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It’s {Another} Book!

Dear, dear people.

Lately I have started way too many posts apologizing, and here’s another one, just to round things out.  I’m sorry I’ve been MIA.  In my defense, while I’ve been missing from here, I’ve been beavering away over there, and entirely on your behalf.  I’ve written you {another} cookbook.  A whole second book!  I think you’ll like it, mainly because it is full of soup.  More to the point, it is full of *SANE soup.  40 fat-burning, health-boosting, totally delicious soups.  I think my timing was good because it’s definitely soup season where I am, and where a lot of you are, too.  If you are one of our Southern Hemisphere friends, make them anyway – even though you’re heading into summer – they really are delicious.  And easy.  And simple.  And staggeringly healthy.  Did I mention delicious?Leek and Fennel Soup  |  Carrie Brown

I’d really like it if you added this cookbook to your collection of awesome SANE resources, mostly because these recipes have the power to make living a SANE lifestyle that much easier, and THAT is important, dear people.  It’s important because Jonathan and I continually hear that you want delicious SANE recipes that make it a doddle to stay on track, and that part of staying on track is recipes that are easy and fast to make.  Check!Cucumber, Celery and Dill Soup  |  Carrie Brown

Then, we regularly hear the cry, “How can I get more veggies into my day?”  This book is the answer to that – 40 scrumptious SANE soups.  FORTY!!!!  The big 4-0!!!!Green Bean Casserole Soup  |  Carrie Brown

As the lovely Jonathan Bailor said in his foreword:

“Enjoying an abundance of non-starchy vegetables is the single most impactful action you can take to optimize your health. Enjoying these spectacular, simple, and savory soups is the most practical and enjoyable way to do that. I could not recommend anything more highly than I recommend “Eat Smarter! Soups”. It’s made living optimally infinitely easier and more enjoyable for me, and it will do the same for you.

Practicality, perfected. Nutrition, perfected. Taste, perfected. I’m so excited for “Eat Smarter! Soups”  to warm your soul while it shrinks your waist.”

Bacon and Brussels Sprout Chowder  |  Carrie Brown

SANE soups are magical.  Here’s why:


  • They are wildly nutritious.  Veggies, veggies, and more veggies.  These recipes are all veggie all the time, although your taste buds won’t believe it.  There is no better way to get a ton of real, whole food goodness into your body.  We love non-starchy veggies!


  • You can eat way more veggies in soup form before you get full than if they were in whole form.  If your goal is to cram more nutrition into your day, soups do it better than anything else; not to mention that with soups you don’t feel like you’ve been munching on veggies all day long.  You just feel like you’ve been slurping down deliciousness.


  • They don’t look like vegetables.  If you – or those you feed – are not typically of the vegetable persuasion, this could well be the all-star game-changer.  Our minds are great trick players – if it tastes great and doesn’t look like something you thought you didn’t like, it’s a slam dunk.  Top tip: ask people if they like it before you tell ‘em what’s in it.


  • They don’t taste like vegetables.  At least they don’t taste like the vegetables you’ve been used to.  With these soups you can eat things that you don’t like in real life.  Cabbage that tastes like tortilla soup?  Brussels Sprouts that taste like bacon?  Cauliflower that tastes like rich cheese sauce?  Yes!  Please!  And can I have seconds?

Sausage and Kale Soup  |  Carrie Brown

  • They are simple and easy to make.  Simple recipes that come together in a heartbeat and are easy enough for kitchen novices.  Just learning your way around a kitchen?  Start with soups!


  • They are low maintenance.  You can wander off and do something else while they are cooking.  Dishes?  Done.  Laundry folded?  Done.  Quick break with a cuppa?  Done.


  • They can easily be made in large batches. It takes almost no more time to make 16 servings than it does 4.  Make a huge pot and enjoy effort-free meals for several days.


