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Just Enough Room

I am gonna make this one short & sweet.  Well, if truth be told it’s Dahlia Lounge that make it sweet.  If you’ve been keeping up you’ll know that I love eating at Lola, especially eating Tom’s Big Breakfast – that sublime octopus hash.  Now I am in the habit of forcing people to come with me to Lola to eat it, because everyone needs to have this octopus hash for breakfast once in their lifetime.  It is a completely extra-ordinary & outstanding breakfast; and everyone who has ever come with me to eat it agrees.  {Mark & Helena next time you are here you will be eating it :-) }

Today I dragged Taylor to Lola to eat Tom’s Big Breakfast while I tried their Eggs Benedict.  I really feel I don’t have to say a lot more.  Both were FANTASTIC.  I prefer Lola’s Eggs Benedict to Etta’s (and just about everyone else’s on the planet) although I think there was almost too much meat.  Our server was also fantastic – awesome job Grace.  And then, let me just get that broken record out & play it one more time:

Tom.  You serve some of the best food in the pacific northwest.  Your hot chocolate SUCKS.  I just don’t understand why you are OK with that.  Sigh.

After we had devoured our respective plates of amazing food we needed a quick jaunt down to Pike Place to help work it off before it laid itself around our bellies.  Even though it was pouring with rain.  When we came back, soaking wet,  there was just enough room for a plate of those adorable little doughnuts with preserve & mascarpone dipping sauces.  So we went to Dahlia Lounge since we’d not been there & they are the very same little doughnuts as at Lola.  It was all fabulous.  Perfect doughnuts, lovely space, great server.  I didn’t even dare try the hot chocolate.

Here’s all the images.  Enjoy!

Eggs Benedict at Lola

Octopus Hash: The Best Breakfast. Ever.

Fantastic potatoes with the Eggs Benedict. Fantastic.

Little pillows of warm, airy goodness at Dahlia Lounge.

That's the way to serve honey

Mascarpone & fruit preserve to dip those heavenly doughnuts in

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Lola on Urbanspoon

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  • SueNot being a fan of octopus, upon your review and feeling adventurous, I ordered Tom’s Big Breakfast this past week when we went to Lola for the first time. I LOVED IT – left nothing but the plate.
    As for the little doughnuts…Well, we nearly had to armwrestle for the last. :)ReplyCancel