Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach: Charles Hiller

Charles Hiller started his health and wellness journey as a Certified Massage Therapist, graduating from the Institute for Therapeutic Massage in 2011. His passion and drive led him towards health and wellness coaching where he became a certified Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach and was professionally trained by the Noakes Foundation Nutrition Network in Low Carb High Fat/ Ketogenic Nutrition and Treatment. He specializes in helping those persons with lifelong weight issues who have struggled to succeed to manage weight with customary nutritional guidelines.

Charles has additional certifications in cognitive behavioral therapy, which he has found useful to help his clients understand the connections between their thoughts and behaviors to be successful. His coaching is firmly based in understanding relationships with food and determining best practices in overcoming those obstacles.

Charles has personally seen success since starting his journey in 2015. He has alleviated his symptoms of depression, positively impacted his health markers and experienced substantial weight loss through a strict Ketogenic lifestyle. He often speaks of increased energy levels and mental clarity that is attributed to the ketogenic lifestyle. Charles has a passion for information and actively stays on top of current research and information within the LCHF Ketogenic community.

“I have not only helped others lose weight and reverse insulin resistance and hormonal imbalance, and I am a work in progress having already lost over 125 pounds. I know I have the tools that will find the correct method for you to achieve your goals.”

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