  • They are freezable.  Make large batches, freeze in portion-sized containers, and you have instant meals at your fingertips; except these instant meals are healthier than just about anything else on earth that you could eat.

Prawn Cocktail Soup  |  Carrie Brown

  • They are easily portable.  Perfect for lunches, road trips or any time you need to have a tasty, nutritious meal on the go.


  • They are fast and easy to reheat.  A pan on the stove top or a quick spin in the microwave, soups are reheated and ready to go in minutes.


  • They are just as tasty cold as they are hot.  Well, most of them.  Some soups just need to be hot to make sense – like Chili – but others are equally as delicious cold.  Soups aren’t just for winter anymore.


  • They only need a spoon to eat them.  Then, if finding a spoon is an issue, you can just drink them.

Thai Chicken Coconut Soup  |  Carrie Brown

Most important of all – the ones with protein included in the recipe are perfect, complete SANE meals.  They have everything that you need in one simple, portable bowl – non-starchy veggies, protein, and healthy fats.  No wondering what to have with your protein.  No juggling several different dishes or sides.  No wondering if you got the balance right.  Just pack a bowl of this and you’re done.  For the recipes that don’t include protein, there’s a handy chart to help you decide what protein to toss in to make the perfect one-bowl meal.

And if you still aren’t sure whether you need this SANE and scrumptious soup cookbook in your life, here’s the note that The Bailornator posted on my Facebook wall a couple of weeks after I shared some of the recipes from the book with him.  When I say shared, what I really mean is that I made him soups from this book and took them down to the recording studio for a couple of weeks.  And then gave him the recipes because he said he could not possibly wait until the book was published to eat them again.  Bless him.

Jonathan Bailor on Carrie Brown's Soups

I admit when I saw those words on my Facebook timeline, I nearly fell out of my chair.  I can’t imagine anything more humbling than seeing the dude who spent 10 years of his life researching nutrition, the author of the brilliant Smarter Science of Slim, and, let’s face it, a guy who has 9% body-fat and a staggering physique, change his eating habits to eat as many of my recipes as possible.

So if you’re looking for a way to cram veggies into your day in the most delicious and nutritious way – here are 40 ways to do just that.Eat Smarter! Soups Cookbook Cover

THANK YOU for all your support while I was missing.  THANK YOU for all the cheering and whooping from the sidelines.  THANK YOU for all the notes and posts and emails.  They meant the world to me while I was heads down working on this tome.

You dear, dear people are simply awesome.



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  • teilzeitDAUI love the book! Can’t decide which soup I like best, every one that I made so far was a total success.

    I think I’ve traded my starch addiction for a “Carries recipes addiction” but I can definitely live with that!!!ReplyCancel

    • carrieYou are so sweet, teilzeitDAU!!! I think my fave is the Clam Chowder. Today, anyway…ReplyCancel

  • Allison ShermanI love this book. I cannot decide which one to make first. But future book purchasers, do yourself a favor and when you order the book, take a minute to order konjac flour and guar gum at the same time. It’ll save time going from store to store looking for that stuff. I can’t wait to get these odd little ingredients in the mail this week. I found them easiest/fastest/cheapest on

    Carrie, bless you for pounding out this book. I love soup!ReplyCancel

    • carrieThis is extremely good advice, Allison – THANK YOU! :-D GO, Soup!ReplyCancel

  • Allison ShermanPS: One of the best things about soup is that it goes well with CHEESY BISCUITS!ReplyCancel

  • JulieOrdered my book over the weekend! It is supposed to arrive tomorrow. :)

    Congrats on book #2 Carrie!ReplyCancel

  • MatildaI now own an ipad, so I can buy the ebook’s (i’m hoping they will be gifted to me, if not I’ll buy them myself), but I’m so excited, shame it’s not winter, but who cares, soup!ReplyCancel

