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Liposomal Vitamin C (+ VIDEO!)

You might not have been expecting some quirky alternative medicine recipe to show up in here, but you know me – I do like to keep things interesting for you. I give you Liposomal Vitamin C – so you can be awesome through all the germs that Mother Nature tosses at you and yours.

Liposomal Vitamin C is something that I have been making and drinking daily for a few years now. It’s been a pretty darn magical addition to my routine. That is, until I got busy and got out of the habit of making it. Which is why, back in late December last year, I got really sick. And I mean, lie-on-the-couch-for-6-days sick.

And then, my BFF got back from her family vacation to the East Coast and immediately came over to administer emergency first aid in the form of a vat of freshly made Liposomal Vitamin C.

I drank half a batch immediately. An hour later I was feeling 5000% better, and a few hours after that I was up and about, for the first time in 6 days.

Since this ghastly head flu thing seems to do the rounds across the entire country every year I thought y’all might like to know how to stop it in it’s tracks.  As for me, I’ve got this back on my regular schedule now, never to deviate from it again!

Here’s why Liposomal Vitamin C is way better and way more effective than vitamin C in tablet or capsule form:

  • The lecithin forms a layer of fat around the vitamin C, which means that way more of it is able to be absorbed in the intestine, so you get much more vitamin C inside you.
  • You don’t get diarrhea from taking large quantities of liposomal vitamin C like you do with vitamin C in tablet or capsule form. This is because it is mostly all absorbed. With tablet and capsules, the vitamin C that isn’t absorbed (most of it) causes water to be drawn out of the body and into the intestine….hence disaster pants. So, you can seriously super-dose with liposomal vitamin C which you can’t do with other forms.
  • Making your own liposomal vitamin C at home is waaaaaaaay cheaper than buying it commercially. And once you get the production down, you’ll realize how easy it is.

The way we get the lecithin fat molecules to wrap around around the vitamin C is by mixing them and then treating them with ultrasonic waves. The easiest way to do this is in a simple ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. Weird? Yes. Effective? Also yes.

A few things to note:

  • Place the ultrasonic cleaner and the jar of mixture on a cloth or other tea towel. Because you don’t want the ascorbic acid in the vitamin C to stain or otherwise mark your counter tops. Well, at least, I assume you don’t.
  • Make sure your water is not warm. The heat will render the vitamin C less effective.
  • Blend on low so as not to generate enough heat to warm the solution.
  • The blending and soaking helps the vitamin C to dissolve better. It is highly likely that you will still find some undissolved vitamin C in your solution after blending and soaking.
  • The soaking of the lecithin makes sure it is all dissolved.
  • Make sure you stir with something wooden, or at least NOT metal.
  • Store the finished product in the fridge in an airtight container.
  • Rinse your mouth out after you’ve drunk liposomal vitamin C. Because ascorbic acid. You don’t want to dissolve the enamel off your gnashers.

When I am taking this daily I typically drink 1/4 cup. So one batch provides 6 servings for one person.

In an emergency situation like I had this week I drank a whole batch split into two servings – once when I got up, and once before I went to bed.

I have added links to the exact products I use in the recipe. I know these brands work well. I cannot guarantee the same results if you use other brands which may not be as effective or pure.

And one last thing: the taste. Think pure, fresh grapefruit juice. And then times that by ten. Can you say TART?? You might well want to treat it like a shot – down the hatch, lads!!

Liposomal Vitamin C

Author: Carrie Brown | Prep time:  15 mins   |   Cook time:  6 mins    |   Total time:  21 mins
What You Need
What You Do
  1. Put 1 cup room temp water in a jar with 3 TBSP lecithin and shake well. Leave for a couple hours.
  2. Put 1/2 cup room temp water in a blender with 2 TBSP vitamin C crystals and blend on low for 5 mins. Leave for a couple hours.
  3. After a couple of hours, shake the lecithin solution very well.
  4. Add the lecithin to the blender and blend on LOW for 5 minutes.
  5. Pour the Lecithin / Vitamin C mix into the machine and switch on. It switches off automatically after 3 minutes.
  6. Lift the lid and stir well with something wooden (or at least NOT metal). I use the wooden handle of a spatula.
  7. Switch machine on for another 3 minutes.
  8. Spoon the liposomal vitamin C into the jar that the lecithin was in, and store in the fridge.
  9. You can drink it is soon as it’s made. In fact, I think it might be slightly more palatable at room temperature.


