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Cappuccino Mousse (+ VIDEO!)

This glorious keto Cappuccino Mousse has been a L-O-N-G time in the posting.  I originally created it in early 2017 (!!) when I was working on a cookbook with a publisher. I decided that cookbook deal wasn’t the right one for me as soon as they started requiring me to compromise on things that shouldn’t be compromised on – like using stock pictures for recipes, not having pictures for every recipe, and wanting to post cholesterol and calorie counts all over the show. Thus, I found myself with a whole bunch of new recipes that needed a home. This is one of them.

Given the level of crazy that life has been for me this year, it somehow got round to being December before I had the chance to unearth all these recipe gems. And so here we are the week before Christmas and finally I’m giving you a new, easy, simple, delicious dessert – Cappuccino Mousse – to wow your family and friends at your holiday gatherings.

I have a suspicion, however, that you’ll be whipping up a bowl of this Cappuccino Mousse all year round. It makes an excellent little somethin’ to finish off you meal. You could even stir a spoon or two into your coffee to make yourself a fabulous, rich coffee thang.

This Cappuccino Mousse is rich, yet light and fluffy. It’s fluffy like whipped cream, but has enough body that it won’t collapse on you after a couple of hours in the fridge. Or a couple of days in the fridge. Which brings me to another huge win – you can make it in advance and reduce the craziness of providing grub for large holiday gatherings. It also doesn’t collapse the instant you take a spoonful, and thus you get a most glorious mouthfeel and the flavor lingers a little longer.

Whip this up the day before your meal, spoon into cute little serving dishes, cover with plastic wrap, and pop in the fridge. Then just bring them out and remove the plastic wrap right before serving. I suggest topping with spoon of whipped cream and a few coffee beans. Your peeps will think you’ve been taking classes.

Cappuccino Mousse | Carrie Brown

I do not suggest eating this as soon as you’ve made it. It is intended to be chilled in the fridge for several hours – or better yet – overnight to firm up and create the perfect texture. Once made you can put it directly into cups, pretty glasses, or serving dishes if you’re serving it to friends or family for dessert. If it’s at a buffet-style gathering you can serve it in  large bowl. You can deposit the whole lot into an airtight container and just eat a few spoonfuls as required. Or you can portion into small airtight containers so you can grab-and-go if you’re on the run.

The best part – no one will have any clue this is one of your ‘crazy diet’ recipes. Your dinner party dessert can be as sumptuous, delicious, and swanky as the next one. Just a *LOT* healthier.

Cappuccino Mousse

Author: Carrie Brown | Prep time:  10 mins   |   Chilling time:  4 hours  |   Total time:  4 hours 10 mins  |  Serves: 6 – 8

What You Need

What You Do

  1. Pour the cold water in a small dish or cup and gently sprinkle the gelatin powder evenly over the surface. Leave to stand for 5 minutes.
  2. Pour the hot water into a small pan, add the espresso powder, sweetener, sea salt, and stir well over low heat until completely dissolved. Turn the heat off.
  3. Add the soaked gelatin to the mixture in the pan and stir well until completely dissolved. Leave to cool.
  4. Put the softened cream cheese into a large bowl and beat well or use a hand mixer until it is very soft. You can also do this in a stand mixer.
  5. Add the cooled coffee mixture to the cream cheese a little at a time and beat well between each addition, until you have incorporated all the coffee mixture and cream cheese together.
  6. In a separate bowl, whip the heavy cream until you have stiff peaks, but stop before it turns to butter. For once, we don’t want butter.
  7. Add the whipped cream to the coffee cheese mixture and lightly and carefully fold the two together until they are completely mixed. If you are too heavy-handed you’ll knock some of the air out of the cream and your mousse will be less light and fluffy.
  8. Spoon the mousse into dishes or storage containers as required. You may eat the scrapings from the bowl and whisk, but do not sit there and eat the whole lot. I say this because I know you will want to.
  9. Cover and put in the fridge for at least 4 hours.

Top Recipe Tips

  • Sweetener – in this recipe you can use your preferred sweetener, as the structure of the recipe will not be adversely affected.
  • Gelatin – you can use any brand of unflavored gelatin that you prefer. The one I recommend (link in the recipe) is one of the highest quality gelatin’s available.
  • Get your cream cheese out the night before you make this so it’s room temperature. If you forget the night before, get it out as far in advance of making this as you can. Your arm or hand-mixer will thank you. So will the finished texture of your mousse. If your cream cheese is not sufficiently soft before adding the coffee mixture you’re gonna have to beat the dickens out of it to get them to mix completely. So I *highly* recommend using softened cream cheese to start.
  • For stronger or lighter coffee flavor you can add or subtract some of the espresso powder.
  • Allowing the mousse to set in the fridge for 4 hours (or more) will significantly improve the texture as the gelatin will have a chance to do it’s magic. Resist! Let it set!

