If you’re reading this page right now I already know something about you.

You’ve heard this “Keto thing” is supposed to be AMAZING, you’ve seen HUNDREDS of “before and after” pictures on social media… and it seems like it could be the perfect solution for your weight and health issues…

…IF you just had a simple way to figure it all out!

From “macros”, to “fat adapted” to the science of carbs and protein, it can seem incredibly overwhelming… and that’s exactly why I created these Meal Plans + Recipes.

Whether you are brand new to Keto, or fell off the wagon, or stalled, want support and accountability, or just need to re-focus, the Happy Healthy Keto Meal Plans + Recipes are here to make YOUR Keto life easy and fun. Yes, FUN!

I think Keto can be a blast. And you’re about to find out that I’m right.

I am super excited to watch you transform yourself into YOUR HAPPY HEALTHY KETO BODY and I will be cheering you on all the way! 



The Happy Healthy Keto Meal Plans + Recipes will give you:

A lovely Private Facebook Group hosted by Carrie Brown, for all the support + community you need

Meal Plans – take all the guesswork out of what you have to eat – SIX (!!) different meal plans including egg-free, dairy-free, and sweetener-free, plus nut-free options

Simple, easy, and delicious recipes. You will be so excited about just how good feeling great can taste. And you won’t believe this super-tasty food is keto!

Shopping lists for every week to make it even easier for you

Download all the materials to your devices so you have them with you wherever you are


Love food and want all the variety to keep it interesting? The ALL THE THINGS MEAL PLAN is for you!

Want variety but don’t want to cook every day? You will love The RINSE AND REPEAT MEAL PLANS!

Ridiculously busy but still want delicious, healthy, keto food? The I HAVE NO FREAKIN’ TIME PLAN is calling your name!



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I read what previous Happy Healthy Keto Meal Plans + Recipes Devotees thought?
Yes! Check out these testimonials!

I am dairy-free or have other restrictions. Can I still use the Happy Healthy Keto Meal Plans + Recipes?
Yes! There will be plenty of options for dairy-free, egg-free, sweetener-free, and nut-free. Other restrictions can be discussed on an individual basis.

If I have questions how do I get answers?
Just head to our private Facebook Group: The Keto Kitchen with Carrie Brown and you will find thousands of lovely people (and me!) ready to help, support, and cheer you on!

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?
Once the materials are released I can’t give refunds since you cannot return them to me. Materials are released immediately after purchase.

Carrie Brown
Keto Cookbook Author | Food Photographer | Lover of great food | Self-healer of BiPolar 2 Disorder, depression, IBS, and psoriasis | Speaker of truth