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The Skinny On SANE Baked Goods And Other Treats

For the past little while it seems all I’ve posted is recipes for baked goodies, desserts, and *SANE versions of all those things we love to eat but hate what they do to us.  Consequently, I regularly get asked whether these SANE versions are really SANE, and how much or how many you can really eat, so I thought it was time for a little clarity.Vanilla Cranberry ShortbreadI have focused on creating SANE versions of your favorite treats because the majority of you repeatedly tell me your biggest struggle with maintaining a SANE lifestyle is the feeling of having to “give up” all your beloved foods – many of which are just downright emotionally comforting.  When you realize you have to give up the regular versions to reach your goals you feel deprived, and that feeling is never going to help you stay on the right path.  My goal is to give you baked goods, desserts, and treats that taste better than the regular ones, while supporting you in your health and fat-loss goals.  We all recognise that we’re WAY more likely to stick with a healthy eating plan when it involves fantastic-tasting food, and we’re not constantly battling hunger pangs.  We’re also agreed that deprivation does not help us reach our goals long-term.  You tell me I am filling that void for you, and helping you stay the course.  That makes me hugely happy.Carrie Brown | Apricot Cardamom MuffinsBut to be sure we are on the same page, let’s get down to some nitty-gritty for a moment.

Are these SANE cupcakes, muffins, pancakes, desserts and other treats really SANE?

Not necessarily, especially when you eat them on their own.  Remember that *SANEity focuses on protein, fiber and water.  My recipes are all wheat-, grain-, unhealthy fat-, and sugar-free, so they are a HUGE step forward in the health and SANEity stakes, but they generally contain a relatively large amount of nuts and seeds, which are lower down the SANEity scale than non-starchy veggies and good sources of protein.  It’s worth repeating the PSA I wrote in my first SANE baked goods post: Cheesy Scones (Biscuits):

“When we say these are *SANE, what we really mean in this instance is that they do not contain any sugars, starches, grains or unhealthy oils. They do not provide a huge amount of protein, fiber or water which is what makes a food truly SANE. They DO provide healthy fats, some fiber & the other nutrients that almonds bring to the table. So, enjoy these as a treat, but not to the detriment of your day dose of SANE protein, fiber and water.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.  HA.  Plus I got an A++ on my report card from Bailor for that.Sour Cream and Chive BiscuitsSo how do you recommend that I include these in my SANE lifestyle?

  • Continue to focus on the basics of SANEity – protein, fiber, and water – for the majority of your meals and snacks.
  • Generally speaking – eat these SANE treats in moderation.  I have found these SANE versions are WAY more filling than their wheat-, unhealthy fat, and sugar-filled counterparts, so it’s much easier to stop at one or two instead of downing half a dozen.
  • Look at your food choices for the day and adjust the other amounts of fat in your intake accordingly to allow for the higher fat content of any baked goods or other treats you choose to consume.  For example, use egg whites instead of whole eggs in your breakfast scramble with your SANE Vanilla Blueberry Pancakes.  Or leave the avocado out of your SANE Green Strawberry Milkshake Smoothie when you feel like enjoying a couple of SANE Dark Chocolate Espresso Cookies with it.  It’s all about balance.
  • Take into account your own unique health and fat-loss goals.  If you have a large amount of body fat that you want to lose then you will want to be more careful with fat intake, and bump up the proteins and non-starchy veggies in your day.  If you are nearing your desired body fat percentage you can enjoy more SANE baked goods and other treats.  It will be different for everyone.  Check where you are now, and where you want to be, and adjust your intake accordingly.
  • Don’t hold back on special occasions.  Enjoy.  You can easily adjust your intake the next day or two to allow for any perceived over-indulgence.
  • Remember that per portion the amounts of fats and xylitol are small, unless you are planning on eating the whole batch!  For example, in these SANE Orange Coconut Cupcakes, you are only eating ONE FIFTEENTH of the recipe, per cupcake.  Totally nothing to be concerned about.  Enjoy!
  • A lot of the recipes are fortified with whey protein or egg whites, and also usually have fiber in the form of fruit, nuts, and / or seeds, which makes them more SANE.
  • If you live with other humans who are not following a SANE lifestyle, it will be easier for you to stay the course if you keep these SANE versions in the house for them to eat rather than the regular versions from the store.  They won’t be able to tell the difference if you do not tell them they are SANE.  I have blind taste-tested these recipes extensively on people who do not know what I do and they were stunned to find out afterwards they are wheat-, grain-, and sugar-free.
  • If you are having desperate wheat, grain, starch, or sugar cravings these SANE versions are a FAR, FAR BETTER choice.  Overeating on these SANE versions would always be preferable over the regular alternative.  You can compensate once the cravings have subsided.  Don’t panic!
  • If you have allergies, or are intolerant to xylitol or nuts, be careful. You will need to manage your consumption of anything that irritates your body or has an undesirable side-effect. This management may mean not-at-all or small amounts, depending on your individual situation.

Lemon Curd | Carrie Brown

There are no hard and fast rules here, so – bearing the above points in mind – strive for balance between SANEity, your current state of health, your fat-loss goals, taste, emotional comfort, and banishing feelings of deprivation. Whatever keeps you on the SANE path most successfully is what you should do.

Progress not perfection!  Especially if perfection is so hard that it makes you throw up your hands in desperation and give up, or stop progressing altogether.

Progress not perfection






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  • JanknitzI make sane treats occasionally, and I enjoy the first serving or two and then I’m done. Satisfied, happy, don’t need any more. Into the freezer until next time I’m looking for a treat, and sometimes forgotten until my husband eats them up.

    They are not like INsane treats that make you want more and more.ReplyCancel

  • NancyWhat you said in the post I find exactly to be true. Your versions of these recipes are tasty and filling. They don’t leave me craving more like wheat and sugar based recipes do. I make the cheesy scones about every three weeks. Before SANEity if I made a batch of biscuits they would be gone in a day or two. When I make your cheesy scones, one is so rich and so satisfying I don’t crave more than one. A batch will last a week (for my husband and me.)ReplyCancel

  • Fi the choccy BeaverHi Carrie. I am not sure where to post this-hope here’s ok! I am a vegetarian, have been SANE for nearly a month now. Not seen huge results yet in measurements, but way more energy and I’ve had much fewer cravings for choc and ice cream-which is a big thing for me! Anyway, I feel my protein sources are limited as a veggie, with Quorn (is this SANE?), eggs, whey powder, Greek yog and cottage cheese (and quark, fab supersane ultra low fat high protein no added anything cream cheese), and soy/tofu. But having 30g plus, 4 times a day, means I’m having several eggs a day (isnt it bad to eat too many eggs?), whey powder (this is so expensive!), lots of dairy products (again, isn’t it bad to rely so heavily in dairy food?), and soy. And I want to stop soy, since I’ve read a lot about it being bad in several ways for our hormones, is this right? So, basically, is this ok? Is there a way to get more variety? And are such high amounts of dairy and eggs ok? Thanks Carrie, sorry to go on!! XReplyCancel