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The Whole Crazy Thing

Back in July, The Bailornator and I quietly snuck into a studio and started hanging out.  We chatted – over several bottles of water and a lot of pretty wild-looking green smoothies – about health and fat-loss and other cool stuff that we think most people will want to know.  We talked about things like clogged drains, walking around naked, and how I am in a hate / hate relationship with my exercise bike.  We laughed a lot.  A lot. We’re still laughing.  And then we started recording the whole crazy thing.

If you’ve been following along for a while (THANK YOU!) – when I first started this little blogette of mine – and have noticed terms like *SANE, *inSANE, *SANEity and other odd expressions creeping in, and are wondering what in the world it’s all about, this podcast will start to unravel the mystery.  If you wondered why I suddenly started cooking my own stuff instead of eating everyone elses, and were perplexed over the advent of the Friday Night Dinner – this podcast series will start to make it clear.

Jonathan Bailor and Carrie Brown

We’re recording one every week, but since I am 10 11 12 podcasts behind, I’ll be posting several quickly in order to get caught up.  Then I’ll get with the schedule and there’ll be one a week.  Sorry about that.  And if this isn’t your thing, you can just skip right on over them.

The thing is, when we started these I didn’t think it was a big deal, so I didn’t write about it here.  Turns out, as of two or so weeks ago, we had over 100,000 listeners.  ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND LISTENERS!!!!!!  Which is a big deal.  It’s a HUGE deal.  So here’s a massive


to every single one of you for being part of that huge deal.  THANK YOU for your support.  You all rock.


EPISODE 1: Simple Surprising Science


And, as is my wont, I have just decided to post Episode 2 right here in the same post.  It’ll get us caught up quicker.


EPISODE 2: How To Burn Fat Automatically like A Naturally Thin Person


To listen or download via iTunes, go here.


And, since this is a launch, I just had to add a very special foot picture. Jonathan Bailor and Carrie Brown

YES!!  That is Jonathan Bailor.  AT MY FEET.

Happy, happy podcasting!


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  • Jennie DaviesHi Carrie … I love the podcasts … And have seen good results … Body fat down from 31 % to 24% and considering I’m 60 I’m well happy … I need to ask you .. I have been putting a natural sweetener in my green tea .. It’s made from natural fruit extracts ( apple grape carob ) is this ok ???? Also what about pink salt … ???? Not in my tea ….. Haha Thanks from Jennie xReplyCancel

    • carrieAwesome job on becoing SANE, Jennie! Look at you go. Given that your body fat is down to 24%, I’d say your natural sweetener is just fine. Remember, we’re not about perfection – we’re about moving towards it. Huge congrats on your success. Salt is fine as a seasoning, too.ReplyCancel

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  • Belinda StephensCarrie,
    Hope you had a lovely holiday. 3 cheers for a fantastic lady!

    In my thoughts,
    Willis, TXReplyCancel