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Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach: Kimberly Hull

Kimberly Hull discovered Keto in 2015, one year after being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes with an A1C of 10, along with high blood pressure and other health conditions. At her highest, she weighed just over 300 pounds. Her lifelong experiences with being overweight have given her a compassionate understanding for others struggling with their weight, as well as a passion for sharing the Ketogenic lifestyle because of the incredible health gains she’s seen in herself and in those she coaches.

Being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes was a gift that changed Kimberley’s life for the better. Her fear of diabetic complications and shots was the motivation to begin searching for a way to control the diabetes using food, which led her to the Ketogenic way of eating and living.

Since that diagnosis, Kimberly has been learning everything she can about Keto and health through podcasts, reading, online presentations, and conferences. Her passion to share the Ketogenic way of eating and living with others to help them regain their health and a better and happier life has led to her leading a Keto meetup in Sacramento with over 700 members, and she has an active Instagram account with over 4,100 members.

Nearly 4 years after her diagnosis, Kimberly is in the 160s, close to her goal of 150, and is in better health at 53 than ever before! Her Type 2 Diabetes is completely reversed, her blood pressure is normal, and she’s off all medications. Instead of always feeling tired and having aching joints and feet, she has energy and enjoys activities like hiking and trail walks as well as weekly strength training using routines designed by the awesome Maura Vega. She also enjoys a weekly sprint interval session at local parks and is a fan of primal style fitness as taught by Mark Sisson and Brad Kearns as well as Dr. Doug McGuff.

Keto has not only improved Kimberly’s health and helped her lose weight, but it has given her hope as well as a passion for a fantastically healthy, fun, and active life that she loves, and she looks forward to enjoying it for the rest of her life. Her goal is to help people see that a permanent Ketogenic way of living is easy and sustainable.

As your coach, she is there to cheer you on, support and encourage you, and to be honest with you. She’s been where you are, and that experience gives her compassion and insight. Her goal as your coach is to teach you, help you discover your why, and to cheer you on as you move forward with a healthy lifestyle, not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. Health is about more than the foods you eat, which is why she takes a holistic approach. She’ll help you learn how to make Keto work for you and make this a permanent lifestyle change that you will love.

While Kimberly specializes in whole foods keto, carnivore keto, and helping women over 45 with keto, she loves to help coach anyone who wants help with a keto way of living

You can find her at the following links:

Blog: MyHealthyKeto.Life