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  • MirabaiHi Carrie!

    So happy you are blogging again, I really missed your posts. Couple of questions – do you have references for the statements about the uptake differences? Second, the sunflower lecithin you linked seems to be a powder. Is liquid equally acceptable and if so, what would the dosage be?

    • IvanaI would like to ask the same about the liquid lecithin

  • Tonnia WilliamsThis may have come just in time. My adult daughter has been diagnosed with strep for the 2nd time in 8 weeks. She is a single mother of two and is in her last year of college. She literally and figuratively cannot afford to be sick. She is in a very stressful time of her life. I am sending her this email along with the supplies so hopefully she can remain strep free. Thank you.ReplyCancel

  • HeidiAwesome just in time for cold and flu season but could you make a YouTube video on this recipe? It seems a bit intimidating & an a bit of an investment with the Ultra Sonic cleaner involved. Just wanted to make sure I’m doing to correctly before I buy all of the products needed.

    Thank you for everything you do

  • NancyI received all the required items to make Liposomal vitamin C. The instructions say don’t use metal to stir but the inside of my blender and the jewelry cleaner both have metal parts. What is it going to do to the blender and jewelry cleaner?ReplyCancel

    • carrieHi Nancy – it does nothing to the metal in the blender or cleaner.ReplyCancel

    • cherylI use a skinny glass jar in jewelry machine…ReplyCancel

  • KiriHi there, can I use Sodium Ascorbate instead? That’s what we have :)ReplyCancel

  • Caitlin JoyceWhat is the dosage of vitamin C in a 1/4 cup? ReplyCancel

    • Dustin1/2 tsp is 1g pure ascorbic acid, making each Tbsp 6g. The 2Tbsp used in the recipe make 12g vitamin C. 1.5 cups of solution is 24 Tbsp total. Assuming a 100% yield (which I think is a safe assumption since no real chemistry is happening here) this recipe holds 500mg vitamin C per tsp used.I megadose 20g/day as pure ascorbic now but I’m trying to cut down on digestive issues occasionally caused by this. It sounds like I’ll need a bigger cleaner.ReplyCancel

      • CasandraWhen I look at the label of the Vitamin C bottle recommended here, I see 1/4 tsp = 1,000mg (1gram). This means 1 tsp has 4,000mg of pure Vitamin C. There are 3 teaspoons in 1 tablespoon so this equals 12,000mg. The recipe calls for 2 tablespoons so we now have 24,000mg in the total recipe. Rough math not factoring in how well it was shaken before each time a quarter cup was taken….I make a small proportion knowing that 12ozs contain 24,000mg of Vitamin C and we want to know how many mg are in 1 oz….. by dividing 24,000 by 12, I get 2,000mg in 1oz, therefore, 4,000 mg in 2oz ( 1/4cp ). In case someone wants teaspoons…. based on 1oz having 2,000mg of Vit. C and 6 teaspoons in 1oz, each teaspoon has 333.33mg of Vit. C.ReplyCancel

        • TammyCan you make this stronger.   3000mg per tablespoon?  What amount would be needed ReplyCancel

  • Kathy MurilloI was making this when I was going through chemo about 4 yrs ago   Was constantly getting sick It saved me. I still have some of the vit c powder left. Can I still use it? It has been in a tight sealed zip lock bag. KathyReplyCancel

  • MicheleThank you. Excellent info. Made it last nightReplyCancel

  • J MarieI just started researching this and the only thing I’m wondering about is why everyone says not to stir it with a metal spoon yet, aren’t most of the tanks on these ultrasonic units stainless steel? Sorry, I’m just confused about this. Thank you. ReplyCancel

    • LanaI bought a real boron glass beaker from the laboratory supply and glass stir rods too. I double this recipe and it’s the perfect amount to fit in a 1,000 ml beaker. I bought the large ultrasonic machine that fits my big beaker. I would never put my liposomal C directly in a cheap metal ultrasonic cleaner. ReplyCancel