They Remind Me Of Summer

Several lovely things happened today, and I wanted to share them with you.  Whole-heartedly.  Because they made me happy.

1. I bought a large bunch of green grapes.  They remind me of summer.  Fresh, firm, bright green grapes.  Their skins are so crisp that they <pop!> when you bite them, their sweet, tingling juice gushing out instantly, like a burst pipe on a cold winters day.  I’m crazy about grapes.  Green grapes.  Yet months go by where I forget that about myself, so I’m thrilled to report that I re-discovered grapes 2 weeks ago.  I confess I’ve been a grape junkie ever since.  Grapes & fine aged cheddar, grapes & peanut butter scooped straight from the jar, grapes & more grapes.  I ate 2 pounds of grapes for lunch the other day.  They were delicious.  I felt delicious afterwards.

I sometimes day-dream I have a hammock, outside in my garden, where I sway gently as I pop them into my mouth.  While listening to this.

2. My new toy arrived last Monday.  In an unusual display of self-control, it has been sat on the kitchen counter all week, unopened.  I’ve been eyeing it up every time I dashed past at some ghastly hour in the morning, en route to the ‘fridge to grab the milk.  I do like to spend the first few minutes of my day in the company of Chocolate Milk.  Each night as I rolled in the door, hardly dashing…instead…wandering wearily by, on my way to feed the troops, I’d eye the box up as it lay languishing under the halogen spot lights.  It’s been waiting, patiently, for the weekend to roll up so it could come out to play.  Today is The Day.  A tilt-shift lens that I have absolutely no idea how to use.  Something to do with the Scheimpflug Principle.  I know…me either.  There’s knobs & buttons & a funny square bit half way down.  It’s meant for making images of buildings & other stuff with straight lines so that they don’t converge & look all wonky.

I made images of grapes.

3. I replaced the dead bulb in my kitchen.  The enormity of this may be lost on you, but it truly was an event worth noting.  This coming week will be much improved by the addition of a working light bulb.  Tomorrow I am planning on tackling the dead battery issue that is affecting at least 2 of the clocks in my house.  As luck would have it, having a bunch of stopped clocks does not appear to have altered my ability to get where I needed to be on time.

I am *very* grateful for small mercies.

Happy {grape-filled} week!


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