  • FrancescaGreat book, although as you say, here ‘downunder’ we are heading into summer; freezable and portable work lunches will still be great. I’m looking forward to getting in the kitchen. I also bought the SANE ice cream recipe book for my daughter for Christmas, she has a seldom-used ice cream maker in the cupboard, this might inspire her! Love your stuff Carrie. Francesca (Adelaide, Australia)ReplyCancel

  • EdaCarrie, I love listening to your podcast and I’m really inclined to buying your books. However, I’m from Brazil and we don’t have xylitol available (I googled it but most companies wont send it overseas). Honestly, I’m afraid to buy the book, the churner and have disappointing results because of it…Will it taste bad or not work at all if I use stevia or something? What do you suggest?

    Ps: I’ve been living SANE for 9 months now, lost 15 kilos and now I’m in dire need of inspiration and creativity to keep going the long run. Thank you so much for providing that!

    (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)ReplyCancel

  • LindyJust ordered your book, Carrie. Wondering what VitaMix do you use or recommend?ReplyCancel

  • ROSECarrie/everyone,

    Made my first soup last night and love it so much, I now plan to go the Bailornator route and make/eat these soup non-stop :-)

    How do you store large amounts of soup in the freezer? I cannot seem to find on amazon an airtight glass container large enough.
    Right now I’m thinking ginormous Ball jars for the freezer?


  • ROSELINDY/CARRIE, I also have a reconditioned base model and it works perfectly.

    Last night was my first soup (Tortilla soup with chicken – and no tortilla). I was amazed how it heated the soup so quickly due to the power of the motor so definitely do not walk off mid-blend. The more advanced models detect the heat and stop automatically (but that will run you many hundreds of dollars more…). And this also demonstrated to me exactly why Carrie says get a different blender for normal blending needs.ReplyCancel

  • ROSEI have these very bowls, I didn’t occur to me to use them in the freezer. These are great because I can just thaw/microwave and eat away. Gadzooks! Thanks, Carrie!

    Day two in my Vitamix/soup odyssey and I’m making another batch of Tortilla soup (adding green chilies this time for a try). Yes, I’ve almost emptied out the first lot. I must do some grocery shopping so I can diversify my soup options. Also making a variant of Carrie’s sausage and mushroom bake using chorizo sausage for the work week’s lunches.ReplyCancel

  • RoseUpdate —

    Tortilla soup: I added ~1/4 – 1/6 cup of green chilies to the Tortilla soup and it worked out well. I love spicy but cannot tolerate much more than “mild” salsa, so take that for what you will. Loved it.

    Sausage & Mushroom bake: substituted the sausage with equal amounts of chorizo and I love, love, love it. Definitely spicier, some may want to mix and match their chorizo w/ equal amounts of sausage.

    Happy Nov 25th week, everyone! Thank you again, Carrie.ReplyCancel

  • EdaCarrie, you answered everybody but me :( You are hurting my feelings (particularly my ice cream desires feelings) this way.
    I’m afraid it is because the recipes won’t work with other sweeteners… Is that it?

    I bought the soup book and loooooved it! It’s awesome, thank you so much for it!ReplyCancel

  • carrieHi Eda! I am sorry I missed your comment. It is getting harder and harder for me to keep on top of all the correspondence that I get these days and sometimes I miss things. Can you get erythritol in Brazil? Or a product called Lokanto?ReplyCancel

  • EdaYayy, I have a celebrity talking to me, so excited! But no, I can only get Stevia, sucralose and the devil, aspartame.
    Should I just give up? And sorry for harassing you so much! :)ReplyCancel

  • Nadine WhiteI am SO pleased to see your book of Soups, having become a confirmed weekly user of your wonderful Book of Ice Cream (and also of several of the other recipes from your website)!

    One of the challenges in the UK is finding suppliers of some ingredients. For example for the ice creams, I can only find sugar-free version of commercial Almond Milk over here… and I have had to make my own Hemp Milk with shelled hemp seeds and water (1/2 cup of hemp seeds to one and a half cups of water works well… that’s US ‘cups’… or 12 fluid ounces of water). The only commercial hemp milk available is full of sugar and other unwanted stuff.