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  • Don’t. Just buy the correct ingredients and you, too, shall have a fabulous outcome!
  • Swap out the cream cheese for mascarpone at your peril. Mascarpone is nowhere near as stable as cream cheese and if over-whipped or over-beaten it will split. And it doesn’t take very much for this to happen. If you decide to use mascarpone instead, do not beat or whip it, but very carefully blend the coffee mixture into the mascarpone and then very gently fold in the whipped cream.
  • Espresso powder is NOT ground coffee beans, so you cannot use ground coffee or grounds from a Nespresso pod. You could use instant coffee granules but you would likely need more to get the same level of coffee flavor.
  • This can’t be made dairy-free successfully. Coconut milk does not whip like cream, and cream cheese is not replaceable (unless you purchase dairy-free cream cheese, but even then, those products do not behave or taste the same. I shall mull on a dairy-free mousse recipe for y’all.
Cappuccino Mousse | Carrie Brown
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  • WynetteCan we use any unflavored gelatin? Also is espresso powder just the grounds used to brew it? Can we use regular, or I have access to a dark blend of espresso, could that be used instead?ReplyCancel

    • carrieI updated the post with the answer for you!! Check the Top Recipe Tips and Substitutions sections.ReplyCancel

  • VeronicaThank you, Carrie – this sounds wonderful!

    I’m wondering whether one could make a ‘mocha’ version, i.e. with a mixture of espresso powder and cacao (to soften the coffee taste for younger/wimpier tastebuds)? Given your extensive kitchen experience, can you suggest what proportions might perhaps work (and be worth an experiment) – half and half, or 1/3 coffee and 2/3 cacao? Or would it need a bit more cacao because that flavour is not as strong as the coffee?

    V xoReplyCancel

  • LorlortxCould you use mascarpone instead of cream cheese? I am obsessed with it and have been looking for a mousse type recipe to use it in…ReplyCancel

    • carrieI updated the post with the answer for you!! Check the Top Recipe Tips and Substitutions sections.ReplyCancel

  • Jane CollyerJust wanted to tell you that you are an amazingly talented woman, Carrie Brown. Wonderful recipes, gorgeous photography to name just two of your many talents. Look forward to your future projects. Wishing you a very merry Xmas and many more happy New Years to come. Jane :-)ReplyCancel

    • carrieI love you, Jane. Still have Oz on my list of important things to do. xxxReplyCancel

  • SherriCould this be made set and frozen then thawed to eat at a later time or shouldn’t be frozen and how long good kept in fridge approximately


  • Kimberly HullI just made a double batch so we could enjoy some all week! It’s in the refrigerator waiting for tomorrow and the rest of the week. It’s amazing now, I’m sure it’ll be even better tomorrow!

    Thanks for sharing your passion with us! Your love shows in your carefully crafted recipes :)ReplyCancel

  • Bobbi JoThis sounds fantastic. I have an excuse to buy gelatin now (I do have some but it’s from beef stock). I’m going to try this as soon as I return from the store later today!

    I also couldn’t help but say that the back and forth about your recipe book is why I self-published mine, although the regret is having to market it myself, which is a lot more work than I thought.ReplyCancel

    • carrieHa! Writing and selling cookbooks is *way* harder than most people realize. Good luck and congrats on yours!!ReplyCancel

  • OchilliaI made a double recipe for a family event this Saturday…then forgot to bring it. Or “forgot”. Not sure. Mr. Sweet Tooth and I have been eating it for breakfast and/or supper since.ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer HowardThis was amazing!  It’s one of the few desserts I could serve and no one would be able to tell.  I am also a person who doesn’t want to wait the whole time, so I had mine after 2 hours.  It was pretty good, but not anywhere as delicious as after 4hrs.  It has an amazing texture, rich and light, can’t eat much, and it is the best.  Thank you!ReplyCancel

  • James vKThis sounds wonderful.  Had you considered or tried just using Espresso and a little bit of hot water instead of the powder?  Background here is that I need to make it decaf (Love coffee, but have had to decaf for heart reasons).  Since Decaf Espresso powder seems unlikely to be easy to find, I am toying with just making espresso with my decaf espresso beans (In my case I use an Aeropress which makes basically a watery espresso – somewhere between espresso shot and americano).   ReplyCancel

  • James vKSounds amazing and I really want to try this one out!  Had you considered or tried just using Espresso and a little bit of hot water instead of the powder + hot water?   Background here is that I’ve had to go Decaf for heart reasons but still love coffee.   I expect finding Decaf Espresso Powder is highly unlikely, so thinking that making some espresso (with decaf beans) and adding water to get to 1/4 cup could substitute it for the hot water + powder.   make sense?  (My secret weapon for this is that I don’t even have an espresso machine – I just would use my Aeropress which makes a slightly watery espresso anyways: half way between an espresso shot and an americano)ReplyCancel

  • EvaI made it today!  It was EASY, DELICIOUS, and a BIG HIT!  I didn’t have beans to garnish it so I used a few Lily’s Dark Chocolate Chips on top.ReplyCancel