The KETO Soup Bowl Cookbook Q&A

Thank you so much for purchasing a copy of  “The KETO Soup Bowl” Cookbook!

I hope you are getting a lot of pleasure out of making and eating the recipes – I certainly had a blast creating them for you. I’ve put together this The KETO Soup Bowl Cookbook Q&A so you have somewhere easy to go for answers instead of trying to find me on social media or via email.

Please put your question in the comments below and I will update this page with the answers for everyone to read. I hope this helps!












  • Sue Turner - Hello Carrie. A friend gave my husband your KETO Soup Bowl Cookbook the other day and I decided to try one of your recipes. Now mind you, I was totally new to a low carb diet and had no idea what konjac flour or guar gum was/is. I also never heard of a Miracle Noodle. I’m still waiting for those items to arrive from Amazon. However, I decided to make one of your recipes without the thickening agents. I picked the Bacon and Brussels Sprouts Chowder and I am amazed at how good it is! Hubby has yet to come home and try it (hates most veggies) but I am sure he will be sold on this. I didn’t follow your recipe exactly, I used 16 ounces of bacon, well what was left after I picked at it, (you are right about not be able to resist it), I used a very large head of cauliflower and a 10 ounces package of shredded Brussels, carrots, cabbage and kale and no flour or gum. It still knocked me over. I can’t wait to try your other soups.ReplyCancel

  • Cindy Smith - I’m having trouble finding Konjac flour. Is it entirely different from Glucomannan powder?ReplyCancel

    • Cindy Smith - For anyone else who might be curious, konjac flour is the same thing as Glucomannan powder according to precisionnutrition.comReplyCancel

  • Brendan - Hi I recently bought the keto soup bowl. Can you tell me how many servings each recipe provides please.

    Thanks for your help


  • Andrea turk - Sooo I purchased the soup bowl book, wondering why it was $9.50, I apparently got the digital? What is that and how can I cancel my order as I need the book physically in front of me!? Help pleaseReplyCancel

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