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Eat More, Exercise Less, Live Better and Lose Weight!

2013 is going to go out with one heck of a BANG! this year.

On December 31st The Bailornator’s new book, The Calorie Myth, will be published by HarperCollins.  I am so excited I can barely stand it!!!  Even though I’ve already read it, I simply cannot wait for this magnificent tome to be let loose on the world.  You know when every once in a while something incredibly special comes along that you want to share with everyone in your life because you know, without a doubt, it can immediately improve their lives?

This book is one of those things.  And it’s written by one of my very favorite people – the utterly brilliant Jonathan Bailor.  He explains the science and tells the truth about health and fat-loss in a way that is so very simple.  And let’s face it, maintaining a healthy body should not be hard.  Jonathan’s first book, The Smarter Science of Slim, completely changed the course of my life.  I have no doubt that The Calorie Myth will do that for hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

“Based on more than a decade of research and endorsed by top doctors and researchers from Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins, and UCLA, The Calorie Myth, by Jonathan Bailor, offers a radically new and scientifically proven model for sustainable weight loss: the key to long-term success is not the quantity of calories that we eat or exercise off, but rather the quality of our food and exercise.  Bailor summarizes more than 1,300 scientific studies to offer us an alternative roadmap to lifelong weight loss and vibrant health. And, in doing so, he exposes the fundamental myth upon which the diet industry has been built: eat less + exercise more = weight loss. The equation simply doesn’t add up! Isn’t it time we forever change the way we think about fat loss and robust lifelong health?”


But don’t wait until December 31st to order your copy.  Here’s why:

If you pre-order 3 or more copies, as well as getting copies of this life-changing book hot off the press, you can gain access to a myriad of bonuses including a free e-book, recipes, eating and exercise plans, and even videos.  And if all that isn’t enough, pre-order using the link below and a portion of the proceeds will be gifted to charity.  You win, they win.  Get together with friends and family to place a bulk order and enjoy all those bonuses!

If you want just one copy for yourself, click on the book image below and not only will your copy of The Calorie Myth be winging its way to you the day it releases, you’ll be helping out folks in need via a charitable gift.  Jonathan has set up this special link to take you to the page where he can track the charitable gifting.  Please place your pre-orders from that page to make sure that Jonathan can track correctly.  This applies to Kindle editions as well.

calorie myth book

Want to avoid all the frustrations of New Year diet and exercise programs that just end up leaving you fatter and poorer?  Want to free yourself from all the frustrating calorie myths?  This is the book that will show you why you need to eat more and exercise less – but smarter – to lose weight and live better.

Finally understand the why and how of health and fat-loss, and discover for yourself how simple slim can be!


And then, once you’ve pre-ordered your copy of The Calorie Myth, tune in again tomorrow for two versions of SANE Cranberry Sauce to dress up the turkey at your Holiday gatherings!  Gobble gobble!



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  • KizCarrie:

    While we all wait for the book, I want to Thank YOU for all the excellent recipes.

    I have made the following in the past two weeks since watching you on creativeLive:
    Green smoothie-Orange creamsicle, with almond milk instead of coconut
    Leek and Mushroom quiche cups
    Cheesy scones
    Chicken and Mushrooms
    Tomato salad soup – excellent cold as an afternoon snack
    sour cream and chive biscuits – so filling and fulfilling; just one, beside a salad and some turkey
    Strawberry seed porridge
    Avocado and walnut salad
    Cinnamon raisin rice pudding

    Everything has been excellent and I have enjoyed cooking with some unfamiliar ingredients.

    I feel so amazing. No snacking in the evenings
    No endless trips to the cupboards because I am unsatisfied and constantly looking for something to eat.

    I feel so SANE.

    Keep up the good work. I bet you can’t wait til the new kitchen is finished.ReplyCancel

    • carrieKiz – you are a ROCKSTAR!!!! Look at you go! Your post made me smile so wide it hurt :-)ReplyCancel

  • CatherineCarrie – Will any of your recipes be in The Calorie Myth?ReplyCancel