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Sunshine On My Mind

It’s been a {terribly} wet and windy week month quarter up here in the northwest corner of America.  I just peeked at the 10 day forecast.  Really I could have just lifted up the blind, looked out & seen the 10 day forecast, cos nothin’ much new appears to be on the horizon in the weather department.  Rain.  Even the frogs are wanting inside.  I am nervous that my carefully hand-crafted (thanks Larry!) raised flower beds are going to go south, or no, it would be north, but whatever direction it is, that they are going to slide off down the yard a little; and, if this rain keeps up, maybe a lot.  18 months ago I planted 500 daffodils.  To date there are zero in bloom.  However, of the zero crocuses that I planted, 22 are now in full color, if a little bent over, having been pounded by the rain for what-seems-like forever.  There are clearly some rather odd happenings going on in my yard.  I have learned though, over the past few months, that apparently flowers & other green things that grow don’t really need sunshine that much.  At least in the Pacific Northwest.

So I thought, since it has been so {almost unbearably} dreary around here, that I’d cheer us all up for just a moment with an Orange Currant Scone.

Just seeing that wicker makes me think of picnic baskets and summer days and lush green grass and bare feet.  Plus holding hands and laughing.  And sunshine.  White puffy clouds.  Lying down, looking at the china blue sky & wondering if, in fact, life could possibly be any more lovely.

The walls in my kitchen are painted the color of that butter.  They too, remind me of sunshine & sanguine dispositions & all things delightful.  Like daffodils.   Daffodils have to be the very jolliest of flowers.  I’d love to show you my daffodils, except they are still just only thinking about blooming.

So here is the Orange Currant Scone again instead.

It was a lovely scone – moist & delicious.  Golden & crunchy around the edges, tender & crumbly in the middle.  And oh that butter.  That creamy smooth goodness.  Whoever invented butter deserves to be knighted.  No, crowned.

Oh!  Is that the time?  Gosh.  I need to pull on my waders & my sexy rain hat.  In Seattle we think that Gore-tex is terribly attractive.  If we didn’t, we’d have a full-blown empty schools crisis on our hands.

I’m meeting Taylor, the dashing diva, for breakfast over in Queen Anne.  I’ll report back on that adventure as long as my house hasn’t floated off down the hill taking my trusty laptop with it.

Happy Weekend!

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