    I’ve just downloaded your Soups book on my Kindle and am anticipating the delights ;-) .

    And again ingredient availability is an issue for the soup recipes. I’ve ordered some konjac powder to use as thickener, but I have to get it from a German supplier, as it doesn’t seem to be available in the UK. I’m prepared for the possibility that I might experience some digestive effects from konjac.

    Question: I do already have some chickpea(gram) flour and wonder if it might work as a substitute for some of the recipes.

    THANK YOU for all your work in producing the recipes for this delightful and SANE food!ReplyCancel

  • Rose“Cauliflower that tastes like rich cheese sauce? Yes! Please! And can I have seconds?”

    Holy cow, I made the cauliflower and cheese soup last night and… dare I say it? I kept licking the ladle. Ate the entire over-stuffed bowl for lunch. Then this evening I poured more soup into a lunch bowl for tomorrow and licked the ladle again. I just can’t stop. It is cheesy and filling and oh man, how I love this. My blood sugar is SANE and my palate is happy! (And guilt free!!!)

    Next up, I’m trying out the coconut soup…ReplyCancel

  • Dr Mike KeenHi, all you UK SSoSers. I have, so far, sourced ALL Carrie’s ingredients from For both soups and ice cream. I use Amazon Prime and get 95% of the stuff within one day! AMAZing service.
    Dr Mike Keen
    SSoS Team memberReplyCancel

  • KristaHi Carrie-

    I just bought your book and it looks amazing. One question – I can’t eat chicken. Do you have a suggestion for what to substitute for chicken stock in your recipes?ReplyCancel

  • Sherry YanceyCarrie!!!! Guess what was under my tree??!!?? Yeppers, a soup cook book. I should not be this excited. :DReplyCancel

  • SuzanneCarrie: Your website and recipes are such a gift – thank you SO much! Once I started listening to the SSOS podcasts and then found your website, I was hooked. Then – TWO COOKBOOKS! Wow! I have never been a veggie-lover and your recipes have turned me around. I now love to make soups. (Before, I didn’t even like to cook!)

    Now, a question for you: GUAR GUM. I suspect when I added it to my Spinach and Orange Soup, I may have blended too long. Not sure. Is there any way to undo (dilute?) the effects of the guar gum. The soup now seems just a bit too thick/gummy/gluey. Any advice would be appreciated. I figured I’d ask before I did too much more damage. : )

    Thank you for for all you are doing. You are such a talent and, oh, so entertaining in your writing and podcasts. Know that everything you are doing is a big help to all of us out here who wish to shed the fat, get healthier, and eat yummy food!ReplyCancel

  • JerelI’ve been making these soups since before I really started trying to live the SANE lifestyle. My, but they are DELICIOUS! I’ve made the Fennel/Leek Soup, a Cucumber soup, and the Brussel Sprout and Bacon Chowder. They’re all delicious and VERY filling! Thank you! I also got the Ice “Cream” book, and just today got the vegie book. I can’t wait!ReplyCancel

    • carrieJerel – thank you so much for the cookbook love and support! I hope you love the ice cream and veggie books every bit as much!ReplyCancel

  • JanelleCarrie, I have borrowed this book from my local library, and was looking at it today. I was terribly excited about the Thai Chicken Coconut Soup, as it looked just like something I recently tried in a restaurant and absolutely loved! So off to the store for lemongrass and lime (had everything else) and that was my dinner tonight. That was probably the best soup I’ve ever made! It was phenomenal!!! Now I’m going to have to go order my own copy of the book, because I cannot wait to try the other recipes. You are amazing! Thank you SO much for all your hard work and for sharing your talents with us. This is the first time I’ve ever been deliriously happy over soup!!! :-)ReplyCancel