toast.  Came with 3 eggs & bacon.  Well.  That sounded just perfect.  Joany finally settled on the sausage omelette.  If it wasn’t good she has me entirely to blame since I oohed and ahhed over it after I ate it last summer.

My plate of nosh was a bit of a surprise when it showed up.  OK, that was really not what I was expecting in the Raspberry French Toast stakes.  I was expecting French Toast with fresh raspberries inside or raspberries in sauce all over the top or something.  Definitely not what I got.  What I got was…well…honestly, I’m not exactly sure.  See above.  If you think it looked a bit odd, I can assure you that it tasted that way too.  Big mistake on the menu choice today.  Ah well.  You win some, you lose some.

Pete’s Egg Nest is famous for it’s scrambles and omelettes and after my last trip there to eat the Best Scramble in Seattle, I have to agree.  Their French Toast?  Not so much.  And not a patch on Geraldine’s Counter’s French Toast.  Ah, but what about the bacon??  The bacon was good.  Was it the Best in Seattle.  No.  There.  I just came out and said it.  I’ve had lots of bacon that I enjoyed more than Pete’s.  The good thing about Pete’s bacon though is that they ask you how you want it cooked.

The thing that totally made up for the Raspberry French Toast faux pas was Joany & the conversation.  We mainly talked about work today.  And cats.  And, of course, men.  But only a little bit about men this time.

By the time we were ready to head out into the drizzle the place was packed like a can of sardines.  Standing room only – and there were some people standing.  People clearly love coming here and I totally get why: great scrambles & omelettes, huge portions, warm service, friendly atmosphere & dirt cheap.

If I lived up in that neck of the woods I am sure I’d swing by every now and then for a huge old plateful of eggs.  I’d just never go there for French Toast or bacon.


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  • Natasha - Pink.French.Toast. Every reason in the world to avoid breakfast joints like the plague. Scary!

    However, I don’t even drink bloody mary and that cocktail looks gorgeous. Mmm.ReplyCancel

  • cb - I admit, the Pink French Toast WAS scary. It even tasted scary. But in defence of other darn fine breakfasts everywhere, scary brunching episodes have been very few and far between. Thankfully.ReplyCancel

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